Unreal Engine 4.26 Preview

Hoping with newer versions, UE doesnt break its old stuff like unity. Would still be great to be able to have working templates and such with new implemented systems.

Thank you so much!

I cannot open the file while trying to set the Default RHI to DX12.

Bummer about the water not being in the build. It was the one feature we actually needed… :frowning:

Setting AA method to MSAA turns everything except ui icons black.

finally !!! the mythical, final and all encompassing 4.26 release of unreal engine 4 !!

has anyone figured out the water system ? i have enabled it with no clue how to use it

Attempting to open the Chaos physics demo project in 4.26 and it asks to rebuild, and errors on attempt to rebuild. Anybody else get the demo project to work in 4.26?

@VictorLerp I would also like to know if there will be any upcoming changes that would allow directional gravity without modifying the hardcoded Z-Direction in-engine.
This has been asked for over and over again throughout the years and with the change to Chaos, maybe it’s something that could be exposed in the Project Settings or even to Blueprints (updating gravity direction on Tick). Cheers.

Volumetric Clouds does not seem to be working . Its included in the build but the complete sky is black.

you have to use source build. chaos is not in the launcher version.

Water System (Experimental). The water system from Fortnite has been brought over to Unreal Engine. It can be used to create oceans, rivers, and lakes that seamless blend between one another and the landscape terrain. It uses an editable spline system to generate water tiles that work with landscape terrain.

I was making this same system to sell on the market and you bring yours from fortnite. YOU TRYING TO BANKRUPT ME :frowning: lol

try rebuilding lights and captures etc.

Hello everybody! I installed 4.26 preview and yep, there is no Water plugin presented ;(

test gpulightmass
also bad quality? anyone know how to resolve bad shadow?

Looks like a shadow bias issue, you can try playing with the shadow bias options or use a high polygon sphere.

if you read the release notes in the OP it says Chaos replaces PhysX, so how can Chaos not be in the launcher version? :rolleyes:

Anyone found that SkyLights were simply not working at all anymore ? No setting I apply to them result in any additional lighting.

When will 4.26 get water actors, blueprints and materials? Unfortunately, they are not in the preliminary version.Also frustrated by the fact that you can not use multiple graphics cards for the mass of light (at least I did not manage to do it, although the API directX 12 allows you to use multiple graphics cards not in SLI mode, as well as Nvidia).

I found this map in landmass!