Unreal Challenge: Better Light Than Never

You can use Blender to create your assets, yes. :slight_smile:

We are allowed to working at project before last day of submission. How we are supposed to ‘mark’ updated files?

Submission posts can be edited up until that deadline, including any links posted, etc. We will be able to see the revision history.

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Hi, there. Is Raytracing allowed in anytime? Can we adjust the Global Illumination, shadows and reflections to Raytracing?

Raytracing is permitted :slight_smile:

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The problem is audio. MRQ has no such single option that can render the sequence shot and the audio together. Apple ProRes also has no audio support. MRQ can only do image sequence at best. How are we supposed to combine them, if not use something like Blender or After effects to add audio.
Or is there a hidden setting that I am missing?

Hey! We did address this, quoting it here for your visibility.
There are output options to add that would allow MRQ to output as a video; audio on top of that is a little more involved but can also be done; please see below for further information. :slight_smile:

There are ways to add audio to your render in Unreal Engine, even if you use Movie Render Queue. This can be done with FFmpeg and the Movie Pipeline CLI Encoder. Below is a part of the documentation that mentions this.

That being said, we’ve concluded that currently, the documentation doesn’t fully cover this. The only documentation is from the FFmpeg project . We have concluded that participants may use post-software to add the audio to their render-we reserve the right to see a screen recording of the scene running inside Unreal Engine.

Please also keep in mind that audio is not an element that is being judged.


Thank you for patiently answering all our questions, multiple times. Kudos to you !!


Hi SkyeEden! Thank for your efforts to answers so many bounced question.

I currently working on a scene, am I supposed to create a new discussion in the right forum with the tag “BetterLightThanNever” ASAP? or can I wait the last week or last day to create it and to submit my stuff?

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I’m happy to help wherever I can! :slight_smile:

When you’re ready to submit, make sure that the new discussion in this category has the “BetterLightThanNever” tag. You don’t need to do this until you wish to, providing it is before the submission deadline. If you create it before the deadline, you can edit it until the deadline.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Your doing a good job answering questions @SkyeEden ! Thank you!


For sure that’s help @SkyeEden :slight_smile: things are clear now ^^ Thx

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Hi @SkyeEden !! one question… I start my studies with Unreal at UT-HUB in September, but at this moment I am not enrolled in any study center, can my entry be a student or not?
At the moment I only have the pre-registration email, in July have to finish the pay and the papers.

thanks in advance and have a happy weekend :blush:

Can I use only provided KitBash 3D content or any of their packs which I bought ?

Hello,SkyEden I need help, where should I specify the tag?

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Hi, I have a question about Kitbash3D.
Can I only use the assets they provide for the contest, or can I use any other assets from Kitbash3D?

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Are we allowed to use plugins from the epic marketplace?

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Really excited for this challenge! Just one Question! Can I upload my outputs to social media platform like LinkedIn, Artstation , Instagram etc. after posting it in Forum? or it has to be Unreal forum only…

Hi! I’ve never used this forum before, so please let me know if I’m doing something wrong asking my question this way.

I’m very excited to be entering the challenge, my question is: are we allowed to add titles (so just text) in a program like Davinci Resolve? Or does that also count as “post-production editing”?

Looking forward to your reply, thank you!

Hey! :slight_smile:

Good luck with your upcoming studies! Unfortunately, though, you would have to be currently/actively enrolled to be able to enter as a student. Though please, feel free to join as a non-student! We would love to see your work. :slight_smile:

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