Unreal Challenge: Better Light Than Never

Currently I don’t think there is any user-friendly way to export a video file that also has audio from sequencer. Only option is to export video and audio separately. Am I correct in assuming the challenge holders know this and want the participants to focus just on the visuals?

I’ve a couple of question:
Since I made the Upgrade to the last UE5 I notice a real boost in lighting and performance effect in my current project. So I wondering if:

  1. As a Individual. Can I summit a Real-Time Footage showing the Lighting improvement ?
  2. Can I record the Gameplay (30 sec) using the AMD Recorder Panel?

Thanks in Advance…!!

Question: How many works we can submit per person.

Excited to participate.
Are students still eligible to win overall if the submission is good enough, or are we put in a separate pool?

Are we allowed to use Megascans assets?

Hey are we allowed to use Unreal Engine 4 ?

Could we get some clarification regarding rendering:

Is there a way to export a video format directly from Movie Render Queue? The options I see are all different image formats. No video export option.

I think the rules should be adjusted to say that we are not allowed to do post-process editing in video software, but are able to add sounds/music/cuts to the video. Those are pretty standard things that everyone can do and has access to:

  • There are plenty of free video editors capable of this (even Blender can do it) so it isn’t a restriction for any individuals
  • trimming/adding audio is standard practice
  • if we aren’t using additional editing effects it does not benefit anyone nor misrepresent what the engine is capable of

Donde veo los materiales de estudios que aportaran los expertos mencionados que nos ayudaran con las luces

Se puede usar blender par la arquitectura???

@Flip2ide @RCLGraham @OvenBakedJ @NEED_A_JACKET (tagging you to make sure you get vis on this).

There are ways to add audio to your render in Unreal Engine, even if you use Movie Render Queue. This can be done with FFmpeg and the Movie Pipeline CLI Encoder. Below is a part of the documentation that mentions this.

That being said, we’ve concluded that currently, the documentation doesn’t fully cover this. The only documentation is from the FFmpeg project. We have concluded that participants may use post-software to add the audio to their render-we reserve the right to see a screen recording of the scene running inside Unreal Engine.

Please also keep in mind that audio is not an element that is being judged.


Hey :slight_smile:

As per the event page;

For this first event, Unreal Challenge: Better Light Than Never, we encourage you to create a short video showcasing your lighting abilities, pulling inspiration or guidance from the title itself. Build up a scene yourself, leverage available Marketplace products, KitBash3D’s provided content or anything else you’ve stashed away in your Vault, then make it shine! We want to see how you make those environments convey a feeling.

Ideally, the render would be from Unreal Engine, using legacy methods or MRQ. Post-production is limited to adding audio.

Can we create more than one entry?

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One person can only submit once; if they submit more than once, all entries by that individual will be disqualified.



Thx. I wanted to check whether we’re allowed to take a full demo and relight it ? Like the Subway Sequencer demo. This contains animations, camera cuts, sound and music. All from the EPIC games team. Same goes for the Slay Animation Sample.

Thank you for the info and clarification. AND flexibility! Much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the info and clarification.

Of course! It is encouraged :slight_smile:

Yes, you can use Unreal Engine 4, or Unreal Engine 5 :slight_smile:

Hey! :slight_smile:

Great question! Student submissions will be in a separate student pool. If you wish to submit as a non-student, be sure to note that in your submission.

If you’re referring to the livestream, the VOD can be found here; Unreal Challenge: Better Light Than Never Kickoff | Inside Unreal - YouTube