Unreal Engine 4.27 Raytracing Glass issues

Hey all, been following along with william faucher’s recent tutorial on raytracing glass and thought I’d give it a crack. Came across this weird issue where looking through glass gets rid of any lighting/shadowing on the other side of the material. I’ve attached my material settings as well as the post-process volume settings. Any help would be appreciated!

Here’s a video of the problem: Raytracing glass issue - YouTube

The raytracer is still imperfect, and have several issues with transparent materials (f.e. transparent objects and reflections). Switch from the raytracer to the pathtracer and see, if your shadows still disappear (they shouldn´t).

Fast comparsion:

thanks mate, yeah using path tracing at the moment which looks amazing. Hope the devs can get that feature nailed though as nothing beats real time rendering!