Unreal adventures

first, thank you for making this great engine!
I fumbled around with UE4.8 for two weekends now.
Here is what I’ve learned so far. Most of it is pretty critical, probably because I’m not into it yet.
Please feel free to correct me. Would be nice to have some discussion going on.
Sorry for putting it into *.txt but I don’t get the formatting the way I want to.

Thanks for your answer, Omnicypher , and thanks for reading all my stuff.
Obviously most of the issues I have with the engine are solvable. Just needs time it seems.

Update on hot reload:
tested a bit and it works pretty nicely by:

  • deattaching the debugger
  • compile in VS (F7)

This seems to be a lot faster then using the compile button in the editor.
So if you don’t need to debug, this workflow is fast and efficient. Just press F7 when you are done coding :wink: