Unreal Challenge: Better Light Than Never


Hi Skye!!! I think i made i mistake with the forum session

I submitted my entry in the “Showcase” rather than the “Unreal Challenge”

This is my post: Better Light Than Ever - Visionary Desert

I hope it can be moved in the right one since was in time :SSSSS

Thanks in advanceee anyway, sending love

Same happened to me , added my project to a different group, hope you would kindly take in consideration! here the link

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Hey everyone!

We’ve opened up the submission posts to allow for replies! If you have some time, it would be great to see folks replying to other submissions with words of encouragement and polite feedback!

You have all entered some pretty amazing and beautiful renders; this will be tough!
We also want to thank everyone for participating. We have loved hosting this Challenge and would love to do more!

If you have any feedback on the Challenge overall, positives, what you liked, or things we could do differently, please do share them with us. We’re also curious, does joining in challenges like the ‘Unreal Challenge: Better Light Than Never’ encourage you to participate in the next Epic MegaJam?

Also, we would love to know if you could pick a focus for a Challenge similar to this one (lighting); what would it be?

Thank you, and good luck to everyone!

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Hi, Skye thanks for all the work you did moderating and answering questions.

I got a taste a lot of features of UE5 with this contest, and finished with plenty of ideas for more projects. It inspired me to finally upgrade my 1070 to a 3070, which I hope to start testing out in UE5 soon. I definitely want to participate in the MegaJam if I am able.

Something I’ve seen work well in blender challenges is providing a vague template shot/blockout, then have everyone build their work around that. It makes everything flow together in a showcase, and helps to prevent people from just submitting old work.

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When will the winners be announced?

Thank you!

Hey folks!

Winners of the Unreal Challenge: Better Light Than Never have been announced! Check out the blog and watch the sizzle!

Thank you to everyone participating in our first of many Unreal Challenges. There were so many amazing entries- and I can say without a doubt you should all be proud of your work and the results you showed.

The next challenge will likely be after the Epic MegaJam- we’ll have news on that this week! :wink:


Thank you! Ma hands are shaking :slight_smile: Thank you for this recognition and congrats to all participants - great people and even better artists!

I’m buying my daughter BIIIG Lego set today!



Thank you so much! My hands were shaking from the news. It was a lot of fun to participate in the challenge. Thank you for organising such a contest and giving an opportunity for everyone to showcase their work, lots of amazing stuff there!:smiley:


Hi, I’m from Argentina and I wanted to share my funny and stressful experience at the same time. I misread, the worst thing anyone could do is misread the details of a challenge. It’s my first time trying to do something in Unreal Engine, in fact, I had just finished watching the first UE5 basics tutorial and decided to take advantage of the things I did in the tutorial to try to make the first animation of my life haha. So I’ve been for 2 days now trying to do everything I can to finish it today (since I read wrong, I saw July 26 when it actually said June 26) and I was about to set my computer on fire and throw myself out the window, because it is not at all a good computer to do these things (it does not even have a dedicated graphics card). So while my pc is crashing every 2 seconds, I read the date and suddenly my mind went blank. Now I’m laughing and crying at the same time haha, at least I tried, next time I won’t miss this!!! (sorry if I wrote something wrong, I used the translator)

Ah no, that sounds truly horrible! On a postive note it’s probably pushed you learn alot of things that you can bring to the next challenge :slight_smile:

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