Unreal Engine 4.24 overrides pre defined VR controller


I have an issue with a project i was working on in 4.23. I’m working with the add-on ‘Advanced VR Framework 2.0’ from the store.

Somehow - in UE 4.24.1 - the ‘Steam VR input’ button shows up in the top menu bar and is overriding the controls setup in a blueprint. The Steam VR input checkbox is unchecked and i can’t seem to disable the Steam VR input in any way.

I have already completely deleted UE 4.24.1 and reinstalled it, but i still have the Steam VR input in the top menu (even when only opening a new project).

Anyone else having this issue?

Cheers, Casper

Yes I had the same issue and was giving me warnings during compile. I had to assign the controller buttons in the Project Settings - Input. Then call those input nodes in the blueprint instead of calling the controller buttons directly from the blueprints. Which it seems to me is not possible anymore.

Thanks for the feedback, @Tripod3D . It was useful for the developers. I will keep working on version 4.23 for now. The ‘problem’ does not occur there, and i’ll wait for the dev team of the add-on to fully implement their software for 4.24.

Guys am seeing issues on GO apps build with 4.23 or 4.24 after latest Oculus GO Device update. The screen is rendered washed out and also the splash screens! There was no issue before that update! Does anyone else has this issue? I have this on 2 games build on 4.23 , but those were released before months and this GO Update affected both! Please help!