Unreal Engine 4.4.2 failed to generate code project files

Hi, I am new in UE4 ,my problem is that I can not create a new project with c++ (templates) I use Windows 7 and downloaded and installed only visual studio 2013 express for windows desktop (not another version of studio), then installed the Unreal Engine 4 and downloaded version 4.4.2, after running the engine, I need to create a template fps c ++, but it writes: failed to generate code projects for “xxx” xxx = uproject file.

Blueprint examples work.

I really do not know what to do to make it work … help please…

Sorry for bad english, thanks.

Check and make sure you have write permission on the UE4 Directories.
Al;so check to see that your Anti-Virus isn’t blocking the new files being created. I know Avast blocks mine. So I need to turn it off and create the project files.

I had this problem too. This workaround helped me to fix it.

I tried if engine folder and folder of Visual Studio can write without limitation, uninstalled antivirus, checked the variable envrioment without changes.

any other ideas? Thanks.