Unreal Engine 4.6 Preview!

This is an early preview of the upcoming 4.6 release. This release contains numerous new features, improvements, and bug fixes. This preview also contains some known bugs which are actively being worked on before the final 4.6 release. We encourage users to check out the preview to try the new features and inform us of any issues which we may not have caught, but we also strongly recommend not updating projects for active development until the final release.

If you discover any additional issues with this Preview release, please report the issue here or on the Unreal Engine AnswerHub.

**Major New Features:

  • Static Lighting on Instanced Static Meshes (including Foliage)
  • Improvements to the GitHub branch distribution process
  • UObject Improvements
  • Landscape Split Out
  • Humanoid Rig
  • Support for Multi-Montages
  • Root Motion from Everything
  • Cast Unification
  • Precomputed Direct Lighting from Emissive Materials
  • Multiple Material Improvements
  • Improvements to Montage Editing in Persona
  • Keyboard and Controller input and focus unified. Controller Navigation added
  • Initial support for composite fonts for Slate, UMG, and Canvas
  • Cook in Editor
  • Network record/replay system
  • Upgraded engine to use Oculus VR 0.4.3 SDK / Runtimes
  • Online sessions exposed to Blueprints
  • Web Browser Support
  • New Blueprint Menu System

Full details and additional information will be made available in the final 4.6 release notes.

Major known issues in this Preview release:

  • UE-3102 - Setting lightmaps to generate based of any source greater than zero will crash
  • UE-3187 - ShooterGame Client crashes when using ServerTravel command
  • UE-3494 - Elevators and lifts are not replicating correctly when playing in PIE on a dedicated server
  • UE-3749 - There are visible holes between landscape components
  • UE-4728 - Lighting needs to be rebuilt in LandscapeMountains
  • UE-4777 - SwingNinja crashes on Android when swinging
  • UE-4815 - Stylized lighting needs to be rebuilt
  • UE-4867 - Unable to launch onto any device from using the Launch On button in the editor
  • UE-4924 - CrashReportClient locks up on Mac
  • UE-4944 - Packaged Win32 Shootergame crashes in OpenGL
  • UE-4949 - Linux binaries in 4.6 branch/master are compiled with wrong settings
  • UE-5032 - Blueprint search bar doesn’t have focus in Mac
  • UE-5108 - StrategyGame fails to launch on or package
  • UE-5119 - P.I.E error with the BP_Security_Screen_Button Blueprint in BlueprintOffice
  • UE-5228 - ShooterGame character goes into T-pose during reload
  • UE-5310 - Content projects fail to launch on XboxOne
  • UE-5346 - Crash opening editor on Linux machine assertion failed
  • UE-5351 - Callstacks are no longer printing out due to EngineCrashHandler usage
  • UE-5368 - iOS Mobile Provisioning: import key pair dialog opens behind editor
  • UE-5373 - Crash occurs when attempting to build lighting (GitHub branch)
  • UE-5375 - HTML5 in GitHub for 4.6 launch on fails and gives Invalid Arguments error
  • UE-5382 - StrategyGame freezes after difficulty selection menu on the iPhone 4_1605
  • UE-5394 - Black artifacts in Sun Temple on Nexus 5
  • UE-5440 - C++ Event Dispatchers target pin cannot be set to actor references
  • UE-5470 - Collision channels that are referenced in blueprints no longer reference the correct entry
  • UE-5519 - Crash when using the Landscape Erosion tool


The GitHub distribution process has changed. Please view the Readme for additional information (you must be logged into your active GitHub account).

Really excited for the emissive lighting–does that work like how it did in UE3 or is it a better method? Specifically, in UE3 it looks like it would analyze the surface and then place invisible lights to match the emissive level of the texture. It didn’t give all that great of results.

Interesting, cool to have an update so quickly after the 4.5 one. :slight_smile:

Awesome! I thought we were still a week away from preview time :smiley:

Quick question though, what does “Landscape Split Out” mean?

Thanks guys!

+1 for info on this

“New Blueprint Menu System” more info PLS :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to try out my foliage with the updates. Thanks guys

The right click context menu in the blueprint editor has been redone, looks the same, but it should be much better now at giving you more reliable contextually sensitive results. The old version tended to miss a lot of things.

Very cool ; need final release with documentation
Thank you Epic for this update

humaniod Rig, what this mean ?
a sort of puppetting tools like sourcefilmmaker ? i would love that feature :slight_smile:
we are supposed to wait that epic publish an new article on the blog, I just hope that it’s for today :wink:

I am so excited for this! Yay! :smiley: Thank you Epic! I love the Unreal Engine! It’s unreal, man! :wink:

Third this!

Nice…:slight_smile: i hope its also fix the error while UE4 Editor Idle few hours automatic crash. And no more Blueprint script major change … Good work UE4 Team and member.

Sweet, emissive lighting will make a lot of people happy. I am also curious about Landscape Split Out, btw.

Hey everyone,

We are still working on the release notes for 4.6, and I honestly don’t have much additional information for the Landscape Split right now. I’ll post back when I get some additional notes.

Is that the VXGI technology from nVidia?

Very interested in the emissive lighting, looking forward to this. =)

No, this allows you to use emissive textures as lighting–like if you’ve got a computer screen you can have it emit light and shadows into the level. This is only for static lighting though. It’s important for oddly shaped light sources.
Before, emissive textures can just glow and not actually emit light into the level.

hoping there’s an option to keep emissive lights the way they are.

Any news on progress dealing with bone scaling bugs? i.e. improperly scaled root motion, improperly generated physics assets?

Was really hoping that was on the 4.6 horizon when root motion got updated…