Unreal Engine 4.6 Preview!

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I have two issues with the newer release.

  1. Requiring the use of GetMesh() and GetCapsuleComponent() because Mesh and CapsuleComponent will be private in the future. We are accessing these in children classes and they should be protected and not private. I hope the guys behind this change have thought about that. It would be best for the children to have direct access to the data or if you plan on having a Set function it should be inline.

  2. ComputeVelocity on the ProjectileMovementComponent is now const. We were calculating a different velocity / air drag component and we saved off other variables. Now we’ll need to come up with a new way to save that data that doesn’t change our child ProjectileMovementComponent class. Is there a good reason for making this const?

Other than average height and the pelvic area, the differences in skeleton shape are small and subtle, but movement can be very different.

Trying to tackle the animation through overlays isn’t ideal, but can be done.

The reason why I would like to see a mesh and skeleton help promote more female meshes and animations on the Market Place. Right now the amount of Male characters on the Market Place significantly outweight the female, whilst anims are for men too.

I appreciate that it’s possible to easy create your own mesh and skeleton and Epic want to promote a pro-active fan base, but many people using these tools will only use what they get with the Toolset and from the Market Place.

I’ve just been able to get the 4.6 preview down, a bit late but, better late than never I guess, and busy moving my project over and testing things out. I spot a few things that kinda got broken but the one thing I’m trying to fix, I just don’t know what to do, nothing I do works. I have a problem with my projectiles. They don’t move and when I run PIE, then quit, in the log I get this warning…

Warning Movement component ProjectileMovement1 must update a PrimitiveComponent, but owning actor ‘RockProjectileL_BP_C_0’ does not have a root PrimitiveComponent. Auto registration failed.

The root component is a sphere and has a static mesh and light as children. A sphere is a primitive component right?. I tried swapping out static mesh to the root in stead, or making capsule or box and none of it works. So, not sure what’s the problem. I even tried to make a simple new projectile from scratch just using a static mesh directly, but it doesn’t work either. I don’t know if it’s a bug or I need to set it up completely different?.

EDIT:- It works now.

So, of course as soon as I post this, I get it working. I just killed the projectile movement component and re-added it back and it works without any warnings.

I came across a really weird thing with the Output Log window. If I click on some text inside the window, it freeze the editor completely. I tested this over and over and had it docked and floating and it happens every time. I can click in the empty space in the window and I can click and drag the scroll bar, but as soon as I click on text in there, it freeze the editor.

We did a motion capture with a male and female actor for a recent project so I second this request. Especially the female movements are much more “elegant”, so some sample content from Epic for females would definitely be good to have! It’s really off-topic of course, but an important topic.

Greetings! I I don’t find the master rleases or the previews version in htis page anymore:

Where did they go?

In-Game Web Browser Widget?

I found this digging through the 4.6 source. I built 4.6 (and ran the 4.6 Preview) but I can’t find where the Widget is hiding in the Editor. I tried creating a new Widget Blueprint and dropping a panel on the design view then went digging around to see if I could cast it/sub-class to SWebBrowser in BP but no joy. I’m really new to Unreal so I’m a tad lost in the weeds. If this is the new in-game browser, can someone walk me through what I’d need to do to add it to a scene/level?

I’ll stick a request in the ‘Feedback For Epic’ section :slight_smile:

I find the context sensitive menu a bit laggy, sometimes I must accidentally click the RMB and then click the LMB to get out of it but it takes an extra second?

Also, it’s a bonus that there are now more custom nodes (for example, when I use “AddRelativeRotation”, it appears in the menu as custom nodes with all the possible components already built it) but you can’t select the old version (the non-custom version), which I’d either have to click the context-sensitive button or use the palette… I prefer the older way for flexibility reasons and would like the option to choose either without having to use different ways to choose it

Thanks for the hardwork guys. LOVE UE4

Is there any chance that UE4 will have lighting model as Cryengine? No precomputed lightmaps? I know it has some raw lighting model, but will you guys work on improving it to release stage?

UE4 has a LPV like CryEngine, search for “enable LPV UE4” and follow the instructions. It’s disappointing you have enable it first but it works (not on OSX/mobile, mind you) and doesn’t suit all situations (like CryEngines doesn’t either)

Here are the instructions @Wozner:

Any news on a release date for the final version of 4.6?

Funny thing was just going to ask the same thing. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m really wanting the networking example project that I assume is coming with 4.6

We were intending to get the 4.6 release out today, but a minor issue has delayed it. The release should still be occurring this week.

Any word on a fix for AI movement responding to externally-induced movement such as “launch character” correctly for this release? It was flagged a few months ago but seems to have slipped through the cracks, thanks!

Hey everyone,

The preview is over and 4.6 has been officially released. the full release notes are available here: Unreal Engine 4.6 Released! - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums!

Thank you to everyone who helped to test out the preview. This thread is now being closed.