Unreal Engine 4.27 Preview

This is the commit, it mentions nothing of WebXR?

Anyway, WebXR is just OpenXR in the HTML5 context and is exactly what we are working on @astlouis44 :rofl:

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@VictorLerp can you clarify this please?

We’re not working on WebXR support - it’s just a note in regards to where the models came from.

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@VictorLerp Thanks for clarifying - btw @warvstar and I are working on WebXR support for 4.27 and up. Demos ready quite soon, would love to show you and the rest of the Epic team.

Anyone knows how to package a pixel streaming project for Linux?
Packaging succeeds, but some pixel streaming files are missing, which are present for Windows packages, like webrtc and etc. Any help is appreciated.

where do i find those settings in 4.27.0 final?

Anyone using Luoshuang’s GPU Lightmass? it seems the version that worked with 4.27P4 no longer works with 4.27 release.

Well, I got the repro project. Who do I send it to (I never received a reply about my bug report via email) ?

I sent you the link via DM on Discord :relaxed:

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Assetactionutility in 4.27 cannot use geteditorworld and saveloadedasset nodes

BruteForce RayTracing GlobalIllumination was corrupted in 4.27-It got much more noise than 4.26

This build has broken Steam Multiplayer on Listen servers somehow. All was working fine in 4.26. Also I activated Oodle but see NO reduction in build size. If it actually improved image compression, I should see a difference in size. Also how can you tell if it is even working? Shouldn’t it show “Oodle Compression Type” when you open an image?

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Any tip on using the new “Command Line Encoding” option within MRQ would be great.

I’m just too excited. That’s all.

I figured it out (I think) and it’s just preposterous - project with VTs gets built when building Android ETC2, but doesn’t when building with Android ASTC… WTF…

@VictorLerp when can we expect a fix?

Build as Astc fixed the issue?