Unreal Challenge: Furious Elegance - Kill Them All!


Title: Kill Them All!

Video URL: Kill Them All! - UE5 on Vimeo

Student Submission: No

Credits to sourced content:

Creator: Rodrigo Castro
Sound: Francois Huber
Music: Ricardo Cobos
Voice: Provolouise

For the Environment I used:
Dark Cathedral Low-poly 3D model by Isai Ramirez (Inta: the_art_of_walkarch) https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/architectural/other/dark-cathedral
And then I added a lot of 3D scans from Sketchfab:
Moreton Bay Fig Tree 3 by b_nealie
Moreton bay fig with multiple trunks by b_nealie
Roots in an angle by Maxim.O
Cologne Cathedral Door - Cologne, Germany by UW-Milwaukee Historic Preservation Institute

For the Characters I downloaded them also from Sketchfab:
Cyber Suit by Ploobert
Chitinous Knight by Ploobert

I used this Weapons also from Sketchfab:

Fantasy Weapons by RunemarkStudio
Weapons Pack - Swords | Dagger by Maple
Medieval Shield by Artem Mykhailov

Screenshot of project in-editor:

Kill Them All!
My entry for the Furious Elegance Unreal Engine Animation Challenge.

When I saw the presentation for the challenge I decided that it was an incredible opportunity to participate and that it would be a great exercise to test my new Rokoko smart suit pro 2 and at the same time the Metahuman Animator came out so it was a very interesting exploration to use both to create this little piece of animation.

Previously I had already had approaches to the sequencer and downloaded mocap animations to create short films and projects but now the biggest challenge was to learn the workflow from creating the bones with AccuRig, to be able to make the correct retarget from the original animation using the Rokoko suit and the new Metahuman Animator and then to be able to clean up the animation a bit within the Unreal Engine itself and thus be able to tell a little story without using anyone else’s mocap. And helped by the camera to generate feelings and to be able to accentuate the performance.

Making of Video: Making Of - Kill them all! - UE5 on Vimeo

I hope you like it

Thanks for watching.


That is awesome, it reminds me of a scene from my favourite movie, “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” that gave me the same vibes, you’ve did a great job there!,good luck!

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Thank you!!! that was actually one of my references hehe :slight_smile: that one and a little bit of Diablo

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Thank you!!! that was actually one of my references hehe :slight_smile: that one and a little bit of Diablo

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Looks awesome! @rodrigocascas5 great work!

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Woah! This is awesome!

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Thanks bro! your Church Environment its incredible!

Thank You!! Appreciate it

awesome work Rodrigo!

Thank you bro!!