Unreal doesn't use shared-RAM for GPU

So, I am wondering what I, the user, did incorrectly here to get my system in such a state. It just doesn’t seem to want to use shared RAM in 5.2.

Struggling to get what was working 4.26 (well enough) to just-run in 5.2, I don’t know why this is still a thing in 2023, can anyone suggest a direction?

Sorry for the bump, anyone have any idea?

I’ve tried various commands to increase streaming pool sizes, etc, but unsure what about 5 is different vs 4.26 that I need to configure to take advantage of extant system-resources… ¬_¬

I would be curious on that answer as well. I have noticed it also. I have 64Gigs of DDR5 and a 10GB RTX3080 card and i struggle to work on the app with constant random crashes and shows me same red error messages. Video memory being almost full, and not using anything out of shared memory, while this is what it is for. Yes performance would drop in viewport as of course is much slower, but who cares, if i can continue working without crashes. If i forgot to save, not even autosave can help much, and i have to do many things twice.

same question in UE5.1

We had a problem.
On the MRQ renderer the engine used 2gb of “Shared GPU Memory” at most, although 62gb was still free.

We changed RTX Studio Driver to RTX GameReady Driver and the engine started using all “Shared GPU Memory”.
Hope this helps you.

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