Unreal 4 editor extremely slow and memory heavy for a particular project

I followed and completed this tutorial:

I then decided to redo it in C++. I’m about half way through, and I’ve noticed the editor is unbearably slow for this particular project. The original( blueprint ) version I made uses about 1gb of ram, while the C++ version now uses around 2gb. It takes a long time to load maps( about 2-3 minutes compared to the 30 seconds maximum the other project would take. )

Starting the game is slow, compiling is slower than usual, and nearly every other app on my computer is unusable with this project open. I don’t believe this has to do with the project being C++ opposed to blueprints, because other C++ projects and tutorials I’ve opened have not been this resource heavy.

Am I doing something obvious? Is the project broken? I have 4 C++ and blueprint files in my project at the moment.


I have a few questions that can help narrow down this issue:

  • Does this only occur in this particular project?
  • Could you provide your dxdiag?
  • What version of the editor are you using?

Thank you.

Reposting Bonnnnnn’s answer, as it got deleted.

Hey, Sean. This question is pretty old. It turns out I was trying to create an abstract component in the constructor of an actor. Removing this fixed the problem. However, this probably isn’t the intended behaviour for trying to create an abstract component(right?). This was also a few versions ago(4.3 I think?)