Unreal Engine 4.26 Preview


**Preview 1 of the upcoming 4.26 release is available now on the Launcher and GitHub. **We are making this Preview available so that our developer community can try our new features and help us catch issues before the final release. As fixes are implemented, we will release updated previews throughout the development cycle.

Please be aware that preview releases are not fully quality tested, that they are still under heavy active development, and that they should be considered as unstable until the final release. Developers should not convert their projects for active development on preview releases. Please test on copies of your project instead.

Links to known and fixed issues for this release are provided below. If you discover any additional issues with this preview release, please report them using the guidelines in the link: How to Report a Bug.

Known & Fixed Issues

4.26 Preview Summary

This list provides a brief summary of updates in this Preview which may benefit from additional testing. Not all updates may be listed. Full release notes will be made available with the final 4.26 release.

Animation and Characters Updates:

  • Fullbody IK Node (Experimental). For users who need to procedurally modify character poses at runtime, the Fullbody IK solver has been added. Based on Jacobian Pseduoinverse Damped Least Squares, the Fullbody IK Control Rig node has additional properties for controlling stiffness, bone limits, pole vectors, and other solver parameters.

  • Control Rig Inversion. New options have been added to the Control Rig editor.

    • Forward Solve: Add control manipulations to bones.

    • Backwards Solve: Apply incoming bone animation data.

    • Setup Event: Define and control events.

    • Backwards and Forward Solve: Use a combination of both solving mechanisms, with Backwards Solve calculated first.

  • Control Rig Branching and Looping. Updates include:

    • Added branching and conditional nodes

    • Added support for looping

    • Added support to group items to support looping

  • Chaos Ragdoll/Physical Animation (Beta). PhysX is on by default and in a future release, it will be deprecated and replaced with Chaos ragdoll physics. If you choose to enable Chaos, some of the Beta feature updates include the following.

    • Skeletal Mesh Support. We will implement feature parity with PhysX, providing Sequencer support to include Root Animation, Sequencer PIE support, and Kinematic Character Interaction.

    • Joint Constraint. We will provide Joint Collisions and Collision Manager feature parity with PhysX.

**Audio Updates: **

  • Parameter Modulation. A new paradigm in game parameter modulation and mixing in 4.26 expands sound design capacity by providing multiple methods for modulating and controlling any audio parameter. This will eventually replace the existing Sound Class and Sound Mix feature sets.

  • **Audio Stream Caching Updates. **Updated Audio Stream Caching features that have been on for Fortnite since last summer are moving from Beta to Production for 4.26 release.

  • Dynamic Speaker Map Control for 2D Sounds. With this feature, 2D (non-spatialized) sounds can be controlled from a Blueprint to determine how source channels map to output channels, specifically speaker mapping.

  • Attenuation Distance Scaling with Sound Classes. This feature provides the ability to scale the amount of attenuation based on distance when using Sound Classes.

  • Stereo Delay Effect for Submixes. Provides the same DSP as the stereo delay for source effects but is used for submix effects.

Cinematic and Virtual Production Updates:

  • Movie Render Queue Improvements (Beta). We’ve continued work on the new Movie Render Queue, giving you new options to control its operation and to customize the images it produces.

    • Render passes. You can now choose to export media using only selected render passes, including ObjectId, Motion Vectors, Z-Depth, World Position, World Normals, Ambient Occlusion, and Reflections. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for compositing images generated by Unreal Engine in external applications.

    • Scripting and interop. We’ve added scripting hooks for Python and Blueprint, which you can use to integrate your rendering with distributed compute systems and render farms such as AWS Thinkbox Deadline.

    • It’s now also possible to use Python scripts to render from the command line without human intervention, allowing you to integrate movie rendering into larger-scale pipelines.

    • Runtime rendering. You can now use the Render Manager to generate still or sequence images at runtime, not just in the Unreal Editor.

    • Pro codecs. The Movie Render Queue now supports pro codecs, including Apple Pro Res and Avid DNxHR.

    • Multi-channel EXRs. You can now export media in multi-channel EXR format, packing multiple channels such as base color, ambient occlusion, and reflections into a single image file.

    • EXR compression. When you export to EXR format, you can now compress the resulting files using your choice of compression formats.

    • Final Cut Pro EDLs. Create Edit Decision Lists (EDLs) in an industry standard format.

  • Sequencer Improvements:

    • Nonlinear Animation. This collection of features improves Sequencer tools to create, modify, join, and blend animation assets in order to quickly author new animation cinematics for virtual productions and games. This will reduce the need to use external tools for animation authoring and blending. These improvements include blending the root motion of skeletal animation sequences; joint matching for better blending and placement; skeleton animation preview for precise placement; and Control Rig FK / IK integration.

    • Quality of Life Improvements. There are many quality of life improvements in Sequencer this release, including UX/UI, pipeline, evaluation, and Take Recorder.

    • Pro codecs. Sequencer can now play back media using pro codecs, including Apple Pro Res and Avid DNxHR.

    • Camera Cuts. Take Recorder can now record camera cuts.

    • Editor scripting. You can now use Blueprint and Python to access and control selections for sections, tracks, folders, and objects.

    • High Quality Media Export (HQME) Workflow Improvements. Several workflow improvements were made to HQME including: support for Final Cut Pro XML ELDs; open Color IO integration; run-time support for implementation into users’ projects; and support for the render farm plug-in Deadline on the Epic Marketplace.

  • **OCIO support in Editor (Beta). **You can now guarantee a consistent color space for all the work you do in Unreal Engine by applying an Open Color IO (OCIO) profile to the Unreal Editor viewport and to the media you export through the new Movie Render Queue.

  • 3D Text Improvements. We’ve improved the Text 3D Actor to offer additional bevel options, a 3D outline mode, and joined cursive letters for Arabic text.

  • DMX Improvements. This release features DMX system quality of life enhancements, including UX/UI updates, performance improvements, and architecture updates for DMX.

    • DMX Monitor. The DMX Monitor update provides a solution for visualizing the incoming universe and the packet data received on that universe.

    • Fixture Type Panel. The Fixture Type Panel update redesigns the UI to break-up the Fixture Type Entities and Functions into separate sections with their specific properties.

    • Fixture Patch Panel. The Fixture Patch Panel update will provide users a visual representation of the patches and their assigned channel ranges and conflicts. Additionally, this improvement allows users to drag and drop functionality to change starting addresses rather than inputting values or dragging sliders.

    • DMX Button. This update will add a DMX Button to the toolbar for displaying a new window with the Monitor and Output Console.

    • DMX Attribute Mapping. Standardized naming convention that globally exposes a set of user defined fixture properties for easy lookup and usage. This system helps to reduce the complexity that comes with seemingly infinite number of externally defined attribute names as seen through imported, externally created, GDTF files.

    • Output Console. This revamp includes UX/UI updates to the Output Console.

    • Controllers Panel. The Controllers Panel will now include other popular communication modes, such as Multicast and Unicast.

    • DMX Matrix Support. This addition will help integrate matrix fixtures.

    • DMX Pixel Mapping. This update enables the ability to translate a pixel buffer (render target) to a DMX stream. Pixel mapping will allow the use of live render target texture data to drive DMX fixtures or low resolution LED panels and devices.

    • DMX Sequencer Integration, Recording, and Playback. Sequencer is a powerful feature that easily enables animation and event triggering. This custom DMX integration into sequencer allows developers to use curves and sub-sequencing to program and control DMX without the need for Blueprints or code. Recording incoming DMX for editing and playback. Allow users to listen for incoming DMX and record the data as new keyframes in a level sequencer. Level sequence can then be replayed, edited, and shared.

    • DMX Enabled Fixtures Blueprints (Beta). This update provides an improved set of DMX based fixtures and VFX Blueprints that users can use within existing projects or use as foundations for creating new ones.

  • Remote Control API (Beta). With the Remote Control API, you can create a web app to control your Unreal scene remotely. In this update, the Remote Control API is a fully compliant REST API with GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE access.

    • WebSocket connections using the API can be persistent in order to receive live data without closing the connection.

    • The web server can now be run in a packaged app.

    • Added the Remote Control Panel to show exposed controls in the scene.

    • Added an API for the Remote Control Panel to improve queries in the scene.

  • Live Link XR Plugin. Using the OpenXR framework, Live Link now has support for XR devices, providing a lightweight and accessible tracking system in Unreal Engine.

  • nDisplay Improvements. Several features have been added to improve the experience of using nDisplay, including:

    • Deterministic rendering for real-time features such as Chaos to improve visual coherency when rendering across cluster render nodes. (Beta)

    • You can now use the JSON file format for the nDisplay configuration file.

    • You can now use the binary format for cluster events to improve data throughput and latency.

    • Improvements to Nvidia’s SwapSync API for synchronization to avoid special cases of tearing.

    • You can now leverage Nvidia’s NVLink for multi-GPU systems to use one GPU to render a viewport and to copy the frame to another GPU to display.

    • When scaling nDisplay to a large LED Volume, performance can be improved by leveraging the multi-GPU system. For Virtual Production and in-camera VFX scenarios, this means the inner frustum can now be rendered on a second GPU. (Beta)

    • Added integration and support for DomeProjection technology in Unreal Engine for projector warping and soft edge blending on large dome surfaces. (Experimental)

  • Inter-Process GPU Texture Sharing (Beta). Efficiently send and receive GPU texture data of any kind, resolution, and format between Unreal Engine and other processes while bypassing the CPU. Supports synchronization mechanisms and thread barriers so that coherency is kept between shared applications. This feature is available through nDisplay as well as standalone.

  • In-Camera VFX Improvements. We have made improvements to Color Correction Volumes so that more volumes can be in a scene.

  • Timecode Improvements (Beta). We have added several improvements when using timecode, including:

    • You can now export media with an embedded timecode.

    • When recording timecode, missing frame errors are logged with a timestamp.

    • When evaluating the last frame data of the recording, the engine’s delta times and the action’s delta times are now smoothed to remove jitter.

Core, Iteration, and Cooking Updates:

  • Memory Insights (Beta). For users wanting an insight into memory usage, we are adding Memory Insights to help developers better understand how their work impacts performance and engine behavior.

  • Garbage Collection. We are improving garbage collector performance by reducing FArchive usage in favor of fast reference collection.

  • Zen Loader (Beta). Next-generation consoles will have improved load times, a new input/output mechanism that offers a low-overhead interface for data access. The APIs will interface with next-generation storage APIs that will enable data to be read directly into target memory with minimal CPU overhead.

Datasmith and Import Updates:

  • Visual Dataprep. The Visual Dataprep system is now considered production-ready in 4.26. Improvements include the ability to create a Material Substitution table directly from a selection of Assets in the Asset Preview panel, the ability to temporarily bypass individual filters and operators in the Dataprep graph, and several new filter and operator blocks.

  • Datasmith Interop. We’ve made some improvements to our Datasmith import pipeline, and have added support for more third-party design applications. Remember to download and install the new version of the export plugin for your software, if needed.

    • Navisworks. We’ve added support for Autodesk Navisworks!

    • Exporting from Navisworks uses a similar workflow as other Autodesk applications. You download and install the Datasmith Export plugin for Navisworks. Once installed, you should see an Unreal Datasmith menu option in your Navisworks UI. Open this ribbon, and use the Datasmith Export button to export your scene to a *.udatasmith file. You can then [import](https://docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/Engine/Content/Importing/Datasmith/HowTo/ImportingContent/index.html) this file into the Unreal Editor. The export plugin supports Navisworks 2019, 2020, and 2021.
    • Rhino. To continue improving the quality of our data translation process, we’ve created a new export plugin for Rhino. Once you download and install this plugin, you should see a new option in Rhino that you can use to save or export your scene as a *.udatasmith file. You can use any of the File > Save As…, File > Export Selected…, or File > Export With Origin… commands. Once you have your *.udatasmith file, you can import it into the Unreal Editor.

    • As part of this change, we can now support importing [custom user text](https://docs.mcneel.com/rhino/6/help/en-us/properties/attributeusertext.htm) that you set on your scene objects in Rhino into [Datasmith Metadata](https://docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/Engine/Content/Importing/Datasmith/Overview/UsingDatasmithMetadata/index.html).
    • Revit. Added support for Revit 2021.

    • (You’ll also notice new options in the Ribbon for connecting and synchronizing with an Unreal Engine instance. This workflow depends on other upcoming developments before it will be beneficial. For now, use the same file-based export process you’re used to from previous releases.)
    • SketchUp. Added support for SketchUp Pro 2020.

    • Multi-file import exposed to Python. You can now batch import multiple CAD files, combining them into a single Datasmith scene. Use the new unreal.DatasmithSceneElement.construct_datasmith_scene_from_cad_files() function.

  • USD Stage improvements (Beta). We’re continuing development on the USD Stage technology that works directly with USD files as live sources for scene data.

    • Blend shapes. Blend shape animations in the USD file are now translated into morph targets in Unreal.

    • Lights. USD lights that are based on the UsdLuxLight schema are now translated into Unreal. We convert UsdLuxDistantLights as Directional Lights, UsdLuxRectLights and UsdLuxDiskLights as Rect Lights, UsdLuxSphereLights as Point Lights, and UsdLuxDomeLights as Sky Lights. USD light intensities are unitless, and are converted as physical light units based on approximation formulas provided by Pixar.

    • New importer. The old USD importer module has been deprecated. We’ve replaced it with a new USDStageImporter module that is based on the logic used by the live USD stage. This allows you to import your USD scene into native Unreal Actors and Assets with equivalent fidelity to the results you see in the live USD stage.

  • Variant Manager Improvements.

    • Variant dependencies. When a Variant is activated, it can now automatically activate other Variants that it depends on. You can specify these dependencies in the Variant Manager UI, using the new Dependencies tab for the selected Variant.

    • Variant Set thumbnails. You can now set and query thumbnails for Variant Sets exactly the same way you can for Variants.

    • Editor scripting. You can now add, remove, and query dependencies and thumbnails (both for Variants and Variant Sets) in your Python and Blueprint scripts.

  • LiDar Plugin Improvements. Updates include:

    • Support has been added for the LAZ and E57 file formats.

    • Added a LidarClippingVolume actor, which works real-time with all LiDAR components in the scene.

    • The plugin now allows the user to calculate the Normal vector for points. This can be done for the whole cloud or for selection only.

    • The RAM requirements to import, process, and export point clouds have been significantly reduced.

    • Invert selection: A toggle has been added to allow switching between all selected and all unselected points.

    • Dynamic Point Budget: There are new systems to control the point budget on screen:

      • r.LidarTargetFPS X - this will continually tweak the point budget to maintain overall FPS of X.

      • r.LidarIncrementalBudget X - if set to true, this will automatically increase point budget to very high values (sub 10 FPS) as long as the viewport remains stationary.

    • Removed the 2 billion points per asset limit.

Gameplay Updates:

  • Enhanced Input (Experimental). A streamlined but highly configurable input handling system supporting run time input remapping and complex customizable trigger rules.

**Mobile Updates: **

  • Desktop Forward and Deferred Renderers for Mobile (Beta for iOS, Experimental for Android). Both the desktop forward and deferred renderers will be available for mobile devices in 4.26, providing an improved rendering feature set. These will be Beta for iOS devices, and Experimental for Android devices using Vulkan.

  • Windows Metal Shader Compiler. Windows users will now be able to compile shaders for iOS projects.

  • iOS/tvOS Gamepad Support. iOS 14 has OS-level support for configuring button layouts for gamepads, as well as handling the icons that display for the gamepad’s buttons. We are integrating this in 4.26 alongside a significant refactor of iOS/tvOS input, and this update will include a Blueprint library for displaying buttons.

  • Mobile rendering improvements. We are providing several new rendering features for Mobile devices. These include:

    • New reflection capture compression options for mobile

    • Distance Fields

    • New compression options for virtual textures for mobile (Beta)

    • Ground-Truth Ambient Occlusion (Experimental)

    • Dynamic spotlight shadows (Experimental)

    • Pixel projected reflections (Experimental)

    • Alpha to coverage (Experimental)

    • Other quality improvements

Chaos Physics (Beta):

  • PhysX is on by default, however, the **Chaos Physics **system is now released in a Beta state, and users can experiment with Chaos Physics in their projects. In a future release, Chaos Physics will deprecate and replace PhysX as the default physics engine subsystem. Some of the Beta features include the following.

    • Chaos RBAN. Chaos Rigids, or RBAN (Rigid Body Animation Nodes), is the replacement light-weight physics simulation solution utilized in the PhAT editor of Unreal Engine. Users should see little change to their workflow because the existing user interface and parameters remain in place.

    • Chaos Cloth. This feature enables cloth simulation in use cases ranging from mobile to high-end cinematics.

    • Chaos Vehicle (Experimental). This feature enables real-time vehicles with real-world physics simulation.

**Rendering Updates: **

  • Volumetric Clouds. The new Volumetric Clouds Actor provides a material-driven real-time cloud rendering system. The component requires a material to work. You can use the default one found in Engine/EngineSky/VolumetricClouds/M_SimpleVolumetricCloud.

  • Sky Atmosphere Improvements. The Sky Atmosphere component introduced in 4.23 continues to see improvement with this release with the following:

    • The sample count used to trace the atmosphere is now scalable and can be controlled using a slider. This is important for generating the LUTs, or simply running per-pixel tracing.

    • Sky can now receive shadows from opaque meshes and volumetric clouds. This is enabled from the Directional light with Cast Shadows on Atmosphere and Cast Cloud Shadows. Distance from which opaque shadowing happens is controlled using the Dynamic Shadow Distance.

    • You can now enable a high quality mode for cinematics. By default, the Sky View and Aerial Perspective LUTs are used to render distant sky and aerial perspective at a lower resolution. You can tweak their visuals using the following commands:

      • r.SkyAtmosphere.FastSkyLUT.Width and r.SkyAtmosphere.FastSkyLUTHeight for the distant sky.

      • r.SkyAtmosphere.AerialPerspectiveLUT.Width for the fog on opaque and transparent surfaces (be cautious with these because they are a 3D texture).

      • You can go full cinematic by disabling the look up tables (LUTs) with:

        • r.SkyAtmosphere.FastSkyLUT 0

        • r.SkyAtmosphere.AerialPerspectiveLUT.FastApplyOnOpaque 0

        • Increase the quality slider on the SkyAtmosphere with more samples per pixel.

        • With Volumetric Clouds, use r.VolumetricCloud.HighQualityAerialPerspective 1 to make sure high quality tracing is also used there instead of the low resolution look up table.

  • Real-time Sky Light Capture. Sky now has a Real Time Capture mode when set to Movable. It improves on, and is faster than, the Sky Recapture Blueprint node by performing all computations on the GPU without any CPU readback.

**The real time mode can capture: **
  • Sky Atmosphere component

  • Volumetric Cloud

  • Exponential Height Fog

  • Any Meshes with a Material that has the IsSky flag enabled

It does not capture Volumetric Fog.

The existing SunSky Plugin Actor has also been updated to benefit from these changes; see below.

  • Sun Sky Plugin Performance Improvements. The plugin now takes advantage of the latest improvements to sky light with real-time capture. Previously, the sky environment maps could only be captured and convolved in editor with interpolation happening at runtime. This would result in visual discrepancies between the visual sky and diffuse and specular lighting on meshes. Real time capture improves performance and visuals by capturing SkyAtmosphere, Volumetric Cloud, and SkyDome meshes with a material that is tagged as IsSky.

  • Environment Light Mixer. The new Environment Light Mixer contains a level’s active Sky Light, Directional Lights, Sky Atmosphere, and Volumetric Cloud components in a single panel for ease of editing.It can be used to display a minimal or entire set of properties for each component. It can also be used to spawn a component into the level.

  • The Environment Light Mixer can be opened from the main menu under the Window dropdown.

  • GPU Lightmass. Lightmass is getting an upgrade using a progressive lightmapper that works on the GPU. It supports full material representation, taking into account some things ignored by Lightmass, such as Vertex Colors. GPU Lightmass is based on ray tracing technology, which currently requires Windows and a DXR capable card supported by NVIDIA. As other vendors support ray tracing, UE4 will not be tied to a specific operating system or graphics card.

  • To enable GPU Lightmass:

    • Enable Ray Tracing and set the Default RHI to DX12 in the Project Settings. (Requires a DXR capable graphics card with Windows 10 build 1809 or later.)

    • Enable Virtual Texture Lightmaps project setting for real-time preview in the editor.

    • Enable the GPU Lightmass plugin.

  • GPU Lightmass is now available through the Build menu.

**Additional Notes: **

  • You can also use the r.GPULightmass.* console commands to adjust GPULightmass settings and ToggleLightmapPreview command to start GPU Lightmass in the editor.

  • GPULightmass throttles itself when Realtime is enabled in the Level Editor viewport.

  • Recommended to set r.RayTracing.ForceAllRayTracingEffects 0 in the editor to disable all ray tracing effects. This helps give more resources to GPULightmass and avoids some confusion between features, such as ray tracing soft shadows rendering on top of lightmaps.

Water System (Experimental). The water system from Fortnite has been brought over to Unreal Engine. It can be used to create oceans, rivers, and lakes that seamless blend between one another and the landscape terrain. It uses an editable spline system to generate water tiles that work with landscape terrain.

To start using the Water system, enable the Water and Landmass plugins.

  • Hair and Fur Simulation. Hair and fur features within Unreal Engine are now considered production ready. This release sees the following features, improvements, and updates:

    • Fur and Feather

    • Support for LODing of hair.

    • An in-editor cards and mesh generation system for lower end hardware (experimental).

    • Wider feature compatibility, such as DOF, fog, and more.

    • An Asset Groom Editor that enables you to:

      • Make fine adjustments to the groom, such as clipping strands to a certain length, increasing strands/root/tips size, and more.

      • Setting up LODs, physics, and motion interpolation.

      • Generating hair cards and setting up meshes.

      • And managing materials for various representations.

    • Many optimizations to performance.

  • Ray Tracing Improvements. The following ray tracing and path tracing improvements have been made for this release:

    • Ray Tracing Improvements:

      • Extended translucency support

      • Support for Thin Translucency shading model

      • Subsurface improvements

      • Two-sided foliage support in RTGI

    • Path Tracing Improvements

      • Two-sided foliage support

  • Material Layering System. This release sees the system become production-ready and is enabled by default now.

  • Gen 5 Temporal Anti-Aliasing (TAA) (Experimental). The 5th generation of consoles and its GPU performance enable new millisecond budgets for the features of the renderer in frames. One feature that has been heavily constrained by performance on current-gen hardware is Temporal AA and it’s Temporal Upsampling capability released with dynamic resolution in Unreal Engine 4.19. We are now actively working on a new Temporal AA algorithm specifically designed for the next generations platforms and PC.

In order to make it robust for the largest variety of content, you have access to its infancy to better gather feedback before we can make it default in later releases. Enable it on PC and next gen consoles with r.TemporalAA.Algorithm=1 in your project’s config files.

It will work out of the box with responsive AA material option for translucent, as well as Temporal Upsampling (r.TemporalAA.Upsampling=1). If you are doing any World Position Offset animation, you need to enable Output velocities due to vertex deformation project setting to have correct motion vectors. And if animating material parameters, use the PreviousFrameSwitch material node to feed previous frame material parameter value.

The plan is to keep maintaining our old Temporal AA isolated from active development of Gen5’s to avoid any regression on your content for as long as we support these platforms.

  • Niagara Randomness Refactor. Random number dynamic inputs have been renamed Random Range X to match more closely with Blueprint. Using a random number dynamic input now defaults to only calculating the random number once at spawn time, simplifying the use of random numbers in update scripts. However, this can be changed to the previous behavior, if that is preferred. When used in an emitter, or system script, the spawn can be set to recalculate once per loop, for instance, calculating a spawn burst time every loop.

Arrays are a new feature this release. A new set of random array dynamic inputs is available with Select X From Array. It automatically creates an array of numbers, which are either randomly chosen or can be addressed directly in the stack UI using an array index.

XR Updates:

  • Collaborative Viewer Template Improvements. We have added features to the Template Project to experiment with CAD/BIM 3D models with multiple users in VR or on the desktop. Improvements include:

    • Support for voice communication in collaborative sessions

    • Performance improvements for snapshots and networking

    • UI improvements including updated menu screens

  • OpenXR Integration and DirectX12 support (Beta). With the OpenXR plugin, users need only add one plugin to their project instead of including a different plugin for each platform. The platform-specific plugins will still be available for 4.26. Users can choose whether to use the OpenXR plugin or the platform-specific plugins.

    • The OpenXR plugin now supports extension plugins from the Marketplace. Functionality can be added to OpenXR without relying on Engine releases.

    • Added support for input such as eye tracking, hand tracking, and grip and aim poses.

    • Added support for the DirectX12 RHI in the OpenXR plugin.

    • Added support for Unreal Engine’s point of interest in the real world, ARPin.

  • Azure Spatial Anchors (Beta). Azure Spatial Anchor support for ARKit and ARCore has been added to Unreal Engine and the C++ API updated. ARKit and ARCore developers can designate points of interest called spatial anchors to persist in real-world space between sessions.

  • AR Unification (Beta). Common functionality was identified for feature sets across AR platforms and consolidated into a general AR tool suite in Unreal Engine.

    • Provides out-of-the-box networking solutions for AR concepts such as Planes and QRCodes.

    • Provides examples for shared space calibration.

  • ARCore SDK Upgraded to 1.18. ARCore 1.18 supports Google’s Depth API so that actors can now appear behind real world objects.

  • ARKit SDK Upgraded to 3.5. With ARKit 3.5 new features include scene geometry, instant AR, and improvements to mocap and occlusion.

  • ARKit SDK Upgraded to 4.0 (Beta). In-progress upgrade to ARKit 4.0, which includes features such as depth API, location anchors, and expanded face tracking. Location anchors are currently supported in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Miami.

  • Magic Leap SDK Upgraded to 0.24. Magic Leap SDK 0.24 includes support for debugging Blueprint-only projects in Visual Studio, general bug fixes, and many other improvements.

  • Deprecated. Oculus Go, Touchpad Input, and 3DOF.

Platform Updates:

  • Desktop Linux. In this quality of life update, developers can build the Linux “SDK” (cross-toolchain) with the Clang 10.0.1 release.

Fixed in Preview 2
Fixed! UE-100161 Cannot watch pins for property access-bound properties
Fixed! UE-80323 SoundNodeQuality and RandomNodes should be evaluated during cooking
Fixed! UE-97354 Remove legacy slower reverb effect and only have fast reverb
Fixed! UE-96023 Creating a new plugin in EngineTest fails to create plugin “Failed to register plugin”
Fixed! UE-98000 Crash when reverting multiple blueprints
Fixed! UE-89841 GitHub 6744 : Expose Name property in FCollisionProfileName as BlueprintReadOnly for blueprint access. Add BlueprintAutocast function for converting FCollisionProfileName to FName.
Fixed! UE-90581 Cloth Simulation with Wind requires high Wind strength and speed
Fixed! UE-96396 Crash on exit after PIE was started and ended in ChaosDestructionDemo
Fixed! UE-96529 Crash occurs when selecting PIE for a level with a fractured mesh
Fixed! UE-100015 CPU crash on RHI thread when launching on with attached project
Fixed! UE-99789 Screen renders with artifacts when looking towards the back of the TM-VRSmoke level in QAGame
Fixed! UE-99767 Metal toolchain output log spam on Windows
Fixed! UE-86692 Remove Mac workaround in SSGI frame reduction
Fixed! UE-100023 DX12 crash by lost device while building PSO
Fixed! UE-99208 TM-ShaderModels crashes in MobilePreview and on an Android Device
Fixed! UE-100085 GitHub 7352 : fix Landscape LOD selection for stereo rendering
Fixed! UE-99608 Crash when opening the Owen asset
Fixed! UE-96421 Crash when attempting to get a Physics Asset’s info without a default source selected
Fixed! UE-72533 Use closes point in rect light estimate
Fixed! UE-97020 Multiplayer viewport size (in pixels) not changing the client window size
Fixed! UE-100253 PIE unnecessarily tries to save modified assets when use Separate Process is enabled
Fixed! UE-100333 Socket chooser popup appears in top left corner of screen when OS DPI scaling is enabled
Fixed! UE-100299 Water spline point is snapped to nearest spline point when moving the camera down
Fixed! UE-94014 Actor selection isn’t cleared (or updated to select simulated actor) when PIE starts
Fixed! UE-97222 Renaming a Read-only asset in the content browser won’t prompt the user to check it out or make it writable
Fixed! UE-100220 Levels created from Content Browser cannot be opened if Don’t Save is selected in Save Content dialog
Fixed! UE-100029 Revit hidden objects still export with Direct Link
Fixed! UE-91206 DataPrep - Create Proxy Mesh issue with the preview
Fixed! UE-92381 Unable to Import Alembic Static Meshes into UE 4.25
Fixed! UE-100222 Crash after opening Awesome Dataprep Asset more than one time (twice or thrice)
Fixed! UE-100215 Pipelines are absent for Awesome Dataprep Asset
Fixed! UE-100048 Crash after clicking Execute button in Dataprep asset instance
Fixed! UE-56605 Corona Material converts with errors inside Unreal
Fixed! UE-97816 Entities on layers inside blocks get assigned the wrong layer
Fixed! UE-92874 SpeedTree assets cannot be imported via Python automated import
Fixed! UE-100171 USD - mismatch framerate when staging a file with several animated layers
Fixed! UE-99884 The Content Browser stays in current folder when User creates Weight-Blended Layers from Landscape Paint Layers
Fixed! UE-100191 Player is falling through landscape if “Simple collision Mip” is set to “3”
Fixed! UE-91577 GitHub 6834 : Clear landscape cached heightfield when the landscape is changed.
Fixed! UE-88448 GitHub 6675 : Speed up landscape tessellation PIE load
Fixed! UE-99848 CutRevolve and PolyRevolve Draw Plane reset to default icon is not hidden when selected
Fixed! UE-99980 Crash when setting value of Steps in CutRevolve and PolyRevolve to 2147483647
Fixed! UE-99544 Completing a shape with Polygon tool does not add a transaction to Undo History
Fixed! UE-97093 Brush Radius field isn’t disabled when Specify Radius is disabled
Fixed! UE-99682 PolyPath setting Ramp Start Ratio is enabled when Output Type is not Ramp
Fixed! UE-99681 PolyPath settings Height Mode and Height is enabled when Output Type is Ribbon
Fixed! UE-98041 Shared Gizmo (Local) becomes detached from single object
Fixed! UE-96983 Vertex Gizmo is focusable while creating new vertices in DrawAndRevolve
Fixed! UE-100169 Rotation of draw plane in DrawAndRevolve/PolyRevolve is unstable
Fixed! UE-100347 BP_IncameraStageSettings will always print “Add InCamera [BP name] ZOrder 0”
Fixed! UE-97198 Unable to Frame in on control always Frames to body/face
Fixed! UE-97886 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Sequencer!FSequencerObjectBindingNode::GetClassForObjectBinding() [SequencerObjectBindingNode.cpp:1123]
Fixed! UE-100142 Control Rig is marked dirty after interacting with the viewport when the controls are displayed
Fixed! UE-100231 Closing sequence while control is selected breaks the control
Fixed! UE-99909 Skeletal Mesh with an added animation rotates at the end frame when playback in the sequencer
Fixed! UE-99787 MoviePipeline motion blur amount doesn’t respect post-processing volumes.
Fixed! UE-99708 Repeated movie renderings do not have consistent frame number timings
Fixed! UE-100345 Crash rendering several duplicate jobs with Movie Render Queue
Fixed! UE-93092 Shotgun integration - Crash upon creating a new level and a publish UI is up on a static mesh actor
Fixed! UE-100149 When RemoteSession is connected, editor UI clicks are offset on pop out windows after moving or resizing the popout window once
Fixed! UE-100200 Crash after clicking Reset to Default arrow near “Output Providers” section on VCamCoreTest map
Fixed! UE-100250 VCam 2 UI cant force Draw Debug Focus Plane to true because it is fighting the Lens Modifier
Fixed! UE-100369 Vcam - Focus reticle strange behavior
Fixed! UE-99465 Release-4.26 missing updates between copy-up and opening the stream
Fixed! UE-99348 When a Patch is created from a fixture type with no mode/function, it will still show in unassigned category after creating modes/functions
Fixed! UE-99865 Matrix Cell order seems incorrect compared to patch.
Fixed! UE-100153 Saved Composure projects did not load fully
Fixed! UE-78777 Crash when opening a packaged Simple Composure project
Fixed! UE-100353 Cannot create packages with DMXFixtures plugin enabled
Fixed! UE-99896 Remote API - Metadata Range Values
Fixed! UE-98119 Remote Control API - Scroll Bars
Fixed! UE-98085 Remote Control API - Rearrange groups
Fixed! UE-98120 Remote Control API - Actor Selection
Fixed! UE-100263 Pixel mapping box size is locked to size of name text
Fixed! UE-100311 Can’t expose array elements
Fixed! UE-97729 Remove black box that shows up when you drag component in pixel mapper
Fixed! UE-100124 Typo in Output Settings (2 categories vs 1)
Fixed! UE-99790 DMX - Deleting attribute causes order to re-shuffle?
Fixed! UE-100260 Need additional attributes for Fixture Templates

Fixed in Preview 3
Fixed! UE-99260 Crash editing Transition Logic after deleting State and Transition in State Machine
Fixed! UE-97460 ControlRig : cooked/package issue with FullBodyIK node
Fixed! UE-100320 Debug Drawing no longer working in Control Rig
Fixed! UE-99416 Control Rig Picket Widget needs to be removed
Fixed! UE-97865 Passing in wrong cpp type for creating a RigVMSelectNode still creates a RigVMSelectNode
Fixed! UE-100236 Reparenting higher RigBone to lower RigBone causes crash
Fixed! UE-97748 Crash when Item Chain, Item At index, and Items are linked together into a For Each Item
Fixed! UE-100349 Unparent hotkey and right click command does not work on created RigBones under Imported Skeleton
Fixed! UE-99448 Can’t connect input pin with node when connecting to a execute node prior
Fixed! UE-100348 Creating and Deleting RigBones that are parented in Bone Hierarchy causes bone drawing issues
Fixed! UE-100351 Deleting created RigBone causes weird selection highlighting
Fixed! UE-97979 RigControlValue objects cannot be created with a custom value
Fixed! UE-100340 Control Bone Transform no longer an option for RigSpace or RigBone Manipulation
Fixed! UE-99354 Blend(Transform) not working with any Targets
Fixed! UE-100909 Quaternion Axis node only works with X axis
Fixed! UE-99261 IKRig Plugin preventing packaging and cooking for Pretzel project
Fixed! UE-100595 Sequencer: Control Rig: Need to select control twice to select it in Sequencer
Fixed! UE-100702 animation is different when the level sequence is played from a shot track
Fixed! UE-100245 Controls from Bake to Control Rig move to the origin when scrubbing outside of the Sequence’s playback range
Fixed! UE-100583 Remove check for LevelSequence in selection synchronization
Fixed! UE-100911 Sequencer: Skeletal Animation Section Skeleton no longer shows up after loading.
Fixed! UE-100819 using the function set_tick_resolution in python change the length of the animation
Fixed! UE-100963 MoviePipeline: FCPXML files get written even without the setting added
Fixed! UE-100976 Sequence is not evaluating Control Rig after Bake To Control Rig
Fixed! UE-100564 Preroll doesnt seem to work correctly
Fixed! UE-100468 Pushing Add new key button for Brush.Brush Material Color reset all Color values for selected frame to zero(0.0)
Fixed! UE-100117 console variable not process properly in movie render queue
Fixed! UE-100150 Not all exr metadata is written
Fixed! UE-99872 bFatalError in MoviePipelineFinished callback is false when it fails to write out images
Fixed! UE-101068 Property stats are tracked incorrectly
Fixed! UE-100498 Crash when referencing Null Control Bus in Set Control Bus Mix API
Fixed! UE-100513 Modulation Mix Stages Missing Array Manipulators
Fixed! UE-100496 source effect chains don’t work with looping node sound cues
Fixed! UE-100588 Modulation Envelope Follower Not Responding to Input AudioBus Waveform
Fixed! UE-85534 Turning off an audio volume will keep reverb on, it should fall back to world settings.
Fixed! UE-100492 au.debug.soundmodulators cmd Doesn’t Support Generators Properly
Fixed! UE-100880 Displayed Unit value in ControlBusMix stage is wrong when referencing Bus Param Updated
Fixed! UE-99979 Concurrency does not stop lowest priority or quietest audio in a concurrency group
Fixed! UE-99850 Crashing when Google Resonance is used with Soundfield Submix
Fixed! UE-100010 Resolution Rule - Stop Quietest does not stop the quietest sound in AudioQA map
Fixed! UE-92181 AudioQA fails to package | Numerous errors from assets in Developer folders
Fixed! UE-60647 SoundClass SoundNode Assignments Overridden by SoundCue SoundClass
Fixed! UE-100218 Linux - QAGame failing to package | Failed to compile module
Fixed! UE-100411 GitHub 7377 : Fix of an error when calling Add() in TDiscardableKeyValueCache would cause an inifinite recursion
Fixed! UE-92982 UDelegateProperty define missing in DefineUPropertyMacros.h
Fixed! UE-71682 GitHub 5631 : Introduced additional UE_LOG statements in SavePackage.cpp to explici?
Fixed! UE-100761 Cooking content on Linux results in Assertion failed: Name.Len() > 0
Fixed! UE-97018 Trace.start when using Unreal Insights in Editor fails to start with: LogCore: Warning: Unable to trace to file
Fixed! UE-95807 Actor Pallette not flagged as Experimental/Beta
Fixed! UE-100428 Blueprint nativization fails using a map type argument as Expose on Spawn
Fixed! UE-99591 Packaging failed when create packaged project for Inclusive Nativization
Fixed! UE-100960 Match 3 Gems & Bombs do not appear in PIE & Package
Fixed! UE-99606 Crash renaming nested struct member while the pin is split on a node
Fixed! UE-100951 Blueprint debugger: Step over does not switch focus if parent graph is opened in different window
Fixed! UE-100949 Blueprint debugger: external Blueprint function calls can be stepped into only once
Fixed! UE-100787 Promoting an Array Pin to a Variable (ref to self) in the BP editor results in a compatibility error
Fixed! UE-100762 Variable default value is not preserved when moved to parent class
Fixed! UE-100372 Blueprint node tooltips show parameters instead of the function description
Fixed! UE-100829 The orphan Sub Inst Not Default pin is not removed from the node when set not default values
Fixed! UE-100602 Cannot use Assign node with a Wildcard Container parameters
Fixed! UE-100748 “Default Value” contains zeros after compiling the blueprint with non-zeros values
Fixed! UE-96261 Reimporting sprite sheets does not work correctly if the editor has ever been closed and reopened since initial import
Fixed! UE-88628 Sprite fails to edit based on UV Source Texture Region, when attempting to bulk edit via Bulk Edit Property Matrix.
Fixed! UE-100815 Python - Crash using Actor attach_to_actor method
Fixed! UE-97017 Crash on Mac on exit.
Fixed! UE-99418 EngineTest listen server tests are failling
Fixed! UE-100799 Network profiler doesnt load the captures properly

**Fixed!** UE-97125 Nullptr dereference in iOS IOnlineSession::DestroySession

Fixed! UE-100458 Editor crashes in Chaos when using Retopologize tool
Fixed! UE-96255 Physics simulation is not resumed when an actor’s collision is disabled causing it to fall through objects
Fixed! UE-100914 Contact graph generation very slow in Chaos
Fixed! UE-88367 GitHub 6670 : Fix complex collision display not updating accordingly in StaticMeshEditor
Fixed! UE-100432 Skeletal mesh deforms after un-doing removal of clothing data
Fixed! UE-98103 UE5 TM-AnimPhys - Cloth is not working
Fixed! UE-99639 Ensure when setting restitution of physical material
Fixed! UE-100434 Editor crashes if user Plays in Editor level with Geometry Collection and landscape
Fixed! UE-97318 “CPU not permitted for usage is specified by the affinity mask” error on PSVR
Fixed! UE-100910 RHICopyTexture in GnmRHI is broken for PF_FloatRGB
Fixed! UE-92125 Expanding a Context Menu the second time would close the menu on Linux
Fixed! UE-100731 Linux: Packaging QAEnterprise fails with Lumin.Automation.dll: An item with the same key has already been added
Fixed! UE-100878 Linux: Changing Level Visibility Track to hidden does not function in a Animation Level Sequence.
Fixed! UE-99971 Error pops up when launching editor in 4.26 on Mac with error “Could not access directory required for debugging optimized Metal shaders”
Fixed! UE-100517 Mac - Xcode fails to build C++ project with a Shell Script Invocation Error
Fixed! UE-97293 GitHub 7277 : Use built-in sed
Fixed! UE-90571 GitHub 6780 : Track OpenGL resources in ELLTracker::Platform
Fixed! UE-100921 Indirect lighting cache does not work correctly on mobile with a multiple lighting scenarios
Fixed! UE-96710 App crashes when executing ‘Export to Disk’ node on Android
Fixed! UE-100640 Unreliable Player Index control on MFI controllers
Fixed! UE-96462 Windows showing error when Generating SSH Key: “Error: bUseLocalMetalToolchain”
Fixed! UE-100088 IOS 12 should be the default min supported version
Fixed! UE-100435 GitHub 7385 : ue-4.26 fixes
Fixed! UE-99998 Groom assets don’t render Custom Stencil
Fixed! UE-100805 Boundary Bleed Color does not affect the boundaries of intersecting subsurface materials
Fixed! UE-100806 Boundaries of intersecting Meshes with the same subsurface materials do not blend automatically
Fixed! UE-88969 Adding an LOD to cascade with PIE running is insta crash
Fixed! UE-86798 When using the mesh particle space to world space transform on static meshes the local to world transform matrix should be used
Fixed! UE-99799 Remove shipping only #ifdef in FInstancedStaticMeshSceneProxy::GetDynamicMeshElements
Fixed! UE-85229 FFT Bloom does not properly take exposure into account
Fixed! UE-98238 Hide the appended numbers after dynamic inputs to reduce stack visual noise
Fixed! UE-95610 Editor crashes when dragging Cooked Niagara Emitter to the Level Viewport
Fixed! UE-100596 [CrashReporter] UE4Editor-Niagara!FNiagaraDataInterfaceProxyTexture::PreStage(FRHICommandList &,FNiagaraDataInterfaceStageArgs const &) [NiagaraDataInterfaceTexture.cpp:38]
Fixed! UE-96886 Crash duplicating an Emitter with Interpolated Spawning disabled and Requires Persistent IDs enabled
Fixed! UE-89020 Re-Enable Niagara DataInterfaceInstancedPassThrough autotest for Mac
Fixed! UE-100329 Ensure when entering a name for a Scratchpad Dynamic Input script used in the stack
Fixed! UE-97246 Assertion Failure while building package when setting Cook everything in the project content directory (ignore list of maps below) = true
Fixed! UE-56143 Niagara: support custom depth for masked and opaque particles
Fixed! UE-100098 Ray traced shadow sample settings greater than 1 cause shadow artifacts
Fixed! UE-100870 Spotlight raytrace GI broken when outer angle is tweaked
Fixed! UE-94638 FRegisterComponentContext does not correctly allow render state to initialize.
Fixed! UE-73358 Using Forward Shading and MSAA Renders Out Entirely Black
Fixed! UE-96207 [Materials] Change of behaviour of “Pow” node
Fixed! UE-100591 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-D3D12RHI!FD3D12ResourceLocation::ReleaseResource() [D3D12Resources.cpp:644]
Fixed! UE-100766 Can’t PIE if a transaction didn’t get closed
Fixed! UE-85878 Engine is not compatible with C++17 (USD)
Fixed! UE-100358 When reimporting ExtraField_JSON_Reimport…json a “Cannot find Property for column ‘Extra_Properties’ in struct ‘Struct_DataTable_Basic’.” message does not appear
Fixed! UE-100381 DataTable contains incorrect values when importing a CSV file with an Import Key Field value
Fixed! UE-100359 Cannot find Property message appears when importing a CSV file with Ignore Extra Fields set to True
Fixed! UE-100362 Row is missing entry for column message appears when importing a JSON file with Ignore Missing Fields set to True
Fixed! UE-100635 Crash - console command stat none
Fixed! UE-100791 Crash on checking source control history on QA_WidgetDiffTest2
Fixed! UE-92223 Paper2D tile maps cannot be edited via the modes toolbar in viewport, after they are placed in a level and promoted to an instance
Fixed! UE-100382 Incorrect name rows are used when importing a JSON file with an Import Key Field value
Fixed! UE-100364 Incorrect message appears message appears when importing a JSON file with an invalid Import Key Field value
Fixed! UE-100361 Expected column not found in input message appears when importing a CSV file with Ignore Missing Fields set to True
Fixed! UE-97407 Camera speed needs to remember what you set it to
Fixed! UE-100011 Warning message “MapCheck: Repairing painted vertex colors” appears after open TM-MergeActor
Fixed! UE-100507 Mac - Unable to Package MediaFramewrok in Binary 4.26
Fixed! UE-100524 Crash on commandlet shutdown: GEngine is null in ~FGerstnerWaterWaveViewExtension
Fixed! UE-99984 Unable to slide the Number of Players slider
Fixed! UE-100490 Clicking the “X” in a search field closes the window
Fixed! UE-100038 Linked Revit projects are ignored and not synced with DirectLink
Fixed! UE-90434 Structural Steel Connection Pivots are default
Fixed! UE-100373 DataPrep - Extension filter is ignored on import
Fixed! UE-99271 Texture importer - We can’t import a texture bigger than 8k.
Fixed! UE-100027 Adding two identical Direct Link sources makes the engine crash
Fixed! UE-100704 Reimport datasmith scene from Cinema4D file doesn’t update IES Texture
Fixed! UE-99607 Reset Override function not working on material changes
Fixed! UE-100162 Exported .TXT LiDAR asset opens without ‘texture’
Fixed! UE-64274 Defeaturing - Values from option fields are not map to corresponding options leading to incorrect behavior
Fixed! UE-100483 StaticMeshActor’s material doesn’t update material to None after reimport to updated material
Fixed! UE-100437 Missing CustomDepthStencilWriteMask in Foliage setup
Fixed! UE-85037 Compiling the Editor with CPP Standard of C++17 Fails Due to Errors from USDImporter
Fixed! UE-100728 Crash When You Add Get Landscape Material Node
Fixed! UE-81772 QOL: Using “make selected actors level current” should scroll level browser to that level
Fixed! UE-100537 Crash while adding section using Landscape Tool
Fixed! UE-100833 Crash opening QA-Promotion while in PIE
Fixed! UE-100771 Crash when cancelling Gather Text in Localization Dashboard
Fixed! UE-99849 Material selection is not shared between modeling tools
Fixed! UE-100740 Modeling Tool Interactions based on raycasts into scene hit hidden objects
Fixed! UE-100885 Mesh Selection Tool does not select full brush area on scaled meshes
Fixed! UE-97346 Unable to select Paper2D Actors with Translucent Material in Viewport
Fixed! UE-100888 Cannot place primitive with Add Primitive Tool if no object is hit
Fixed! UE-100919 Repeatedly duplicating mesh with Duplicate Tool in Modeling Mode produces increasingly long names
Fixed! UE-99788 PolyCut tool doesn’t correctly handle cutting out a topological hole
Fixed! UE-100736 Modeling Mode asset settings are not restored on editor restart if changed using quick-access bar
Fixed! UE-100738 PolyEdit Action Buttons are visible during interactive operations but have no effect
Fixed! UE-100607 Join/Browse button does not change to Leave button once in a session with compressed toolbar
Fixed! UE-87589 Upgrade to Python 3.7.7
Fixed! UE-101012 Errors when compiling code project - Python3.Build.cs(8,24) : error CS0246: The type or namespace name ‘Python’ could not be found
Fixed! UE-99615 Slate Debugging Tools should use the unique WidgetID
Fixed! UE-100365 Widgets stick out from letterboxed player screen on 4.25
Fixed! UE-94506 Duplicating a Widget Blueprint containing an Event Dispatcher does not update argument references
Fixed! UE-78845 Undoing Spline actor end point selects base actor instead of last appended anchor point
Fixed! UE-99555 Patch default value, Pixel Mapping trouble
Fixed! UE-100525 Can’t expose arrays / arry element to remote control preset
Fixed! UE-100453 GitHub 7392 : Fixed compilation errors using MSBuild from the master
Fixed! UE-97384 Remote Control API - Can’t use request body with batch request
Fixed! UE-97160 Stage monitor doesn’t notify of missing timecode provider
Fixed! UE-97491 Provider status doesn’t show idle time or a notion of free time
Fixed! UE-97490 StageMon hitch detector spams log
Fixed! UE-97474 Stage Monitor - Event List can not be repopulated if cleared in Review Mode
Fixed! UE-78777 Crash when opening a packaged Simple Composure project
Fixed! UE-96358 Crash when using DMX pixel mapper
Fixed! UE-100501 Crash - Playing Pixel Mapping and then Play in Viewport
Fixed! UE-95869 Adding fixtures to fixture group doesn’t assign attributes correctly.
Fixed! UE-97728 Matrix pixel and fixture pixel position should be relative to their containsrs instead of relative to the texture
Fixed! UE-100111 SwitchBoard - No Detection that UE was launched from previous Switchboad instance (Controls shows Start Unreal)
Fixed! UE-99881 DMX Library isnt marked unsaved after “Undo” operation
Fixed! UE-100393 DMX - Warnings when packaging
Fixed! UE-100623 MF - Strobe Fixture Feedback
Fixed! UE-100634 DMX - Resetting values on begin play is causing problems, interpolation?
Fixed! UE-100622 MF - Fixture Beem Clipping
Fixed! UE-100733 DMX fixture volumetric beam does not match projected gobo
Fixed! UE-100723 Loopback logic is missing for monitor & pixel mapping
Fixed! UE-100742 no warning when fixture matrix has no cell attributes set
Fixed! UE-100727 DMX - Get All Fixtures in Library is not sorted the same as patch.
Fixed! UE-100711 MF - Suggestion for Fixture Patching
Fixed! UE-100531 Remote Control API - Web UI Fixes
Fixed! UE-100535 Remote Control API - Web UI Style
Fixed! UE-98188 Web App VP - Sliders
Fixed! UE-99893 Web App VP - Web Socket Transforms
Fixed! UE-98206 Web App VP - Rotation Order
Fixed! UE-100418 Undo doesn’t work in Interact tool
Fixed! UE-100151 In Virtual Camera, when you use ComposureOutputProvider routed to a RemoteSesstionOutputProvider, the iPad taps register in the space of the entire editor window and not the viewport
Fixed! UE-99879 VR Mode radial menu sub options appearing on incorrect menus
Fixed! UE-97792 Editor crashes when pressing F9 while PIE in VR Preview on Hololens 1
Fixed! UE-93801 GitHub 6997 : Fix reversed left/right eyes in emulatestereo and support WorldToMeters
Fixed! UE-93787 GitHub 6984 : Allow hmd tracked query to ignore extra PIE worlds
Fixed! UE-100343 Hololens 1 needs deprecation for 4.26 forward
Fixed! UE-91798 Motion controller button presses fail to register on Launch On
Fixed! UE-100760 Warnings while packaging for Oculus device with Oculus Avatar plugin enabled: Content has been saved with empty engine version
Fixed! UE-96118 ASA Anchors are not loaded properly from the ASA Store
Fixed! UE-98212 D3D12RHI crashes when attempting to alias a Texture2DArray

Fixed in Preview 4
Fixed! UE-100729 Sequencer: Control Rig: Renaming Asset will break Control Rig in Sequencer
Fixed! UE-101176 Collection’s first item behaves differently than the rest
Fixed! UE-101124 Control rig - watching get/set variable node pins has no effect
Fixed! UE-100901 CCDIK not working as expected
Fixed! UE-101011 Control rig - Bones and controls all fold into themselves when attempting to manipulate Mannequin_ControlRig.uasset
Fixed! UE-100989 Bones created in Control Rig are not visible
Fixed! UE-97059 Ik FK snapping mechanism behaves differently when triggered from the bool switch in sequencer vs the animation panel
Fixed! UE-101175 Animation: UDN: ISPC Curve Blending is breaking with Sequencer
Fixed! UE-100576 Animation Insights stops logging after first Run-Stop in PIE.
Fixed! UE-97715 Crash dragging control rig into level when sequence is open with Motion Trail Editor enabled
Fixed! UE-100611 Movie Render Queue Console Variables settings do not apply to existing jobs when preset is saved.
Fixed! UE-101199 GitHub 7411 : MovieSceneTracks.build.cs editor dependency fix
Fixed! UE-101266 Camera Motion Blur amount is ignored
Fixed! UE-101034 Image File Sequence is not added to the Image Plate track
Fixed! UE-100982 Dragging multiple keys in the Curve Editor some of the keys do not snap correctly
Fixed! UE-100879 Spatial Audio Temple Windows Package does not play the background music
Fixed! UE-100823 AudioQA package with AQ_EnvelopeFollower as default map crashed on Android device
Fixed! UE-100816 ability to cross fade submix effect chains
Fixed! UE-97972 Warnings Failed to read file when running packaged First Person template
Fixed! UE-100784 Mac fails to cook on the fly Error: Failed to open descriptor file

UE-94710 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-CoreUObject!UObject::DestroyNonNativeProperties() [BlueprintSupport.cpp:2557]

Fixed! UE-100251 UE4 Install Size Regression in 4.26 Preview 1
Fixed! UE-95895 GitHub 7193 : UnrealFrontend: decrease CPU usage on Windows during cooks
Fixed! UE-98242 GitHub 7310 : Fix incorrect description in BuildEditorAndTools.xml
Fixed! UE-99424 UBT - “Compile single file” does not work with platform extension files
Fixed! UE-92733 Add dependency on compiler version for PCHs
Fixed! UE-99940 Invalidate makefile if compiler no longer exists
Fixed! UE-99433 UBT - Changes to uplugin extensions are ignored
Fixed! UE-101188 400mb VHM map included in engine content
Fixed! UE-100375 GitHub 7364 : Critical bug fix Controller.cpp OnPossess
Fixed! UE-101050 Memory leak in Gameplay Effects / Visual Logger
Fixed! UE-88207 Enemy bots do not move in a launched ShooterGame in Sanctuary
Fixed! UE-99870 HasAnyFlags crash when compiling a widget blueprint after playing in editor
Fixed! UE-99552 Union Clusters do not collide with static meshes
Fixed! UE-100715 Crash when compiling a Niagara System using a Velocity Grid with a modified grid size
Fixed! UE-101060 UE4 Editor fails to open on CentOS - /lib64/libstdc++.so.6: version `GLIBCXX_3.4.21’ not found required by …Engine/Binaries/Linux/libUE4Editor-UnrealEd.so)
Fixed! UE-100584 Packaging QAEnterprise gives clang: error: linker command failure
Fixed! UE-93504 GitHub 6954 : 1.fix crash on none pak mode on Android
Fixed! UE-101191 Set_Permissions_for_iTunes_from_Windows_Store.bat fails to give user permissions if username has a space
Fixed! UE-99380 Crash when enable mobile multi view and preview it with -game -featurelevelES31
Fixed! UE-100957 Create batch file to set iTunes file permissions
Fixed! UE-92813 Unable to copy/paste User Parameter values
Fixed! UE-101277 Assigning a new user variable texture to a material binding doesn’t update the binding
Fixed! UE-100746 Aligning Blueprint nodes Horizontally across the top of the node aligns nodes to the top of the highest selected node
Fixed! UE-74835 GitHub 5857 : Added settings to the editor to set the background color and image of the BP graph.
Fixed! UE-100346 Selected Option in Switch Actor Doesn’t show up in variant manager properties.
Fixed! UE-101078 Brush Editing Pen tool is not enabled when an orthographic viewport is selected
Fixed! UE-100718 Section box cut objects will not be updated correctly with DirectLink
Fixed! UE-100626 DatasmithRhino - Switching the active document in Rhino worksessions gives inconsistent reimport
Fixed! UE-99898 Mesh reimport doesn’t reapply the proper value that was set during importing after reopen project
Fixed! UE-100078 solidworks part disappears in dataprep viewport window after applying a tessellation node and clicking “execute”
Fixed! UE-100044 Datasmith - Can’t import wire files.
Fixed! UE-100295 Failed to synchronise new project after closing a Revit project previously synced
Fixed! UE-100631 Variant Manager - Copied variant from a variant set to another is not accessible as variant dependencies
Fixed! UE-99856 High Precision Tangent Basis & Use Full Precision UVs on Skeletal Meshes reset after reimport
Fixed! UE-89573 Dataprep - step’s contextual menu action as little to no value
Fixed! UE-101295 Collaborative Viewer - Warning when PIE
Fixed! UE-101297 Collaborative Viewer - Snapshot Command - Laser not visible when pressing SnapShot button in VR
Fixed! UE-101209 DirectLink Revit: crash on second sync
Fixed! UE-100461 On Mac new Task/Service/Decorator creating from Behavior tree does not stop after creating one instance
Fixed! UE-101173 Dragging and Dropping assets from the Place Actors Panel into the Project Structure via the Content Browser no longer works as of 4.26
Fixed! UE-95357 Crash on Save during assigning another Blackboard asset if yet another Blackboard asset is deleted from the “Save Asset As” window
Fixed! UE-100514 Crash importing HDR texture format on Mac
Fixed! UE-97910 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-ApplicationCore!FWindowsTextInputMethodSystem::ApplyDefaults
Fixed! UE-100310 Discrepancy between disabling behavior of settings for Polygon and PolyPath tools
Fixed! UE-100920 Selection Tolerance prevents Faces from being selected in PolyEdit Tool
Fixed! UE-101168 Fix warning when using Multi-User Package filters
Fixed! UE-101190 Python 3.x Upgrade causes Delegate Mismatched Signature error
Fixed! UE-84493 Widget causing ensure to trigger on end play
Fixed! UE-100908 Crash evaluating edit condition when object’s level is being unloaded
Fixed! UE-98093 BackChannel.TestOSCMessage fails and crashes in EngineTest with Assertion failed: ArgSize == ExpectedArgSize TestBackChannelOSC.cpp] [Line: 67]
Fixed! UE-101058 Mac fails to build editor with the error: “Shell Script Invocation Error”
Fixed! UE-101160 DMX - Pixel Mapping - RGB is not assigned to Red/Green/Blue attributes
Fixed! UE-101103 DMX - Crash from clicking in details panel in play.
Fixed! UE-101099 DMX - Deleting 25 fixtures at once crashes the editor
Fixed! UE-101101 DMX - changing fixture libraries while play in editor causes crash
Fixed! UE-101178 nDisplay - DisplayRootActor is not spawned automatically when starting nDisplay
Fixed! UE-100722 nDisplay crashes with an 8bitRGB frame buffer pixel format
Fixed! UE-99630 Remote API - Function Library Search doesn’t show functions, only the library
Fixed! UE-99222 Remote Control APi - Crash when adding function from bp library
Fixed! UE-101077 Remote Control API - Cannot control parameters from webpage
Fixed! UE-97063 Remote Control API - Animation Asset
Fixed! UE-100637 Remote Control API - Openning a level should “Reload” current preset and show missing exposed props as “disconnected”
Fixed! UE-100617 SwitchBoard - OSC Blueprints to trigger a recording via SB are not distributed
Fixed! UE-95401 Failed to package MissionAR in 4.25.1 for windows64 due to cook error.
Fixed! UE-100871 Hololens requiring mismatched SDKs for different projects of same CL
Fixed! UE-101198 Quest eyes rendering only half with Mobile Multiview enabled.
Fixed! UE-100308 “Assertion failed: (Index >= 0) & (Index < ArrayNum)” Occurs When Launching a First Person Project Onto Lumin
Fixed! UE-100319 Mac 4.26 AudioQA package fails to launch
Fixed! UE-101302 UMenuAnchor::OnGetMenuContentEvent deprecation warnings in FN.
Fixed! UE-101111 Bump minimum ios version of UE4 Project templates

Fixed in Preview 5
Fixed! UE-97459 GitHub 7287 : Fixed bug with AnimNode_SaveCachedPose does not properly propogate Initialize to children
Fixed! UE-101030 Sync groups with non-local scope can collide, causing incorrect behaviour
Fixed! UE-101502 Ensure during FBX anim import (ExpectedWorkThisFrame <= 1.01f * TotalAmountOfWork - CompletedWork )
Fixed! UE-95358 Curve with Type Material is not shown in Anim Curves panel if only ‘Material’ checkbox is selected in filters
Fixed! UE-100744 Editor crashes on saving Keep Simulation Changes [AnimSequence.cpp: 1512]
Fixed! UE-101423 Changing the value of an IKFK switch uses that value for both key frames
Fixed! UE-101430 Sequencer:NLA Muting AnimationTrack will still show skeletons
Fixed! UE-101319 Sequencer: NLA Pelvis location moves when changing Yaw,Pitch,Roll Toggles
Fixed! UE-101264 MovieRenderQueue - In PIE, hang when starting a job after exiting PIE
Fixed! UE-101470 MoviePipeline: Temporal Samples + Layers stalls
Fixed! UE-101426 Toggling IKFK Switch sometimes add a second key on the same frame
Fixed! UE-101271 Preroll (and postroll) in other shots continue to evaluate when “Evaluate Sub Sequences in Isolation” is enabled
Fixed! UE-101474 Unreal crashes when jpg pass is disabled in Movie Render Queue
Fixed! UE-101487 Subscene playback causes other shots to be visible
Fixed! UE-101549 Sometimes attach tracks do not work correctly because the objects are still static
Fixed! UE-101788 Additive From Base blends do not work on Transform tracks
Fixed! UE-62813 GitHub 4972 : Exposing subtitle-related properties of Sound and Dialogue Wave to blueprints
Fixed! UE-44574 GitHub 3525 : Able to use PlaySound2D for non-UI related sounds
Fixed! UE-97090 OnAudioPlacebackPercentage PlaybackPercentage (float) doesn’t take into account “Start Time” from Play or FadeIn nodes
Fixed! UE-79968 GitHub 6186 : Add AssetUserData support to SoundBase
Fixed! UE-100226 Ambix decoding doesn’t work as expected from all rotations
Fixed! UE-101706 crash on load w/ oculus reverb plugin asset
Fixed! UE-85093 SynthComponent does not execute OnStop() after calling Stop()
Fixed! UE-101415 Fix misuses of FMath::Clamp
Fixed! UE-101504 GitHub 7429 : Actually warn when a Primary Asset ID conflicts, instead of just logging
Fixed! UE-101325 Inconsistent binary output when resaving meshes
Fixed! UE-101683 Stat group without Scoped cycle counter can’t be activated unless another group is active
Fixed! UE-101885 Json Reader hits an assertion when deserializing invalid JSON
Fixed! UE-100575 Low-level memory tracking has negative values for “FMallocUnused” and “Untracked”
Fixed! UE-100486 Compilation of installed build from cmd fails: Attempt to add file to temp storage manifest that does not exist (E:\Git\4.26\cpp.hint)
Fixed! UE-92688 GitHub 6891 : Fix settings.json generation for single project (VSCode)
Fixed! UE-101461 GitHub 7424 : Expose GameplayTagWidget to other modules
Fixed! UE-85936 Dynamic navmesh update causes navlinks to reset to their default state
Fixed! UE-100927 UMG animations do not work when nativized
Fixed! UE-101269 Crash on opening Sequence Director for Level Sequence
Fixed! UE-99676 Crash running construction script after compiling BP function library

UE-100767 Ensure while promoting collapsed nodes, containing custom event to function: MyNode->GetOuter() == ToPin->GetOwningNode()->GetOuter() [File:D:/Build/++UE4/Sync/Engine/Source/Runtime/Engine/Private/EdGraph/EdGraphPin.cpp

Fixed! UE-101507 GitHub 7430 : [BUG] Iterator value doesn’t change if it is valid
Fixed! UE-101798 Editor crashes upon exit if remote control server fails to bind on port
Fixed! UE-101503 GitHub 7428 : Adding initialization of member variable in VoiceCaptureWindows
Fixed! UE-100903 Turning Chaos vehicles will cause the vehicle to spin out of control
Fixed! UE-101001 Crash on first opening of TM-ChaosDestruction level (QAGame) or first launch of ChaosDestructionDemo in Binary
Fixed! UE-100897 TM-RectLights: No Shadow is Casted From A Movable Light on a Static and Stationary StaticMesh
Fixed! UE-92609 GitHub 6885 : [BUGFIX] Honor UE4’s Mono build environment using Build.sh
Fixed! UE-93372 Investigate using llvm binutils over our current binutils for our Toolchain
Fixed! UE-101496 4.26 build fails with Xcode 11.7
Fixed! UE-100814 Crash occurs when opening A Boy and His Kite demo package on Mac
Fixed! UE-100964 Python3 library needs to be rebuilt to to target 10.14 with dwarf-2 debug symbol tables
Fixed! UE-101628 Xcode 12.1 support
Fixed! UE-95254 GitHub 7153 : fix: ios push notification token callback
Fixed! UE-57425 tvOS Apps Fail to Resume After Suspend
Fixed! UE-101139 GitHub 7409 : Adds more UPL plugin injection points for Android Activity and Application.
Fixed! UE-101443 ios webauth still has iOS 11 logic
Fixed! UE-101449 Exposure difference between PC and Mobile preview if PP material applied with Before Tonemapping blendable locationmode
Fixed! UE-100168 When launching QAGame/TM-UMG on Android Blur is disabled, the rectangles are filled with textures and the Low-Quality Scaling button does not work.
Fixed! UE-99329 Android Random Startup Crashing
Fixed! UE-101321 Change the way we are adressing different iOS versions behaviors in Input Interface
Fixed! UE-101670 Crash when creating a material with “Output velocities due to vertex deformation” enabled in Project Settings

UE-101374 [CrashReport] static void TEnqueueUniqueRenderCommandType<`BeginInitResource'::`2'::InitCommandName,<lambda_62eddc873155d85469e17b1ba3893b43> >::DoTask(ENamedThreads::Type, const class TRefCountPtr<FGraphEvent> & const) [RenderingThread.h:183]

Fixed! UE-96102 Cooking EngineTest Dedicated Server Gets Stuck Trying to Cook An OpenColorIOColorTransform
Fixed! UE-89965 InfiltratorDemo dropping below 20 FPS
Fixed! UE-94406 UDN Bug with cascade skeletal mesh LODs
Fixed! UE-95334 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!FGPUBaseSkinAPEXClothVertexFactory::ClothShaderType::UpdateClothSimulData
Fixed! UE-92949 Use of SpiralBlur-SceneTexture MaterialFunction in translucent material results in compile errors
Fixed! UE-101294 Shadows still visible when Sprite are hidden using Visibility Tag
Fixed! UE-99846 Max delta time seems to be broken
Fixed! UE-101267 Modifying a User Parameter’s default value does not update the Override Parameter value on system instances in the level beyond the first
Fixed! UE-101278 When renaming emitters in Niagara, it doesn’t let you change capitalization for existing characters
Fixed! UE-101697 large compile time regression in 4.26
Fixed! UE-92682 Tracking a Niagara user parameter does not display the parameter’s correct default value in the Sequencer Tree
Fixed! UE-92744 Override Parameters do not update in the Details panel when modified by Sequencer
Fixed! UE-101828 Make iteration source variables easier to work with in the stack
Fixed! UE-85158 Ray Tracing Post Process Volume settings cannot be edited by Sequencer
Fixed! UE-101908 Change default of r.RayTracing.SkyLight.EnableMaterials to 1
Fixed! UE-101071 Crash enabling Stochastic Rect Light with Ray Tracing
Fixed! UE-101454 Compile errors in AgcRayTracing.cpp
Fixed! UE-95918 Fix Vulkan CPU readback
Fixed! UE-101282 GitHub 7414 : Fix crash when ClearUAV in OpenGL ES
Fixed! UE-101079 Failing to compile global shaders with OpenGL4 enabled
Fixed! UE-97041 [CrashReport] libUE4Editor-VulkanRHI.so!VulkanRHI::FDeviceMemoryManager::Alloc(bool, unsigned long, unsigned int, void*, float, char const*, unsigned int) [VulkanMemory.cpp:313]
Fixed! UE-58566 Memory Leak when Debugging Blueprint
Fixed! UE-101531 Crash when creating new project on Linux
Fixed! UE-99506 Crash when repairing MotionBlur-Texture material function (VK_ERROR_DEVICE_LOST)
Fixed! UE-100906 Ensure placing atmospheric fog into level with -vulkan referencing VulkanDescriptorSets.h
Fixed! UE-101589 VulkanMemory.cpp - Crash occurred when quitting ContentExamples Niagara -vulkan
Fixed! UE-101286 GitHub 7416 : Refactor UEdGraphPin::GetPrimaryTerminalType to reduce code duplication
Fixed! UE-101408 GitHub 7422 : Master
Fixed! UE-101354 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-DetailCustomizations!FSplinePointDetails::UpdateValues() [SplineComponentDetails.cpp:599]
Fixed! UE-101626 Asset guideline warning persists when deleting object.
Fixed! UE-101288 GitHub 7417 : AddToolbarExtender for StringTableEditor. public HandlePostChange for?
Fixed! UE-101579 Error Failed mark the file for add when executing EditorAssetLibrary.rename_loaded_asset command with source control enabled
Fixed! UE-99747 Starter content option is blank in the project browser when the feature packs is missing
Fixed! UE-101425 Rhino Exporter - Textures with invalid characters are not exported with the scene
Fixed! UE-101187 DirectLink Revit Add-on - Child Actor name change between 2 sessions
Fixed! UE-101306 DirectLink Revit Add-on - Actor and it’s child Actor have the same name
Fixed! UE-100048 Crash after clicking Execute button in Dataprep asset instance
Fixed! UE-101484 Diffused Texture does not retain changes after .udatasmith reimport
Fixed! UE-101676 Collaborative Viewer - Interaction with UI stop working when have more then one VR User
Fixed! UE-100600 CAD import: DWG file import is broken in 4.26Preview2
Fixed! UE-99701 CAD - Importing 3DXML file return an error: Worker process issue (worker lost)
Fixed! UE-82786 solidworks mesh names incorrect
Fixed! UE-100219 USD - crash changing framerate in sequencer - Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0xffffffffffffffff
Fixed! UE-101755 Crash opening a Third Person template project - Assertion failed: ImportLODModel.Sections.Num() == RenderLODModel.RenderSections.Num()
Fixed! UE-80336 [CrashReporter] UE4Editor-Core!FGenericPlatformMemory::OnOutOfMemory(unsigned __int64,unsigned int) [GenericPlatformMemory.cpp:186]
Fixed! UE-101455 Fallback for decimal separator seems not to work anymore
Fixed! UE-101611 Crash when Scaling a StaticMesh with Collision geometry created by MeshToCollision Tool
Fixed! UE-101622 Gizmos are scaled when using inputs with nonuniform scale in Mesh Boolean Tool
Fixed! UE-100646 Editor crashes in Concert when using Retopologize tool
Fixed! UE-93186 Python fails to pass a UObject through to another Python function when it is a UFunction.
Fixed! UE-101732 WidgetReflector doesn’t respect it’s display header
Fixed! UE-95890 UMG Crash with abstract widget classes.
Fixed! UE-100741 Launching a packaged game calling DownloadImage with -nullRHI option crashes
Fixed! UE-99698 SwitchBoard - No icons in add devices for Motive, nDisplay and Sound Devices
Fixed! UE-87157 nDisplay - config file path with spaces not supported.
Fixed! UE-100614 SwitchBoard - Nodes are showing Project CL instead of Engine CL after restarting SB
Fixed! UE-98166 Aja Kona 4 720p aliasing/rendering issue.
Fixed! UE-101304 Color Correct regions fail for certain shading models
Fixed! UE-101787 DMX - DMXTemplate main map shows black when clicking “play”
Fixed! UE-101832 K2Node crash when loading umap
Fixed! UE-101785 DMX - Crash when opening up WaterFountainTemplate map in DMXTemplate project
Fixed! UE-100619 MF - DMX Universes Performance Check
Fixed! UE-101207 Crash when stopping PIE while DMX running
Fixed! UE-101786 DMX - DMXTemplate pixel mapping map does not work anymore
Fixed! UE-100710 MF - Crash Report
Fixed! UE-101424 MF - Fixtures lighting up when very far from camera position
Fixed! UE-101616 MF - Lens material won’t stop glowing
Fixed! UE-101422 MF - Counter Intuitive Zoom Logic
Fixed! UE-101102 DMX Fixture - beam mesh color is sometimes desaturated looking.
Fixed! UE-101445 Set default attributes for Firework, laser, pyro, and fountain
Fixed! UE-101623 DMX Fixtures - Failed to load FWGlobals for Fireworks
Fixed! UE-98203 nDisplay crashes if window size is bigger than size of the main display
Fixed! UE-101384 nDisplay / SteamVR conflict
Fixed! UE-97951 startsequence crashes with nDisplay
Fixed! UE-101318 Remote Control API - webapp plugin should run on non-windows
Fixed! UE-100643 Remote Control API - Not getting property change notifications
Fixed! UE-101313 Remote Control API - WebApp should quit together with ue
Fixed! UE-101310 Remote Control API - WebApp should be started automatically by a dedicated plugin
Fixed! UE-101315 Web Control API - WebApp changes
Fixed! UE-101765 Remote Control API - No presets are displayed when the web app is initially launched
Fixed! UE-101451 Remote Control API - WebApp many tweaks
Fixed! UE-101717 Remote Control API - Web interface needs to be restarted if WebControl port changes
Fixed! UE-101441 Remote Control API - Build warning, path is too long
Fixed! UE-101868 Remote Control API - Website sends responds with header bytes when making requests through websockets
Fixed! UE-100636 Remote Control API - Delayed Change notification
Fixed! UE-101473 Switchboard is missing a dependency on VirtualProductionUtilities for its OSC blueprint
Fixed! UE-101072 VCam Output Provider SetActive does not check outer Component is enabled
Fixed! UE-101402 When using Composure + RemoteSession, iPad input events don’t route to the proper window
Fixed! UE-101577 Virtual Camera Plugin needs old content deprecated
Fixed! UE-99894 Web App VP - Web Socket PIE / Simulate
Fixed! UE-101929 Ensure in VCamSample_CameraActor in debug build QAGame startup
Fixed! UE-101702 Composure RenderTarget usage missing from MediaOutputProvider
Fixed! UE-101281 GitHub 7413 : Enable depth composition on HoloLens when using OpenXR
Fixed! UE-95066 GitHub 7114 : Fix volumetric particles drawn twice in left eye with instanced stereo
Fixed! UE-100164 Crash with Assertion failed: !bIsLoadActionInvalid when entering VR Preview while in VR Mode
Fixed! UE-99714 DBuffer decals render only in the right eye in VR Preview
Fixed! UE-101428 Video/image captures on HoloLens are too transparent
Fixed! UE-101709 Oculus changes to fix OpenXR on Quest

UE-101931 Quest crash on Vulkan in FVulkanSubresourceAllocator::DefragTick

Fixed! UE-101627 OpenXR crashes when closing VR Preview
Fixed! UE-101822 Upgrade hololens allocator to FMallocBinned3
Fixed! UE-101218 Crash occurs in VR when triggering Grip controller button on Vive Pro

Fixed in Preview 6
Fixed! UE-94709 [CrashReport]UE4Editor-Engine!FPerTrackCompressor::InnerCompressRotation<FQuatFloat96NoW>(FRotationTrack const &) [AnimCompress_PerTrackCompression.cpp:340]
Fixed! UE-102165 ispc::LerpBoneTransforms causes heap corruption
Fixed! UE-98115 Camera cut track blending incorrectly against camera cut track in a sub sequence
Fixed! UE-102285 Rigid Body chain doesn’t animate in packaged TM-Sequencer-SkeletalMesh
Fixed! UE-102282 X axis is rotated to -90 degrees for Skeletal Mesh that uses Post Process in packaged map TM-Sequencer-SkeletalMesh
Fixed! UE-101845 Unlocking Sequencer Camera teleports camera to where it used to be
Fixed! UE-101855 Sequencer: NLA Yaw doesn’t always match up
Fixed! UE-101846 Camera cut doesn’t activate on first try when entering PIE
Fixed! UE-101892 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-MovieScene!FMovieSceneLatentActionManager::RunLatentActions(FMovieSceneEntitySystemRunner &) [MovieSceneSequenceTickManager.cpp:151]
Fixed! UE-102115 Crash when Capturing MasterSequence with Use Burn In ticked and Warm Up Frame Count = 30
Fixed! UE-101462 MoviePipeline: Screen Percentage + Temporal Samples + PP Mats Crashes
Fixed! UE-102043 Sequencer: NLA: Add option to blend child instead of root.
Fixed! UE-101844 MoviePipeline: Temporal Samples /w Camera Cut for Warmup shifts rendered output
Fixed! UE-102005 RecordTake console commands record actors not in default place.
Fixed! UE-101976 Level Sequence Playback speed is not respecting playback rate after render.
Fixed! UE-101941 Movie render queue sequencer renders take excess time per frame when evaluating camera cut warmup frames
Fixed! UE-96793 Sequencer: Frame Rate Drops when drawing many keys.
Fixed! UE-102184 Filmback preset applied to a Cine Camera in blueprint is not applied to Cine Camera actor in the Level
Fixed! UE-102182 Filmback settings for Cine Camera that is a part of the blueprint appear editable when, in fact, they are not.
Fixed! UE-102135 Adding an additive animation adds an unwanted transform
Fixed! UE-102139 AudioQA StopFarthestThenOldest Rule Saw Tone doesn’t cease playing
Fixed! UE-101612 AudioQA Fails to package in 4.26 with Synth Component Object Reference is not compatible with Object Reference
Fixed! UE-102066 changing samplerate quality level on a sound wave doesn’t cause a recook
Fixed! UE-102158 Reported security vulnerability in libsamplerate
Fixed! UE-101815 Editor crash when ticking then unticking “Toggle Visualization” in a Google Resonance Spatialization Settings window
Fixed! UE-95208 GitHub 7134 : Fix rare crash in audiodevice
Fixed! UE-96804 Get Cooked Envelope Data returns false despite SoundWave settings
Fixed! UE-101905 [Crash Report] UMaterialInstanceDynamic::Create(UMaterialInterface *,UObject *,FName) [MaterialInstanceDynamic.cpp:73]
Fixed! UE-101981 Can not assign texture in directory with Chinese characters to material instances.
Fixed! UE-102025 Core has an implicit dependency on the PakFIle module
Fixed! UE-101724 Win64 symbol storing is broken.
Fixed! UE-101715 Collaborative Viewer - Orbit Mode middle mouse pan Does not working
Fixed! UE-101721 Collaborative Viewer - First Spawn Pawn Rotation Doesn’t reflect the player start On Client
Fixed! UE-101716 Collaborative Viewer - Flickering when Middle mouse teleport on Orbit Mode
Fixed! UE-102112 Collaborative Viewer - Photo Frame VR visible on Desktop
Fixed! UE-102050 Collaborative Viewer - Orbit Mode middle mouse pan have a bad behavior when cursor off screen.
Fixed! UE-97048 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-UnrealEd!FBlueprintEditorUtils::FindBlueprintForNodeChecked(UEdGraphNode const *) [BlueprintEditorUtils.cpp:2091]
Fixed! UE-88426 Compiling a grandchild Blueprint via automated test can lead to crash
Fixed! UE-102216 Convert to function to event incorrectly shows up when editing BP Interface Blueprints
Fixed! UE-101351 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!UActorComponent::PreEditChange(FProperty *) [ActorComponent.cpp:752]
Fixed! UE-102222 Enhanced Input: Crash when adding a Context with an Input Action with a User-Defined Curve modifier and a curve is empty
Fixed! UE-101080 Crash when attempting to display debug info of Mapping Context with empty Input Action
Fixed! UE-101086 Crash when attempting to display debug info of Input Action with MappingContext override Trigger of (None)
Fixed! UE-49607 Attempted to use an out of date NetDriver when connecting to local host with different port
Fixed! UE-79415 BeaconHost Refuses Connection from BeaconClient Command
Fixed! UE-92802 IOS Online subsystem deprecation warnings when targeting IOS 13
Fixed! UE-101816 4.26 Physics - Cloth does not spawn in PIE
Fixed! UE-99601 Crash when exiting the blue grid holding an orange cube in TM-Gameplay
Fixed! UE-101961 Crash when opening PhysicalMaterials map in EngineTest
Fixed! UE-96243 Chaos Parent component loses collision when setting scale or rotation on a child component
Fixed! UE-86455 Owen’s cloth is deforming as player moves with Chaos enabled
Fixed! UE-101533 Content Examples: Physics Broken In PhysicalAnimation
Fixed! UE-90015 ContentExamples physical animation behaving erratically
Fixed! UE-94934 Animation breaks after triggering the button in QAGame
Fixed! UE-101144 unable to use fur dynamics (or particles) with temporal samples in Movie Render Queue
Fixed! UE-100068 Physics Constraint Actor does not hold physics objects without a second constraint actor.
Fixed! UE-87636 Chaos Cloth - Collision requires more iterations to work correctly
Fixed! UE-86453 ContentExamples Performance very slow when setting test assets to use ChaosClothingSimulationFactory
Fixed! UE-102241 Chaos - Brick fracture causes crash on Linux
Fixed! UE-102156 Linux fails to package QAEnterprise project referencing libopenvr_api.so
Fixed! UE-102301 Option to build for Apple Silicon Mac’s does not exist
Fixed! UE-101982 Mac projects open with MetalBundle AMDMTLBronzeDriver error
Fixed! UE-92068 Separate Translucency occurs later on mobile
Fixed! UE-101733 Mobile renderer crash when sky cubemap resolution < 64
Fixed! UE-101440 Device Profile Support for new iPhones
Fixed! UE-96186 Mobile Preview ES3.1 is broken on D3D Mobile Multi-View
Fixed! UE-101091 Exiting the SceneDepth volume in TM-ShaderModels causes a large visual artifact
Fixed! UE-101053 TM-UMG: Background Is Completely Black
Fixed! UE-101841 GitHub 7442 : Volumetric clouds fixes: description updates, typo fixes, console variable updates
Fixed! UE-101708 Groom doesn’t stick to Skeletal Mesh during Movie Pipeline Spatial Samples
Fixed! UE-96597 Compsure crashes when reordering transform passes
Fixed! UE-95218 Applying Filmback preset for Cine Camera Actor that is a root object of a blueprint causes Ensure
Fixed! UE-101833 parameters in the material layers gui don’t retain value when disabled
Fixed! UE-95525 Crash occurs when opening some Particle Systems when bringing the data created in 4.24 to 4.25
Fixed! UE-89923 Particles are only activated when the camera moves back
Fixed! UE-101632 Crash occurs in Hierarchical Instanced Static Mesh of Mesh with MinLOD set to 1 or higher
Fixed! UE-102030 Get X by Index on attribute reader only works up to the group thread size on GPU emitters
Fixed! UE-101303 Disabling a Sim stage no longer functions
Fixed! UE-100495 Changing a static switch causes the inputs behind it to lose their previously entered value
Fixed! UE-89603 Emitter determinism doesn’t work correctly when looping in the editor and when looping in the level sequence editor.
Fixed! UE-99324 Parameter default values are used when a Niagara Parameter Collection parameter is linked to an input on a GPU Emitter
Fixed! UE-96884 Crash accessing USplineComponent from Niagara while it is being updated on game thread
Fixed! UE-101192 Niagara Skeletal Meshes don’t warn about CPU access flag when used by GPU emitters
Fixed! UE-99622 New data interfaces from inputs are always invalid, and also don’t cause a compile error
Fixed! UE-99874 Variables hidden behind a static switch can’t be initialized
Fixed! UE-101696 GPU System will kill existing particles if activate is called after it has be deactivated
Fixed! UE-100615 Building Geometry in a level disables all Niagara and Cascade systems unless in PIE/Simulate
Fixed! UE-102051 ensure when ctrl-c on “select vector from array” in the stack
Fixed! UE-101081 Niagara Mesh Renderer’s shadow flickers periodically
Fixed! UE-101459 GPU sims end before they should (possibly due to inaccurate particle counts)
Fixed! UE-99955 Binding a Renderer property to a User Parameter does not set the property’s value while Source Mode is set to Emitter.
Fixed! UE-100051 Binding a renderer property to a parameter output by a Set Parameter module’s StackContext parameter does not work
Fixed! UE-101292 Undo/Redo after changing user variable texture to a material binding doesn’t update texture on preview
Fixed! UE-100055 Undoing removing an parameter input that is set to a local/constant value from the Set Parameters module doesn’t restore the previous value
Fixed! UE-95360 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-D3D12RHI!static void SetRayTracingHitGroup(class FD3D12CommandContext & const, class FD3D12RayTracingShaderTable *,
Fixed! UE-102076 Crash when opening QAGAME a second time after building on Linux
Fixed! UE-102052 InfiltratorDemo crash when opening editor
Fixed! UE-100585 Particles Don’t Build Up Over Time In TM-VolumeMaterials-Stationary/Movable
Fixed! UE-101609 Content Examples: Effects level renders several particle effects incorrectly on -vulkan
Fixed! UE-101701 Crash occurs when opening TM-Shadermodels from console DX11
Fixed! UE-94533 [Shading models] ThinTranslucent crashing on Mac
Fixed! UE-98211 LODs not loading properly causing textures to appear grey and/or missing
Fixed! UE-101290 Tooltip is locked to first click location after using ‘Alt + A’ to evoke selector tool
Fixed! UE-101460 Crash when Clicking Select Spline Points in Details panel of a Spline Actor
Fixed! UE-98126 Clear option doesn’t reset a value for the Streaming Volumes array in the Level Details
Fixed! UE-101814 Rhino exporter doesn’t work on MAC with 4.26 Preview 4
Fixed! UE-100626 DatasmithRhino - Switching the active document in Rhino worksessions gives inconsistent reimport
Fixed! UE-102171 DirectLink Revit Plugin - Revit crash on new connection
Fixed! UE-101935 DatasmithRhinoExporter Mac - Closing Rhino causes application crash
Fixed! UE-102107 DatasmithSDK: cannot include DirectLink headers from a deployed SDK
Fixed! UE-102063 DatasmithSDK: crash when RunGarbageCollection() is called from a thread != game thread.
Fixed! UE-102160 RHINO exporter: Texture export/import create bad name in UE
Fixed! UE-100807 Crash on editor restart after enabling datasmith plugin in QAGame on linux
Fixed! UE-101835 Collaborative Viewer - Color of Avatar become black after 11 Clients connected on the same server
Fixed! UE-97634 Side-by-Side installation for offline/standalone installer
Fixed! UE-100899 Datasmith Import - Reimporting a scene after changing the hierarchy produces incorrect result
Fixed! UE-93652 Standalone Installer does not add file extension association for .uproject
Fixed! UE-85725 Update the fbx sdk to 2020
Fixed! UE-84979 OBJ import - Auto Triangulation - Error: No polygon were found on mesh ‘’
Fixed! UE-101971 LidarPointCloud - crash importing e57 file
Fixed! UE-102029 Crash during import of FBX file if user selects specific Search locations for materials
Fixed! UE-102083 There is no texture created after glb_GLTF.glb, gltf_seperate_GLTF.gltf , gltf_embeded_GLTF.gltf were imported
Fixed! UE-102145 Editor Crash when changing settings after force-deleting an input to Mesh Boolean tool
Fixed! UE-101731 The Duplicate tool has “Combine Meshes Tool” Title in Modes Panel
Fixed! UE-101727 [Crash] The editor crashes after applying combine tool if one of the combined assets was deleted from content browser
Fixed! UE-100993 Sequences opened with MultiUser in nDisplay nodes are not ticking.
Fixed! UE-100882 Crash when performing several clicks on visibility drop down property
Fixed! UE-102056 Dropdown list displays after switch to another tab
Fixed! UE-102074 GitHub 7457 : Add bMatchSize comments for SetBrushFrom…() functions
Fixed! UE-101990 Crash when setting frame rate of 0 during timecode synchronization
Fixed! UE-94414 AJA IO 4K frame rate issues
Fixed! UE-102239 kona hdmi rgb input not working
Fixed! UE-101576 VRScouting - Gaffer Light Level is not propagated to Multi-User Clients
Fixed! UE-102274 Stage monitor missing UI qol
Fixed! UE-102307 DMX - DMX timing data is bad & take recorder doesn’t work if ‘start at current frame’ is unchecked
Fixed! UE-101098 DMX Fixture - Cannot change Matrix Color drop downs in Details Panel
Fixed! UE-101100 DMX Patch - Deleting attributes causes other attributes to lose their order?
Fixed! UE-101977 DMX matrix fixtures aren’t properly initialized at begin play
Fixed! UE-102075 DMX - Crash when Pixel Mapping is destroyed
Fixed! UE-102055 DMX Fixture - GPU Performance Overdraw Fix
Fixed! UE-102049 DMX - Pause DMX receive with sequence playback doesn’t work as intended
Fixed! UE-101633 DMX Fixture Patch show only single active mode, but fixture type has more then one
Fixed! UE-102273 nDisplay - Finish up InCameraVFXTemplate
Fixed! UE-101399 nDisplay - Crash when sync policy 2 is used with DX12
Fixed! UE-101963 Remote Control API - GetPreset returns and old format instead of returning groups
Fixed! UE-102208 Remote Control API - Thumbnails request return bad color
Fixed! UE-102238 Remote Control Api - Reset to default does not work correctly
Fixed! UE-102272 Remote Control API - Web UI Changes (followup on 10/27 meeting)
Fixed! UE-101578 VCamCore plugin should be moved into VirtualCamera plugin
Fixed! UE-101967 VCamCore output providers don’t enable/disable properly when outer component is enabled/disabled
Fixed! UE-99343 VCam2UI gets corrupted with multiple editor viewports active at once
Fixed! UE-102269 Vcam Operator Panel follow cam events need repair after reconstruction
Fixed! UE-99603 Playback misaligns viewport.
Fixed! UE-102296 VirtualCamera names need cleanup
Fixed! UE-102246 Replace Asset Reference operation appears in wrong list
Fixed! UE-102281 Crash when executing Dataprep recipe
Fixed! UE-101605 Linker errors placing Water Body assets - missing VT_Voronoi texture
Fixed! UE-93439 Mobile Multi-view has Black Screen on Android
Fixed! UE-102254 HandheldAR Capture feed is inverted on the device
Fixed! UE-101718 OpenXR - Editor Crash on second VR Preview
Fixed! UE-92928 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Slate!FSlateApplication::OnControllerButtonPressed(FName,int,bool) [SlateApplication.cpp:5610]
Fixed! UE-101866 Steam VR controllers are not tracked in VR Template when Launch On
Fixed! UE-100077 Crash attempting to use VR Mode World Navigation in QAGame
Fixed! UE-102234 VR Template - Warnings for invalid action inputs
Fixed! UE-102120 Crash in VR Preview with Oculus Rift and OpenXR Enabled
Fixed! UE-102233 OpenXR - Warnings for unavailable plugins for OpenXRExtensionsPlugin
Fixed! UE-101820 Translucent materials render incorrectly in the right eye on OpenXR
Fixed! UE-90945 Disabling HMD causes long editor hitch ~ 15s : HMD enable/Disable
Fixed! UE-101688 XRLoadingScreenFunctionLibrary’s SetLoadingScreen blueprint node defaults to a scale of 0, which is invisible
Fixed! UE-101843 GitHub 7443 : Wait for outstanding frame operations to finish before ending the session
Fixed! UE-97754 Hidden Area Mask incorrectly crops rendering on both Oculus and SteamVR with OpenXR
Fixed! UE-102137 OpenXR: DX12 HoloLens package discarding frames while app is running
Fixed! UE-102068 GitHub 7456 : Fix DX12 linker error when packaging for HoloLens from an installed e?
Fixed! UE-101331 Third Person Character Package imports with linker errors
Fixed! UE-102268 Remote Control API - TPS
Fixed! UE-102289 GitHub 7470 : fix of OpenXRMsftHandInteraction

Fixed in Preview 7
Fixed! UE-94345 Crash When Trying to Run Animation Insights for QAGame>TM-AnimInsights
Fixed! UE-102218 sync groups in blend spaces cause animation pop
Fixed! UE-102505 Crash exporting a spawnable
Fixed! UE-102567 Control Rig: In Level Editor, Alt-Drag clones mesh by mistake instead of just moving camera.
Fixed! UE-102329 Phantom keys remain on a track when they’re all deleted
Fixed! UE-102566 Audio Render Thread hang in Quartz
Fixed! UE-102311 Submix effects can only process one effect in a chain
Fixed! UE-102379 Audio scheduling issue when using “BarRelative” counting: sound will be late on beat
Fixed! UE-102152 Spurious Cook Warning: LogCook: Warning: Unexpected change in PackageName when loading a requested package
Fixed! UE-100698 ContentExamples Crashes with IoStore Enabled on Mobile Devices
Fixed! UE-102553 Water: Clean up Caustics Textures
Fixed! UE-102342 Packaging failed for Inclusive Nativization and Build Configuration Shipping
Fixed! UE-95441 A hidden dedicated server is launched when playing as client
Fixed! UE-102401 Chaos Vehicle Plugin not working in -Game mode
Fixed! UE-94806 Cloth rendering crashes the engine when a cloth asset is assigned as the preview mesh of a ControlRig with a Set Translation
Fixed! UE-97935 Deprecation Message Needed for content that uses Destructible Actors
Fixed! UE-95511 ChaosDestructionDemo packages cannot be created in 4.25.1
Fixed! UE-102402 Chaos Cloth - Cloth disappears while simulating the ClothBall asset.
Fixed! UE-102065 Array index out of bounds crash when deactivating Cloth Paint after removing Max Distance mask
Fixed! UE-94490 Suspend Clothing Simulation Not Retaining Simulated State
Fixed! UE-101258 Physics Clothing - Can’t apply Clothing Data to the selected section
Fixed! UE-102262 PSVR crashes on launch to TM-StereoLayers - referencing GnmContextCommon.cpp:1012
Fixed! UE-102373 Unable to create code projects from an installed build on Linux.
Fixed! UE-102493 ChaosDestructionDemo Editor does not open on Linux through Perforce build
Fixed! UE-101982 Mac projects open with MetalBundle AMDMTLBronzeDriver error
Fixed! UE-102407 Missing correct UAV transition in mobile eye adaptation pass
Fixed! UE-99380 Crash when enable mobile multi view and preview it with -game -featurelevelES31
Fixed! UE-101324 Mobile shaders should issue a warning when compiling unsupported shading models
Fixed! UE-102498 FreeType 2 for Android needs to be updated to 2.10.4
Fixed! UE-100922 LibPNG needs to be updated
Fixed! UE-101581 Git Reports Untracked Files in a Cloned Github Workspace After Packaging a Project for a Android
Fixed! UE-101064 Update libplaycore in GooglePAD to latest version
Fixed! UE-100327 QAGame with IoStore Enabled Crashes When Trying to Open Another Map
Fixed! UE-102354 Packaged projects with Mobile Forward Shading enabled crash on iOS
Fixed! UE-102136 Multiple Vulkan Khronos Validation Errors in ShooterGame
Fixed! UE-102709 Crash when selecting a texture index in RequiredTextureResolution viewmode.
Fixed! UE-102278 Point light that is not casting a shadow behind hair causes the hair to glow
Fixed! UE-102053 Crash when opening ContentExamples in Standalone Game
Fixed! UE-102576 Editing Water Bodies in DX12 makes the landscape explode
Fixed! UE-101105 Crash when press F5 key any Test build project
Fixed! UE-101685 Directional Stationary Light does not cast shadow on hair model
Fixed! UE-102116 Anisotropy pass always runs if material uses material attributes
Fixed! UE-102117 A specific combination of dynamic inputs causes ribbons to disappear
Fixed! UE-101570 Particle shadow casting not working in Content Examples -Effects map example 1.8
Fixed! UE-97114 Emitter level dependencies are incorrectly satisfied and break emitter
Fixed! UE-102490 4.26 effects fail to play properly over longer periods of time
Fixed! UE-102624 Perf display is showing nonsense values
Fixed! UE-102471 Dragging modules between systems and emitters wipes the modules settings
Fixed! UE-101698 Plugin content needs to be resaved before 4.26 release.
Fixed! UE-102522 Ray-traced directional light shadowing regression
Fixed! UE-96068 “REFLECTION CAPTURES NEED TO BE REBUILT” is displayed on a cooked game.
Fixed! UE-102316 Ensures while opening new TimeOfDay level on Linux: DepthStencilLayout == VK_IMAGE_LAYOUT_DEPTH_STENCIL_READ_ONLY_OPTIMAL and !bMultiviewRenderTargets || Texture->Surface.NumArrayLevels > 1
Fixed! UE-101555 Unable To Open Content Examples With -dx12 on Intel HD 630
Fixed! UE-101569 DX12 Error: ID3D12Device::CopyDescriptors: Source ranges and dest ranges overlap, which results in undefined behavior
Fixed! UE-102349 [Crashreporter] UE4Editor-D3D12RHI!FD3D12CommandListManager::ExecuteAndIncrementFence(FD3D12CommandListPayload &,FD3D12Fence &) [D3D12DirectCommandListManager.cpp:571]
Fixed! UE-97289 Tessellation and displacement are broken with Vulkan
Fixed! UE-102532 Crash when reimporting a UDIM texture with a new asset.
Fixed! UE-102513 Rare HLOD crash
Fixed! UE-102340 [CrashReporter] UE4Editor-UnrealEd!SkeletalMeshHelperImpl::RestoreLODInfo(TSharedPtr<FExistingSkelMeshData const ,0> const &,USkeletalMesh *,int) [SkeletalMeshImport.cpp:514]
Fixed! UE-102374 Fbx automation test generates warning.
Fixed! UE-102564 Missing scale for tangent with morph target
Fixed! UE-102618 GeometryCacheAbcFileComponent doesn’t support relative path for its Alembic
Fixed! UE-102378 Crash when assigning material on GeometryCache
Fixed! UE-102613 Landscape is missing from high res screenshots
Fixed! UE-102632 BP brushes are not refreshed when moving the landscape
Fixed! UE-90559 Text 3D actor is missing thumbnail in the Place Actors panel
Fixed! UE-102504 nDisplay Picp crash when saving InCameraVFX level in Multi-User
Fixed! UE-102408 Crush on GetFixtureMatrixVisibility
Fixed! UE-102428 DMX - Fix fixture patch doesn’t read DMX unless OnFixturePatchReceived was bound
Fixed! UE-102548 DMX Fixture - Matrix fixture pivot point is at the base which leads to odd rotations
Fixed! UE-102367 Templates Content - Update / Polish
Fixed! UE-102485 Crash: DMX monitor, SACN, setting Universe to 0
Fixed! UE-102637 DMX Crash opening library on Mac OSX.
Fixed! UE-102692 DMX - SendDMXRaw does not loopback internally when send or receive DMX is enabled
Fixed! UE-102389 View matrix calculation crash in nDisplay warp methods
Fixed! UE-102183 Remote Control API - Optionally allow force build webapp at startup
Fixed! UE-102128 Remote API - Crash when using web widget and exposed post process, play in editor.
Fixed! UE-102672 Remote Control API - Latest changes (11/06)
Fixed! UE-102297 Duplicating a level with a SimpleVirtualCamera results in an ensure
Fixed! UE-102345 Sequencer does not spawns green cubes (path) while adding new key on sequencer timeline in VR Editor
Fixed! UE-102574 Water Wave Asset gets out of sync with serialized data
Fixed! UE-102710 Water texture doesn’t update when moving the landscape
Fixed! UE-94586 GitHub 7073 : 4.25 Hotfix Candidate
Fixed! UE-96467 vr.pixelDensity cvar scales the resolution inside the PSVR HMD
Fixed! UE-100747 Crash on exiting Editor after enabling Oculus Avatar plugin: UE4Editor-OculusEditor.dll!FOculusEditorModule::ShutdownModule()
Fixed! UE-102642 Oculus Quest startup failure on Vulkan
Fixed! UE-102626 Mobile-Multiview crash with 2D Scene Capture
Fixed! UE-102554 Water: Fix smoothing pass of Waterbody
Fixed! UE-102508 Remote Control API - WebInterface plugin, error at non-unity build


Sweet! what about 4.25.4 hotfix ?

Good news! Looking forward to test this soon!

This part has been posted twice

Who knows? Where can I find more info on the mentioned Water System?

WOW, This is amazing guys, gonna try it now.
I’ve been waiting for GPU Lightmass for a long time, finally it’s here.

Shallow water plugin, is an older plugin. Water plugin **is **being pushed to Preview 2, after they missed the Preview 1 deadline. I asked about the plugins on stream, and I was luckily answered that

Though Landmass plugin does appear to exist in Preview 1

Preview 1 is still a pretty early version of .26. Nearly everything is still WIP. Their aware of the bugs, and are actively working on them. No different from before the preview released.
We have many previews ahead of us.

The water Plugin was not pushed into preview one. 4.26 Preview two will include it.

:eek:Wow!!. This is one of the Best Update ever. Very Impressive features coming. Can’t wait for the final and full release.

I think is the “Shallow Water” plugin under physics.

Don’t see the water system, never saw a Water and Landmass plugin, is that in this preview version? or does it need to be installed from somehwere else?
Edit: activating the shallow water doesn’t seem to add anything or am I missing something?

  • network replicated?

Hi ,

I’m currently in the process of creating a Planetary system project for Unreal Marketplace.

I would kindly ask if you could get some feedback on the following:

  • From my understanding, Gravity is hardcoded inside UE source code CharacterMovement Component - as of v4.25, I don’t have any solution to incorporate Directional Gravity (when Character navigates around a Planet) without using a Plugin or modifying the source code of UE itself, which renders me unable to sell my project because only the Config and Content folders are migrated onto Download Type: Complete Project when selling a product. I could, however, use a Pawn instead of a Character and create my own custom gravity variables while setting Linear Velocity/Add Force/Add Impulse, but using this approach has it’s downsides.
    Sometime ago, on an UE official video, one of the devs showcased the new updated Atmospheric ambient of UE that would be coming to v4.26 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeNM…l=UnrealEngine)

My question is, will Directional Gravity be revamped with v4.26 full release, or will it be re-worked on UE 5?

Best regards,

Awesome update! I have a question for Chaos cache simulation as well as strains and anchors.

Am I doing something wrong? Because I cannot find anything to do with caching simulations like 4.23. I also can’t find anything to do with strains (like radial strains to cause the destruction) as well as anchors, to keep geometry collections intact at certain points.

Can someone please point me in the right direction?

Thank you!

Tried creating a new Vehicle Template project - cant seem to drive :frowning:

I tried it too, it’s not even chaos vehicles it’s physx. Chaos Vehicles plugin isn’t enabled.

I spent a while trying to get the chaos vehicle to work, but didnt get very far. It looks like I have things set up properly, but I cant get the vehicle to move on its own. If I apply an impulse to the vehicle I can get it moving and steering, but as soon as I release the throttle, it comes to a dead stop with the wheel still spinning. Engine RPM doesnt seem to be exposed to blueprints to see if the engine is going.

Yeah the template hasnt been updated and is still based off PhysX, Have to create a new vehicle from scratch.

Enable the “Field System” and “Chaos Caching” plugins

  • Mobile rendering improvements. We are providing several new rendering features for Mobile devices. These include:

    • New reflection capture compression options for mobile

    • Distance Fields

    • New compression options for virtual textures for mobile (Beta)

    • Ground-Truth Ambient Occlusion (Experimental)

    • Dynamic spotlight shadows (Experimental)

    • Pixel projected reflections (Experimental)

    • Alpha to coverage (Experimental)

    • Other quality improvements

    • ALOT of amazing features here! I know these are listed as Android, but are these supported for mobile VR?
      I can see some of these features in project settings but where are others located like “ground truth ambient occulusion”?
      When can we expect some kind of documentation for these new mobile features?
      So excited! These coming with Quest 2 might take mobile VR up a peg.

    Sequencer more Transition and Effects like Premiere?
    Sequencer more volume controls? AudioClip Speed? Less laggy with large audio clips usage?
    Sequencer 3D letters for trailer intros like After Effects?
    Facial expressions and Lipsynch like iClone from Reallusion?
    Unreal Motion Suit instead of Rokoko?

    4.27? :cool:

    Hoping with newer versions, UE doesnt break its old stuff like unity. Would still be great to be able to have working templates and such with new implemented systems.