Unreal Engine 4.11 Preview

Oh please oh please oh please, epic santa, please put this under the christmas tree for us to play with over the break…

Right as I get my project back to 4.10.1 this pops up. Evil!! Looks like I need to make a copy and play.

…care to provide a master list? I can’t play with the new engine until Rama updates for it but I’m interested in holding off on certain settings-based workarounds if a solution is coming when 4.11 drops.

^ I’m also curious about these Settings nodes, I’d appreciate any more info.

About these performance optimizations (always needed and always great :slight_smile: ), will they result in more FPS during gameplay, or are they just for in-editor performance?

Quick question since sometimes it isn’t the case: do the new lighting features work in VR, too?

Thanks for the holiday gift =)

Only complaint I have is I need to do a source build so I can put Substance in it. Need that for my work and models. Owell (goes to download and code)

Awesome updates!!!

You shouldn’t be in that threatening/demanding position since you’re not paying a cent for the program.

Yea have to agree with aviel08 the engine is free now…the fact that there is Linux support is awesome imho considering most major engines have little to no Linux support.

Substance plugin doesn’t play along very well with 4.11 preview 1, yet.

What is the callstack, that line doesn’t help. That’s from someone accessing Slate Application after the Slate module has shutdown.

Nice demo video.

Is it safe to say Gear VR projects will have to wait for 4.12 or 4.13 or longer for instanced stereo rendering ?

I will find a way >_> I am known for finding weird things with the Engine. Had LPV working in ways it shouldn’t had back in 4.4/4.5 which was fun. Thanks for the heads up though

PrecomputedAOMask doesn’t seem to be working in 4.11 preview while it is working in 4.9. Can you guys reproduce?

Thanks Epic :slight_smile:

Epic Gift from Epic Staff and Contributors.

Thanks. Happy Holidays!

Hair shading does NOT like point lights. Or I don’t know how to use it. A brief explanation of the new nodes would be marvelous.

How to use the light portals? I don’t see Light Portals or similar in UE4.11 editor interface.