Unreal Engine 4.13 Preview


can we expect contact shadows in the next preview or something like ?

thanks for the great job !

Anything from it, made it way to 4.13 ?

I’ve had a quick play and it looks good.

Tried playing back 4k h264, including a short 60fps sample and a longer stitched 360 piece, and it’s worked fine on my 980ti. Need to try it on more hardware and with more videos (and better audio testing) but happy so far. Major improvement.

Thanks for checking. I hope things will work well on OSX and Xbox One.

It seems that FindCollsionUV does’nt work on skeletalmesh.

How to use mesh decals? I cant find it.

Will there be a CPP version of the VR Template? I have trouble rewriting it, I’m quite new to Unreal :frowning:

Do SceneCaptureComponents have now a near clip setting?

Awesome Stuff! I love the new alembic importer!!! Here is a quick demo rendered from ue4.
I still have some issues like scaling and of course performance - but it really works great!

Keep up the good work!

I’m wondering about this too.

Also, what are mesh decals? I know skeletal meshes don’t play nicely with decals currently, is that related?

EDIT: And is there a chance of the tessellation fix getting added in the next preview?

wait that stuff isn’t in yet? :eek:

Hi,i did simple test today,and i still can not play 4k in 4.13p1 ,first i downloaded a 4k sample of SONY,false.Then i encode it to H264 4k,false,in the last test i encode it to H264 1080p,it works.Any thing wrong in my test?could you please tell me what you did?

The first clip I used was the 60fps 4k version of the Big Buck Bunny test footage from (Standard 2d version), and imported that as-is without any problem. I then grabbed longer segments (Both 4k and HD) from our internal content repos and they just worked.

I’ll see to getting my simple demo scene zipped up and put somewhere so people can have a look at it, and write exactly what I did.

Wait, Forward Rendering? :smiley: Yay!

That’s wonderful,please post here,thank you!

Still super early. Don’t expect things to work exactly right this go. I think Daniel posted a bunch of info earlier in this thread with what it doesn’t work with currently and that the target is 4.14.

Hey Mr Hobson, do you know of any news regarding Volumetric Lighting/Fog?


Only that Daniel said it was put on hold because of forward rendering being implemented, which I think was in the same post he made about forward rendering.

I’m looking forward to it when it’s put in as well, but I don’t really know much more than that. :slight_smile:

I think i found the reason,I’m Win7 User,It said i can’t Decode media over 1920x1088 by Windows Media Player,sad…

Great stuff.
What I have been wanting from a long time is the ability to change android screen orientation with blueprints. So that you can control switch between portrait and landscape.