Unreal editor for C++ project without Visual Studio


we just started a new project with unreal 4.11. After installing all our machines we run into a problem. If an artists or designer is opening the c++ project, Unreal Editor is asking for Visual Studio 2015 even if the binaries are checked in and on his machine. Is this an issue of 4.11?
As I remember from my last unreal project with 4.6, Visual Studio was only required on the programmers computer. How we can fix that?


I have the same issue. bump.

same here

same issue

Since 4.10, VS2015 has been required for all C++ projects on launcher version.

Yes…i look it right now in 4.10 release notes. Sadly =/

Not sadly really. It’s good. People need to upgrade and move on :wink:

FWIW, the issue isn’t using an updated version of 2015. The issue is needing to purchase copies of Visual Studio for artists who don’t need it. Anyway, this issue was resolved for me in 4.11.2 and I was able to distribute the project to artists in a precompiled manner as usual. It’s not a matter of “moving on”.

LOL… purchase Visual Studio? Why?

You should read up on the license terms. It’s not free for enterprises.

However, in release notes said about requirement for “launcher distribution”, as far as I can understand, but what about the opening project in editor (as MartinSE’s question), it must be so?

I ran into the same problem: when launching the editor then trying to open the project on a machine that doesn’t have Visual Studio installed, it would complain that Visual Studio is required.

The solution is to directly launch the editor in command line with the project as a parameter:

UE4Editor.exe path\to\MyProject.uproject