Unreal creashes when C++ function is called

I am currently working on a part of my game where the user must input a word, and it is first checked to make sure it is an isogram, and if it is then I check to see if it is the desired word. The problem is that when it activates the function that I coded, the engine crashes. It crashes at the “Isogram Check” node:

here is my header file:


here is the code for the function in my cpp:

I have checked and made sure that this node is where it crashes, but since this is only my second program in Unreal I am not very experienced. I created the code within a BlueprintFunctionLibrary. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Every time you got crash first thing you should do is check the logs in /Saved/Logs, if it was controlled crash due to run time code error UE4 should print out the cause in log. If you don’t see anything in log and it looks like cut off, that means you most likely got memory access violation and OS stopped UE4 without warning, which is caused if you call function on null or invalid pointer, in that case you need to run debugger to identify what happens. If you run on debug, VS will stop the process when it detect the crash and point you to where crash happened in code.

Whatever you gonna do you should get a call stack, it as list that shows the chain of function calls, function that called function that called function and so on, and it show chain of th events that lead to crash. With that oyu should figure out which function call cause the crash.

Note that due fact that C++ ic compiled to machine code that is run on CPU if anything goes wrong it will crash, so you should learn how to diagnose crashes. Also use Window->Devlopment Tools->Output Logs as some function prints errors there, like for example SpawnActor will always print something there if it fails to spawn the actor