Unreal and Leap Motion Integration

Would it be possible to add Leap Motion functionality to the roadmap similar to the way it works in Unity?


Leap Motion is a really interesting piece of hardware for sure. I might just order one myself just to mess with it. I can ask about adding it to our plans, but it would still be a long while before we would be able to make it compatible with UE4. I’d suggest developing a plugin for it for if you want to use it now.

Also, if someone were to make a plugin for it, we would be able to more easily integrate the technology.

There is already active work being done by someone called “swhittle” in the leap community:

I’m patiently waiting for a public release of a binary myself :slight_smile:

That’s great :slight_smile: Thank you for letting us know. Now I will definitely be getting one to test on. I’ll try reaching out to Swhittle too and see if we can help eachother

I’m self a Leap Motion Owner, so I’m also interested in that and good to hear that a User look to it.

Thanks for the feedback great to hear the community is on it.

Any updates on this? I’d love to get leap working in my UE4 demos

A friend do a plugin for the last version of LeapM SDK. You can download here :

do you think there soon will be a simple and stable plugin for Leap into UE4 for mac?)
Really looking foreword to explore this!

Is there any progress on this plugin? Would really like to experiment with it. I can’t get the plugin that malfrax pointed to working. Instructions are not clear and it will not recompile with the current version of Unreal.

When can we do amazing things like this in Unreal???

Same here I did the installation fine but it seems like the plug in is not built for current version. I emailed Marc (the dev) so I’m waiting for a response.

Made a fork of the plugin, updated it to latest UE and LeapSDK, streamlined installation, and added event driven architecture to it.

See fork thread for download and details on how to use it!