Better Light Than Ever - Visionary Desert

Student Submission: No
Engine: 5.0.2
Track by my musician brother Matt Jah
“Visionary Desert” from his new Ep Cosmovision.
Check it out:

Screenshots from Editor

Hey everybody! Glad i make it in time for this amazing contest.
I´m Davide, Vr Transcendent Experience.
Pretty new in the 3D world and so grateful to Unreal and the community for upgrading my skilss!!!

Can´t wait to check out all the entriess!! Exciting times ahead!
Good luck everyone

Assets used:

Niagara Mega VFX Pack vol. 1

Realistic Starter VFX Pack Vol 2


Ops, I think i posted in the wrong session. Hope it can still get included in the challenge! Thanks Staff for looking into it!