Unreal Engine 4.19 Preview

I don’t see anything about the netcode improvement that was announced (Epic Details Upcoming Unreal Engine 4 Console, Client and Server Optimizations)

Will it come with 4.19 or 4.20? Was a expectated update for our team :frowning:

I wanted to have a look at the new Dynamic Resolution and AA, but i could not find these settings. Also the AA settings in the PPV are not available anymore.

There seems to be MobileAR template project (github), however I don’t see it available when launching the engine (launcher). The template doesn’t seem to get downloaded and I assume must be disabled for the P1. So no AR changes/improvements in P1 then ?

RGBA mask on Mesh Painter is some good sheeet

TAAU is available on all platforms that supports the deferred shading renderer, including VR. In fact this is the reason why we had to break backward compatibility for VR resolution settings that was before using r.ScreenPercentage. vr.PixelDensity is going to control TAAU’s output resolution, whereas screen percentage is going to control TAAU’s input resolution.

As for dynamic resolution, it is not available on all platforms. Dynamic resolution directly depends on the RHI ability to do reliable active GPU timing measurements. Otherwise you may have a risk to down res to much that could be catastrophic for a gameplay experience. Therefore we carefully whitelist the platforms as we have tested all cases (game thread bound, render thread bound, GPU bound, vsync…) with all platforms. For instance we are experiencing issues with vsync with D3D11. For now only Oculus VR platform has dynamic res to my knowledge driven by an heuristic provided by their API, not the default engine one (although there is regression with MSAA from 4.18 we are looking to fix for this release). Other platforms to roll in later.

For TAAU, there is a Project Settings “Temporal Upsampling” in rendering category. Or you can directly change the r.TemporalAA.Upsampling cvar at runtime fine with the console.

Doc for dynamic res is not available yet and will be at 4.19 release, but in short you can turn on/off dynamic res with GEngine->GetDynamicResolutionState()->SetEnabled(true/false); independently of the platform. And you can know in code as well if the current platform is officially supported with GEngine->GetDynamicResolutionState()->IsSupported().

I noticed that there are now options for both Local Derived Data Cache and Shared Derived Data Cache. What’s the difference between these two?
The one is made for local use and the other for network shares obviously, but what is different functionality wise?

@Luos so much more crisp, I can now read the stat output too :smiley:

Is the new Proxy LOD System also available to bake foliage/meshes onto landscape when computing LODs in World Composition (so far functionality was only available using Simplygon) ?

Is it an OSX release, or just Windows for now?
The Launcher download is stuck on “Please wait…” forever…

The live link doesn’t seem to support blend shapes, is this correct?

The .mll file doesn’t seem to be included so you have to build it yourself from source.
You have to open the UE4 solution in Visual Studio and then find MayaLiveLinkPlugin in the Solution Explorer and build it. Then you’ll find it under **\Engine\Binaries\Win64



The decimal separators being localised is expected. If you want to get the old behaviour then you can go to “Editor Preferences” -> “Region & Language” and disable “Use Localized Numeric Input”.

That said, they should still accept dots where feasible. What is your “Editor Locale” (found in the same menu as above) set to?

Wait what? Float-Seperator is localized oO
I mean at least i can disable it as it seems but then again: Why?

In previous versions PlacedEditorUtilityBase actor’s Tick event was executing in viewport. But now it is not, I think it is disabled because of this addition:

[if (TickType != LEVELTICK_ViewportsOnly || Target->ShouldTickIfViewportsOnly())](https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine/blob/5e88e33fa4ce2c6b076fc46e452d18c1611cf980/Engine/Source/Runtime/Engine/Private/Actor.cpp#L131)

I would like to know if “Tick in viewport” was intentionally removed from PlacedEditorUtilityBase as well or if you will bring it back. I really hope you will bring it back because having a Blutility button isn’t useful in all cases. For example: you have an actor X with a blutility button and you need to select some other actors and then press the X’s button to modify selected actors in a certain way. You can’t do that because you have to select X to access it’s button in details panel and that will deselect the other selected actors. So you can’t select other actors and access the button at the same time.

If there is a way to achieve what I said in BP please let me know. Btw, I can’t do this in C++ because I’m working on a Marketplace BP asset and it is 90% ready, I will wait for an answer before modifying anything.

On my MacBook Pro 15-inch, 2016, with Radeon Pro 460 4 GB and Mac OS 10.13.2, turning on "“Temporal Upsampling” immediately results in the editor crashing. The same project then crashes each time when launching, until I manually change the upsampling flag in DefaultEngine.ini.

This happens with a freshly created empty project.


It’s based off your locale, which typically corresponds to your input method.

This was a long requested feature as people kept complaining that the numeric input on their keyboards used a comma rather than a dot as a decimal separator (because it’s what their language used) and so they couldn’t input numbers easily with it. Now they can, and it also does its best to accept “agnostic” numbers too (to aid copy/pasting from the internet), although sometimes it’s ambiguous - let me know if you find a number that doesn’t work for your particular locale.


Well, if you happen to grow in a country that uses points to separate big values and commas for decimals (for example, Spain) you get an instant headache as you try to get your head aroud the idea of using point instead of comma. (Really, it happened to me XD)
Point is used (usually) in English speaking countries. Both comma and point are correct.
More info:Decimal separator - Wikipedia

This confuses me :slight_smile: do I need 4.19 to support the Vive Pro? Or will previous versions work fine with the new Vive Pro, too? In my case UE4 4.14…

I’m so used to using a dot, so I was pretty bummed about the change and also asked… why?! It also crashed for me yesterday when I typed in a value with a dot on an actor transform. Couldn’t reproduce it so far though.

Thanx guys!

But still no alembic improvement? :frowning: