UNREAL ENGINE 4.25 Anti-aliasing rendering Problems (Flickering - Raytracing) NVIDIA P5000

UNREAL ENGINE 4.25** Anti-aliasing rendering Problems (Flickering - Raytracing) NVIDIA P5000 - **

Hello everybody.
I need help plz asap for my next video project.

I just switched to the new version of Unreal 4.25.

But now I’ve a problem with screen preview and with final output rendering. I am trying to desenable the Anti-Aliazing option or to change methode FXAA MSAA or TEMPORAL AA, but it doesn’t work.
I used a previous version of Unreal 4.24 and this problem don’t exist.

I read on other forum, try deleted the value “r.DefaultFeature.AntiAliasing=1” on this file : “DefaultEngine.ini”. But I think this problem is more complicated.

Best regards,

Stéphane Davi

Would you post a screenshot or two of the material for the flickering areas? This is a known issue with 4.25, and I’ve encountered it too. Seeing the material setup would help in solving the problem for you and potentially others. I’m currently doing tests in a template level on a glass material and am trying to fix the issue of flickering, but the project has ray tracing disabled. It’s like the lighting is changing suddenly at micro-distance changes from the camera, and / or the reflections are, not sure.

Yes sure, This is a screenshot !