Unreal 5.1 Packaging different result than viewport

Hi when I compile the project the result is different from what I get on the viewport

Packaging UE 5.1 project, using foliage tool, trees don’t cast self shadows and are not visible for lumen reflections (this happens with trees or nanite enabled), trees render well if they are added individualy as instances in the viewport no nanite.

Glass only reflects trees that are added manualy on viewport, it does not reflect trees added with foliage tool.
Self shadows on tress looks wrong if added with foliage tool or if nanite is activated.

  • Virtual Shadow Maps seems to work
  • Lumen is working ok

Post process settings edit :
lumen reflection quality 5 / ray lighting mode : hit lighting for reflections / high quality translucency reflections : enabled

I tried everything

  • verify Unreal 5.1
  • uninstall / install Unreal 5.1
  • create new project several times

I have a nvidia 3090 rtx , the shader model is 6.5 (last drivers updated and last windows 10 update). I have Visual Studio 2019 installed.

I couldn’t find someone who had similar issue.


Hi Gabriel12379, we have the same problem. Trees in editor looks good, but te pack version its different. Were you able to solve it?

After using Unreal 5.3 it seems the problem is now corrected.