Unreal Cinematic to After Effects ACES workflow?

I’m a little bit stuck in how to configure ACES correctly in After Effects after rendering out a cinematic from Unreal Engine.

I created a little cinematic and I rendered it out with the Movie Render Queue, rendering out an .EXR Sequence.

My problem is that when I drag it in, I can not seem to get the color space right.

I configure After Effects to be 32 Bits per Channel with an AcesCG working space. I Interpret the .EXR footage to Preserve RGB to disable the management conversion for it, and I disable the display management in AE.

However, once I start applying the OpenColorIO plugin to make an IDT and ODT, I can’t for the life of me seem to get an ACES color space that looks similar as the output in unreal.

What output color space does unreal engine have when exporting .exr sequences? My thought would be ‘Utility - Linear - sRGB’, but it doesn’t even look close to being right.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

My thoughts would be in alignment with your supposition that “Utility - Linear - sRGB” should work.
Hope the folks at UE help us set this up correctly so we can work UE into the Maya,Nuke (or AE) ACES mix.