Unreal 5 stops downloading after 28%

I am trying to install UE5 Early Access 2 on my Windows 10 box and it is stopping after 28%. Cancelling and then resuming just stops again at 28% of the download. Any ideas on how I can complete this download?

Are you sure you have enough free disk space?


I have 838 GBytes free on my C drive. Surely that is enough?

I restarted it as I was downloading something almost as big and it seems to be going up past 30%. I will leave it running and see if it completes in the morning.

How long does it take to verify the download? When I left it running last night it was up to 60 % and now it is stuck at 99% Verifying the download?

I would give it a couple of hours. You dont know how long it already was stuck at the 99% mark. could be a minute could be an hour. So give it some time, That usually seems to work for me. Aslong as your system doesn’t lock up…

Its nomraly downloaded i download and use it 1 hour ago

I suspect it was local network problems. It eventually downloaded.