Unreal 4.9 VR Motion Controller and Razer Hydra

Seen this question asked quite a bit but not answered. Does the new VR Motion Controller abstraction work with the Razer Hydra out of the box or does it only support the Vive controller for now?

AFAIK currently it doesn’t support the Hydra, but @getnamo is working on converting his unofficial Hydra plugin to use it.

Thanks for the Reply I will see about following @getnamo’s work.

I’d also be interested in Hydra Support, since this is the only motion controller I can own (as a little hobby programmer).
ThumsUp for @getnamo!

Also just a head’s up guys, even though Getnamo’s plugin currently doesn’t use the motion control interface, it does use a similar component based system. You could probably just use that and revamp it later when it’s implemented into the motion control interface directly, assuming that the extra work isn’t prohibitive.

Hi n00854180t,

sadly the plugin fails to load and I can’t open the Project as long as the Plugin is used:

The Github page says: Compiled for 4.8 (I am using 4.9)

Is there a way to override this, at least for play/testing purposes?

What would you guess, would using this cause serious damage or may it just not work 100% properly?


You will either have to use 4.8 and the 4.8 plugin or re-compile the plug in for 4.9. Those are you only two options I am afraid.

Hi Sam,

thank you for your response.
Since I am only playing with Motion Controller Support UE4.8 is fine.

Alex :slight_smile:

You could also check out this post and help getnamo :wink:

Yep the stable release is bound to 4.8 and requires no code changes to recompile for 4.9 (just add a new empty c++ file to your project and hit compile.

Thanks for the shout-out Patim, the new experimental branch commit for 4.9 purely uses the Motion Controller Component interface, which means forget anything hydra specific and you just download and extract Binaries & Plugins folder into your project root folder, restart the project and follow epic’s motion controller instructions. Let me know if you find any bugs!