Unreal Engine 4.11 Preview

Out of curiosity, will it be possible to hot-reload plugins in 4.11?


Is it normal that everytime I save a project/asset in the editor the right mouse make my camera move towards the top? It’s kinda funny and annoying at the same time.

Hi Ikos,

I did a quick test with this, but I’m not sure I follow what you mean exactly. Can you please make a post on the AnswerHubin the Bug Reports section with detailed information on how to reproduce this and possibly with a screenshot of before and after what happens with the camera?

Thank you!


Anyone tested with AMD card and is it running fine with dynamic lights on viewport?

Maybe reproducible by 1: creating new project 2: New map with some assets 3: set light to dynamic 4: set Num dynamic shadow cascades to 4 5: it should start to slow down like weird shuttering.

R9 270, last year it functioned much better even when dynamic shadows quality was set to 4. If anyone has AMD cards please try this scenario.

@ epic team , can you tell me pls if this pull request get taking care of this update or still (Allow Android to act as server with OnlineSubsystemNull)“


I’m on Windows 8 64 and I do not see an option to load 4.11 in the Library. What am I missing?

I tried to explain it better here: [Bug] Weird camera behavior after saving a project/asset - UE4 AnswerHub

Hope it helps.

Does the Event Track work in the new animation sequencer? I can not seem to do anything other than set an Event key. It does not show up in the blueprints.

I restarted and it became available.

Hi mhnoni,

This pull request is still under review. Unfortunately we have already passed feature lock for 4.11, so it is unlikely that any more pull requests will make it into 4.11 unless they are absolutely critical.


Sounds great! I would say just a screenshot of the material setup for now would hold plenty of us over until full release, but if there’s specific things that the documentation has to cover in order to get some of the stuff in those materials working correctly, it does seem best to wait until that’s ready. Thanks for the update!

What I wonder is why the preview builds are in the release branch on github if they aren’t stable (at least not stable enough to ratify people using it in production) or contain some crucial fixes like some have reported here.

I’d probably go with a separate preview branch to avoid that people keeping their games on the presuming stable release branch (in order to keep it on the most recent version, not bothering with different major engine versions) to be welcomed with a preview that might breaks things (and given the issue that assets can’t be downgraded once upgraded to a newer version, only trough replacing the files with backup files which is very annoying).

Google Play Services don’t work properly because of bug in ValidateGooglePlay() in UEDeployAndroid.cs file.

It always validate fail and show string: “WARNING: GooglePlay Games App ID is invalid!” even if App ID is properly provided.
Most likely it occurs only if I provided long Google Play App ID and this method:

int.TryParse(AppID, out Value)

exceeded int32 range.

EDIT: fix!

Change int.TryParse() to Int64.TryParse()

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thank you. You are correct, it was rejecting larger app ids. I have applied the fix for 4.11:

When I click “Generate Visual Studio project files” it generates VS2013 files not VS2015.

I just noticed that using a “Material Instance” type also causes the editor to crash…

I noticed the same thing.

A workaround is to use the bat file to generate and ultimately build the editor with VS2015. Then start the editor itself and via its open project menu the project. Next, from the File menu you choose “Refresh Visual Studio Project” and that generates the VS2015 project for your project as well.

edit: project, project, project, I think I missed a project in there lol.

But yeah, having a more differentiated way of choosing what should be generated on a uproject level would be a nice feature addition.

hey guys i have this

decal material and for some reason it looks like

after moved to 4.11.p2
how do i remove black ?

ok so far 2x bugs

  1. OSX build doesnt load the editor

  2. Particles dont display in the blueprint editor

hi there,
If isn’t a secret , DX12 will be fully integrated in this release 4.11 or we will wait until 4.12 :wink: