Unreal Editor crashes on launch - how to reset/salvage a project?

I was working on a project, building a bunch of materials, saved the project, coming next day, after updating to 4.4.3 from 4.4.2 and get a 0.1 second flash of the editor with a bunch of green material boxes, then crash. This message every time I try to open the project. I would like to save some assets from that project, but it does not seem like they can be imported into another project.

Is there a way to reset or start an editor in safe mode, so it has all windows closed, thus minimizing the chances of crash?


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I found that I can import individual files into another project by selecting import from the file menu>all files > .uasset, this imports a file and related textures. Alternatively, I can copy/paste stuff from the content folder into the new project.

I have had this exact same bug after converting to 4.3. I have found a workaround but it is still really frustrating.

If you go to Config/DefaultEngine.ini and set
= to nothing. You should be able to load up your project with no map open. However you will not be able to load up your default map. I had two maps and if I loaded the non-default map then loaded the default map it opened fine. But opening up the default map made it crash again.

Despite this workaround it is really frustrating Iā€™d really like it to be fixed.

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This saved my life, thank you!