Unreal Engine 4.5 Preview!

This is amazing!

Any ETA on when this will be available from the launcher?

Does that mean that the full version will be released within a day or two?

We’re still QA testing 4.5 and bashing out last-second bugs. This is a huge release so it might take us a few extra days to get it super final, but as always you guys have access to the same builds that we do. In the meantime if you are feeling brave you can grab the 4.5 preview release from the Launcher by selecting “Preview” after clicking the plus button to add an engine version slot. If you find any serious issues please do let us know!


Excellent, thanks! :smiley:

Somebody please make a video of this:

The ray-traced soft shadows are just wow. TBH I only heard about ray-traced lights but not shadows. :stuck_out_tongue: Next time please bring the ray-traced lights and you will have the most complete engine ever (still lacking proper anisotropic shading -and not with manipulation of AA- but anyway still better than nothing).


From the looks of things, Viewport was removed as a UMG item? Is there any way now to have 3d objects, etc, rendered into an interface node?
For example I had planned to have characters rendered over dialog boxes in UMG through the Viewport object.
Is it just temporarily removed until a new object is added for stability purposes, and we have to wait until 4.6 for its hopeful return, or will there be no option now for this?
And will there ever be an option for UMG text outlining, it’s fine if it’s something that will be coming, I’d just like to know if it will ever arrive as it’s important for my interface designs.

Also there’s now no modal option when adding a widget to the viewport, it mentions an input mode for the character controller but I haven’t worked out any way to bring up the mouse for use upon the interface when the widget is added and haven’t been able to find any updated documentation or answers on how to go about this, would really appreciate knowing what we are expected to do now for this.

Amazing update!! Full C++ hot reload, tidied up Blueprints, added productivity are just the tip of the iceberg for me and worth it alone. The rest is awesome. Thanks Epic!

It’s my question too.
I’ve been waiting for it a long time.

Thank you Epic for the continuous hard work on UE4. This update is a big one and loaded with features across the board. Just Awesome.

The Ninja thanks you!.. :smiley:

Amazing work Epic! Really thankful for soft shadows, it’s like the best feature to date for me, happy to see UE4 finally gets it!

A little Q here: what about bounced light shadows? Like, say, certain lit area (from a certain light) starts to emit light, too - and that emitted light (*it’s now bounced light, isn’t it) would cast shadows as well. Have you got any improvements in that field?
I guess, basically what I’m asking about is GI’ secondary bounces shadowing.

Anyways, you did SO MUCH already, and yet again - many thanks for physically-based shadowing using soft penumbra shadows and lighting using area lights! Cheers!

Yeah the rest of the patch notes are nothing but awesomeness and then you get to that line and are like uh oh, people aren’t going to like that. :stuck_out_tongue: Part of why I am focusing on other things while UMG and other systems are worked on.

Anyway, the wording seemed to indicate that it would be temporary. They mentioned scroll bars in the same line too, so I know they can’t leave those out for long as that is a pretty standard feature in game UI. They will probably flesh it out by 4.6 but that is a month or two away at this point.

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure this out…

Guys, these are all great news and I am really excited to see all the improvements. Really fantastic job.

May I suggest a future request?

It would be really good if:

  1. I could specify one from available compilers on my system via dialog box for UBT to use.
  2. I could specify compiler arguments (maybe in the same dialog box^^^) so I do not have to rebuild UBT each time I want my compiler to use different arguments?

I do understand that the update(s) are mostly focused on “ART” stuff but perhaps something for programmers as a boon would be nice to have?

Thank you.

Ray Traced Distance Field Soft Shadows look great, but… it’s not working with my instancedstaticmeshes. It only casts the shadow on the ground for where the first mesh is in my blueprint default constructor. The rest of the instances only shadow themselves, but not the ground or anything else. Normal static meshes work great. I haven’t tried a custom constructor using static meshes rather than instanced yet. I will try it when I have time again in a few hours.

ScrollBox is still alive and well and is the thing you generally want. ScrollBar was work that started trying to expose the more primitive bits but couldn’t be finished in time. You would only need ScrollBar if you wanted to implement your own scrollbox.

Viewport was hidden because it’s nowhere near complete. It actually created a pocket UWorld, it didn’t just render meshes to the viewport, and nobody has ever tried that, so…dangers abound. Anyway, you can still do rendering of meshes into the UI through the more normal means, just attach a render target as the texture on an Image Widget, and render whatever you want to that RT.


What’s new with blended root-motion? On Roadmap it’s marked for SEPTEMBER.

The distance field shadows is really nice. However has a lot of light bleeding. Nice job on the updates!

Awesome new features! Thank you Epic :wink:

I haven’t worked with preview versions yet, but this release is so cool I just can’t wait.

So how stable are those preview releases in general (or this one in particular)? Does anyone have experience whether or not it is okay to upgrade a project to a preview version and work with that, rather than waiting for the final release?

The previews can still be a bit buggy. I would not attempt to do production work off of them. I would however consider making a copy of your project and trying out new features in a sandbox just to try stuff out, see what’s changed, maybe report any problems :slight_smile: