Unreal Engine 4.24 Released!

As you may have heard, with this release, we’re retiring Unreal Studio and folding all of its features into Unreal Engine—for free. Unreal Engine is now your one-stop solution, whether you’re working in game development, architecture, film, television, automotive, training & simulation, or any other industry.

You can now create even more convincing interior and exterior scenes for games and visualization with new tools for nondestructively creating and editing open-world landscapes that adapt to other scene elements; gorgeous atmospheric skies; and Screen Space Global Illumination that scales across console and desktop platforms.

For those looking to create more believable characters, creatures, and virtual beings, we’re proud to offer a first look at our new strand-based hair and fur system that enables you to simulate and render hundreds of thousands of photoreal hairs at up to real time speeds.

The toolkit for converting entire scenes at high fidelity from 3ds Max, SketchUp Pro, Cinema 4D, and a host of CAD and BIM formats, Datasmith, is now available for free as part of 4.24 and all future versions of Unreal Engine going forward. Add to that new Visual Dataprep for easy-to-use, automated data preparation.

That’s not to mention the first-class USD support that enables modelers and layout artists to work in parallel; enhancements to multi-display rendering that make it much easier to use out of the box, even on existing projects; and a new task-based wizard to give you a better starting point when creating new projects.

**See the full release notes here **and drop your feedback below!

For a complete listing of known issues affecting Unreal Engine 4.24, please see the Unreal Engine Public Issue Tracker.

Discover new issues with this release, please report them using the guidelines in the link: How to Report a Bug.

Hype! Keep up the awesome work!

Can anyone from Epic clarify what’s happening to GTAO? It’s magically vanished from all release notes and such.

Ta-da, my Plastic SCM source control provider has been integrated by default in Unreal!

After the Git plugin, this is my second big plugin :slight_smile:

Edit: although someone from Epic forgot to put my name in the list of community contributors, not sure who to bug for this…

To my knowledge, it’s only available for Console development and included in our Console Release Notes. If you have access to UDN with console development entitlements, you’ll be able to check those notes.

Sweet potatoe, what are the recommended nvidia driver for 4.24? i did have a couple crashes with “D3D device lost” using latest github 4.24 .
Also my editor seems to be locked at 60 despite playing around with t.maxFPS .



In 4.23 the new AO method automatically replaced SSAO when enabling SSGI. In 4.24 however, when you enable SSGI all AO is broken which renders SSGI useless until that is fixed. You can still see how AO changes in buffer view but in lit mode, it’s not there.

Where is this new sample? I can only see the older one in the Learn tab. Or was the new studio in the images just meant as an example?

On the UE4 roadmap on Trello, it doesn’t sound as if GTAO would be primarily aimed at consoles, GTAO there is marked as “Done for 4.24”, and it’s saying “Intended to reach Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation”:…es-and-windows

Have 4.24 installed. Tried the chaos plugins they don’t appear. Chaos destruction demo installed? Now what? Be explicit. Thanks.

Before i send a bug report, anyone have this error on create a C++ project?
I have VS19 16.4.0 installed.

If you want Chaos you must build from source, did you build from source?

In 4.24 raytracing is supposed to support VR now, but RTAO does not yet work in VR. Will RTAO support for VR be added with a hotfix, or will that be a 4.25 (or later) feature? The issue seems to be tracked as UE-84611, but it’s not public on the issue tracker: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-84611)

This question is for Dave Ratti or other GameplayAbilitySystem engineers -

4.24 added an undocumented change ( that basically requires us to call UAbilitySystemGlobals::InitGlobalData() in order to use TargetData. Where do you recommend that we put this function call in our projects? Currently, I added it to a subclassed UEngineSubsystem::Initialize() and this works great, but I just want to make sure that it’s the Epic recommended place to put it.

I am finding the new sky eating up over 40fps, have I overlooked a setting somewhere or is it a heavy feature?

I’ve downloaded 4.24 from Git (Release branch) and ran into a problem. Setup.bat says ‘Failed to download…2355ab72172280 blah blah (PathTooLongException)’. I believe the issue isn’t on my side as I’ve cloned the repo right into the root of my disk partition. 4.23 sitting right next to it is fine. Please heeelp :(…

Installed Clang 6.0 for UE4.21 and Clang 8 for UE4.24…

4.21 says it won’t compile because Clang 8 is installed,
4.24 says it won’t compile because Clang 6 is installed.

I just tried from source. Ton of errors. Have you tried?

Anyone got a Gamesparks 4.24?

Did you modify BuildConfiguration.xml ?
The exact VC version no. is 14.22.27906 AFAIK, if you updated to VS2019 16.4.0.

The VC compiler version is a bit picky with Unreal 4.24 now. If you provide the WindowsPlatform.CompilerVersion explicitely, it has to be exact now, or will lead to this error.
You can find out the exact version no. by switching to the corresponding directory and start cl.exe.

cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2019\Community\VC\Tools\MSVC\14.22.27905\bin\HostX64\x64

> Microsoft (R) C/C++ Optimizing Compiler Version 19.22.27906 for x64 (look at the version no. :wink: )

HTH - Cheers :slight_smile: