Unreal Engine 4.25 OSC Plugin Disconnecting

Hi I’m using this plugin from Epic: OSC Plugin Overview | Unreal Engine Documentation

It comes by default with the engine and i just activated it. I’m using the phone to send data to Unreal but how you can see here: - YouTube it’s disconnecting after 30 seconds.

Even if I don’t receive any data It’s disconnecting after a while. Could you help me?

Hi There, i have exactly the same Problem, in my case the server stopps working after arround 50sec. Gametime.
Can anyone HELP!

I found a solution. Every time we have to check is the server is valid and if is not we recreate it.
Her’s the screenshot:

Hi, I found a solution, the only way to fix it is to check every time if the server is valid, and if it’s not you recreate it…

Her’s a screenshot:

Great !
Because i am verry new to Unreal Engine, that heps me alot.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

There is a better way to fix this OSC Server. I’m currently using UE4.25.1. On BeginPlay I create the server and add it to a variable. It should work better!



I am having this same issue in UE5.1. I have tried the fix using the variable and I have tried the fix where it checks and restarts the OSCserver as seen here: Osc-Server-Fix hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

Neither fix works for me unfortunately. After about a minute the server just stops receiving messages again.

Posting to see if anyone has had any better luck getting this plugin to work.

If anyone knows where to post this bug to see if it can/will be fixed please point out where.


I’m having the same issue as @anonymous_user_a4872b11 in UE5.1. The OSC plugin works for a short period and then stops with no indication of why. It seems to break as soon as I try a standalone play mode from the editor.

I am experiencing the same issue in 4.27 as @anonymous_user_a4872b11 and @jessekirbs

I did some testing and I found that it stops sending properly after exactly 559 messages for some peculiar reason

I too am experiencing the same problem. Usually lasts for about a minute. I’m receiving very simple OSC messages (with 3 float arguments) from TouchDesigner at a rate of 30/sec. Have used TouchDesigner for OSC and UDP messaging with other platforms without ever experiencing any problems.

The fixes mentioned above (checking that the server is valid, and if not, recreating it) do not fix this problem for me.

Use OSC Server > Is Active function instead of Is Valid macro. christianstamati’s solution from 2020 does not distinguish between the two so you can end up with a valid OSC Server with an inactive connection.

The console command osc.servers will show the active / inactive status and each server’s id


Recreating the OSC server when it becomes inactive in a BP seems to work ok. There is also a console command to do this

osc.server.connectById <id> <ip> <port>

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