Unreal Engine 4.5 Preview!

Excited for quite a bit of this, thanks!

Awesomesauce! When will the preview be available?

It’s available in the launcher now, click the ‘+’ beside the word Engines at the top of the Library tab, then select “Preview” from the list of engine versions on the tile that gets added, wait until it says install, and away you go. :slight_smile:

Sick, I just didn’t have a current sub because I was waiting for 4.5. Re-up from me!

Holly Molly! It’s almost going to be like running a new engine! Thanks Epic! Nice Work!

Great job Epic! Really looking forward to this. Out of curiosity, I had passed along code to you guys for a plugin I created that gave you the ability to have a couple types of “Ease” nodes within Blueprints a couple months back when working on an issue with kaizu on AnswerHub. I had mentioned to kaizu that Epic could use it so I was curious if that code was used for the new “Ease” node? Anyways, looking forward to getting going with 4.5 once it releases! :smiley:

Woooaaa lightmap UV generation , DPi scaling, sub surface scattering and many other good things , many thanks Epic team and community contributors :slight_smile:
I really apprciate the new documentation and help system also.

That is a crazy amount of updates in such a small amount of time. I dont know how you do it but you guys are amazing!

Just an FYI: The video tutorials link still links to Youtube (I think it should link to the new video tutorials documentation section :)) and I couldnt find a link to the video tutorials when you go into documentation. I know this is just a preview but just wanted to point that out!

Does this mean better looking glass and water? If so, ULTRA AWESOME!!!

You guys are such ******* warriors! Amazing! :smiley:

Just GREAT!, UMG Overhaul and Full hotreload! this is great!

can’t wait!

Amazing work ! It’s good to read so many bug fixes ! :slight_smile:
Funny thing : the engine finished compiling and I wasn’t even finished reading the changelog.

Thanks Epic, was using it from Git but I have it downloading now, thanks.

You Rock!!

Oh god; I love big updates soooo much.

It’s the same ‘nearest reflection capture’ applied to TLM_Surface translucency that the SM5 rendering path supports (D3D11). Mac is stuck on the SM4 feature level so that’s where this will be most noticeable.

Huuuge update! Nice work on all those fixes Epic, looking forward to it :cool:

How does Preview work? Should we wait for official release?

OMG OMG OMG, Linux Editor! I know its very buggy and not supported but its progress!!! YAY!!!

I see a tiny little blurb about multi-montages…

Will we have to specify this, or is it automatic? I’m wondering whether or not I need to start going around to all of my Montage Play nodes and adding a Montage Stop first to make sure the engine doesn’t try to play two simultaneously…