Unreal Engine 12.4 Child Actor Bugs and other weird behavior

Anyone else getting screwy behavior with 12.4? It is all unpredictable and sporadic behavior so it’s hard to pin point problems but here is a quick list:

-Some locations of mesh, particles and collision in child actors have been thrown around randomly (sometimes very far from one another).

-Deleting all child actors and then trying to re-create child actors re-creates all deleted child actors at the same time. So if I delete “Child Strawberry 1”, then create “Child Apple 1”, “Child Strawberry 1” is re-created a long with “Child Apple 1” for some reason.

-Thumbnail images include other actors. So my Remote Mine blueprint thumbnail also has a picture of my character in it. The file itself doesn’t but the thumbnail does. Particles from other blueprints also show up in the thumbnail images of blueprints they don’t exist in. There doesn’t seem to be any behavior problem but it’s weird. I don’t know if this was done on purpose or not.

-One of my “Spawn Projectile” actors randomly stopped working on one of the maps but continued to work on all the other maps. All other projectile actors worked on all maps, except one specific actor (not a child) would not work on one specific map. This specific actor DID work on other maps though. This is weird because I don’t think the projectile file has any specific correlation with any of the map files at all. In fact the different map files are just “Save As” copies of each other. Flipping between server and dedicated play simulation modes and tweaking collision settings in the projectile got it working on the specific map again. Strange and random though.

-All movement controls randomly went out for about 6 “PIE Simulations”. Buttons worked but movement (throttle sticks) didn’t. Jamming on the buttons on the fifth or sixth try in anger unlocked the movement and has been working since. Note:I wasn’t working on movement at the time they went out. I wasn’t even working in the same blueprint as movement when they went out.

-I am not sure if this is my fault or not but I’ve been getting inconsistent behavior with collision settings in the child actors also.

-A couple “For Each Loop” errors have popped up. This isn’t that weird though because the Get All Actors —> For each loop has always been somewhat error prone.

I’ve been working with 12.4 for 5 hours or so yesterday and the last couple hours now. Running into all kinds of weird inconsistencies but it has been hard to tell if they were errors in my node structure or errors with the engine. After child actor files were re-creating themselves after being deleted I’ve decided to make a post. I have a head ache now and the errors don’t seem to be consistent so I am going to give it a break for a while but will try to give more concrete information for fixing. They seem to all be in one way or another related to actor blueprints.


My problems seem the same as this guy:

I’ve definitely seen the blueprint thumbnail images including other actors.