Unreal Build Tool for Plugin: Different Results Local vs. Marketplcae

Hey everyone,

I’m getting different results from a local build of a C++ Plugin using the Unreal Build Tool than on the Marketplace. It seems the Marketplace C++ compiler for Windows is stricter in some way, and I can’t anywhere find the documentation on how to make my local build as strict.

I run

RunUAT.bat BuildPlugin -Plugin="Path\To\MyPlugin.uplugin" -TargetPlatforms=Win64 -Package="My\Out\Dir" -Rocket -StrictIncludes

On my local Windows machine. I get no errors. No warnings. Just a complete, successful build.

When submitting to the Marketplace, we get a failure on the Windows build because of an error with an unused return value from a nodiscard function (FString::Replace). This was a mistake on our part, so we fixed the line of bug, but I couldn’t understand why that didn’t come up when I built locally. The command line matches what Unreal asks in their marketplace guidelines.

Is there some argument I can pass so I can detect these issues before submission?