Unreal Editor vibrant color on one monitor but not the other

I started using UE4 today for a project, and the colors seemed very off to me at first.
I noticed that all my colors are extremely saturated, but only on one monitor. On the other the colors are fine. Also, on the first monitor my FPS really tanks after a while (2fps) and only fixes itself after restarting windows, but only when ue4 editor is in foreground. As soon as I move the editor to the other monitor or focus another window in front of ue4, fps is stable at 120, regardless of what I do.

I have no idea how to fix this, I tried googling for the past 2 hours. No one seems to have this issue.

Monitor 1: Asus VG27A (144Hz 1440p HRD10 Monitor, with HDR off), connected with DP (HDMI gives the same result)
Monitor 2: Asus MX279 (60Hz 1080p), connected with HDMI

i7 2600k @ 4.4GHz
Nvidia 1660Ti

Graphics Driver: 457.09 (updated today)

I am pretty sure this is a HDR problem of some sort, because that is the only difference these monitors have color-wise.

Is there a way to forcefully disable HDR? I personally don’t like it and it breaks some other things for me.

I fixed it by rolling back to 451.48. Stupid drivers.