Unreal Engine 4.11 Preview

That is unfortunate… could you please forward the request for at the very least a hacky workaround, even if it’s something as silly as inporting in 4.9 then moving the .uasset. Anything to make the new version usable.

Should i switch to preview 1? I use 4.10 and kinda annoyed to restart editor every 20 mins because of memory leak, how stable those preview versions?

No. The Previews should only be used for early testing.

4.11 Preview 1 is probably rather un-stable. :slight_smile: But please test it and let us know what issues you discover.


is there an info about UE-21676 you can give us?
Thanks :slight_smile:

First crash detected (sorry guys, Answerhub still doesn’t work for me).

Created a C++ project, loaded the engine in DevelopmentEditor. Created and opened a new UMG widget. Close the whole editor while the UMG editor is open, without saving the widget and NOT by ‘Stopping’ in Visual Studio - get a crash here (Line 395, SlateApplicationBase.h)

	static FSlateApplicationBase& Get( )
		return *CurrentBaseApplication;

I can repro this reliably.

nativizeBlueprint assets dsnt work . do I have to instal Visual studio?

Does someone know how to enable metal rendering on my mac ? Is there the experimental option in the editor settings ? Thanks

Nice update!

Is there any chance that the Embree ray tracing library support in Unreal can/will utilize the Xeon Phi co-processor?

Woot, can’t wait to try out the new rendering features as well as VR instancing support.

Thanks a lot for the hard work during all this year!
I am looking forward to the Oculus SDK updates (Gear VR…)

Yeah, it would be great if you could put a screen what/where to pin in the materials so we can test it :slight_smile:

A few notes about the current state of instanced stereo in this release. The framework and basic rendering support are in this preview. There should be no issues or performance regressions with the feature turned off.

The feature is enabled by checking Instanced Stereo under Edit -> Project Settings -> Rendering -> VR. This requires an engine restart and shader recompile. The base pass and early-z pass should work with static meshes, skeletal meshes, sprite particles and mesh particles with the feature turned on (both serial and parallel rendering paths). A number of small optimizations and other rendering features are not implemented in this release, but will be ready for 4.11.

Instanced stereo currently works on PC (DirectX) and PS4. Other platforms will be something I look at after 4.11.

I made a video that demonstrates how the feature works:- YouTube
Basically, we’re utilizing hardware instancing to draw both eyes simultaneously with a single draw call and pass through the render loop. This cuts down render thread CPU time significantly and also improves GPU performance. Bullet Train was seeing ~15 - 20% CPU improvement on the render thread and ~7 - 10% improvement on the GPU.

Any details you can share on the stereo layer support Ryan? Thanks for taking the time to explain the instances stereo!

Very excited for this update! So many great rendering features!

thanks for the updates

Fantastic update! Instanced Stereo sounds awesome. Any news on VRSLI?

Will Content Examples be upgraded with new Hair, Eye, Cloth and Skin shaders/materials?


Any info about Nvidia Gameworks VR and SLI-support?

Holy ****. I found all the new Settings nodes in Blueprint. Dreams do come true! Can we expect to similar treatment for input mappings?