UNREAL 4 - Light creates flickering noise shadows over mesh when moving far, why? Image attached

Hi, my mesh has this White rectangle shape created from several tubes, making shadows in between, the problem happens when camera slightly starts to get far or move away from the mesh

Then, some dark flickering noise lines starts to appear moving fast over my mesh… i think this problem has to do with light or shadows not been calculated well over this mesh, but really i dont know what this is or how to fix it… and im new to Unreal, so please help with steps.

I attached an image, but it is really small… because the problem only appears when mesh gets a bit far, so i cannot make a close still, you will see a White rectangle and over it 3 black lines, those lines are the noise moving through the mesh, thats the problem:


take a high res screenshot so people can see the problem better.
it could be lighting problem, z-fighting, low res lightmaps or just low quality bake if you use lightmass. cant really see from a 60x28 pixel image

I dont use lightmass, dont even know what that is, i just imported my figure from Maya 2018 to an example scene in unreal 4, everything is by default.

I cant make a bigger screenshot when the problem occours, because it only happens when figure is far from camera, BUT i do can show you how this mesh looks when its closer and not showing any problem:

Close from camera and perfect:

light problem normal.png

Far from camera and noise over mesh starting to appear:


After rotating camera in play mode or moving far, then this dark lines start to move like crazy over the mesh, and those lines or noise also move according to how i move camera, so, it has to be a light problem, but everything is by default, i already rebuilded light, but it did not changed anything.

If you know how to fix it, please some steps, im kind of new to Unreal

when you rebuilt light, you are using lightmass…

high res screenshot renders a picture at higher resolution than your screen, thus the problem area will be much bigger for us to see

This is the closest i could get…

This is the exact moment when the dark noisy lines start to appear looking like tons of dark lines:

light problem closer.png

but when camera goes farter lines are more defined and darker as the first image i uploaded, this lines move like crazy when i move camera:


Original mesh looked closer without any problem:

light problem normal.png

Please help

did you try the high res screenshot tool to get a bigger picture for us to see?