Unreal 4 Lighting Academy....or something like that ;)


just discovered this thread by chance and spent the last hours and half on that! Wow, amazing, and a lot of things to learn. Thanks for doing this, and please keep up with more examples!

p.s. if I might suggest something to Epic, this definitively deserves more visibility than just a forum thread

I just wanted to know if there is any news for the upcoming videos :smiley:


there might be soon! :smiley: I am really busy this week but hopefully I can upload something new this weekend :slight_smile:


Oh, cruel updates.
I just learned about different Tonemappers from your video and tried to use them in 4.15 preview, only to discover that everything except TonemapperFilm was removed :C And it’s enabled by default now

Oh boy! I read that ACES is now the default, but I wasnt aware of the fact that the others have been removed. Thats a bit of a bummer :frowning: Luckily though the ACES Tonemapper still provides a lot of options and flexibility, but I really liked 709^^

This is great, I’ll be following with interest. Cheers.

Me too! Please keep them coming :slight_smile:

Found out about this from today’s stream, so congrats on getting featured, and thanks for making this project! Gonna start watching. :slight_smile:

Very nice! I will definitely follow this.

I am some one hour and half into this, very interesting!
Comming from a technical background (developer) I found this easy to follow and eye/mind oppening :slight_smile:
Thank you very much!

That is so cool, thanks very much for this.

@Daedalus51 This is an amazing thread (and initiative). Thanks a ton for doing this!

Hey, thanks so much for doing this. I’m a final-year student working on a few projects at a uni that has a partnership with Epic. My work is more design/tech focused and I feel lighting is definitely a weak spot for me, so I’m really excited to have found your videos to watch.
Perhaps I can PM you some of my work in the coming month for advice?

Very nice! thank you a lot!

Any tips for lighting interiors that only make use of surfaces that are fully metallic?

Hey guys,
Thanks so much for all the Love! Its really fun doing this and even more so if its that Well Received! :slight_smile:

I just finished the next Video about wrapping Up the scene and grading it a bit…So if the gods of Internet connection are with me I will have it uploaded on YouTube tonight! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot again and cheers! :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for next video :slight_smile: I subscribed to your YouTube channel and bookmarked this thread.


here is the next part! Big sorry for the canary noises…my son was having a blast in the living room :smiley:

Cheers :slight_smile:

In case if Epic miss this video. @Tim_Hobson @Alexander_Paschall Daedalus51 gave a good suggestion on improving Post Process Color Grading settings. You can see it at 23m in the above video (and at 26m also) :slight_smile:

@Daedalus51 One quick suggestion. If possible can you upload the videos in 1080p format also :slight_smile:

Hey @ryanjon2040

thanks a lot for pushing on this as well! :smiley: Just out of curiosity…did you check the quality options on Youtube? I just checked and my videos seem to be available in full 1080p.
At least thats how I uploaded them and I can select it in the quality menu when watching them. Lemme know if something doesnt work as intended :wink:

Cheers and thanks again! :slight_smile: