Unreal 4.7 PREVIEW and Oculus 0.4.4 huge fps drops

Hi folks

I dont know other people experience but my are terrible. In the newest version it is so bad that I cant use it. The FPS drops are huge! In my previous project (exactly the same settings, I made a copy of my project!) I had stable 75 FPS all the time. Now I almost can have 37 FPS (in HD !!! not FullHD). With the HMD on I got 1-2 FPS , when I turn it on it is 20-30 FPS. Even with almost blank scene.
The best version was/is 0.4.2 - it is working in lightspeed so we will stick with it.

Hope to hear others opinion.


I made some tests and with the newes versions You must turn HMD MIRROR ON and there are better performance with Extended mode. With the previous versions I could use HD resolution using Direct mode so I had stable 75 FPS and I don`t needed FullHD. With the 4.7 UE and 4.4 Oculus using Direct mode I got 37 FPS all the time. The best combination for me is: Unreal 4.5.1 and Oculus 4.2 with Direct Mode and HMD MIRROR OFF.

Another thing is that I am forced to use 0.4.4 Oculus Drivers in the newes 4.7 Preview UE. Why is that? Why I cant use the older drivers which were better in performance? Strange thing.

Shouldn’t you be able to compile Oculus 0.4.2 lib into UE4.7, or are we talking about a binary UE release here?

AFAIK, you could technically replace the lib in the Engine/Source/ThirdParty folder with whichever version (pending there are no API changes) and recompile the Editor to use it.

I also get the 75FPS or 37FPS issue, it’s too much of a headache having to keep figuring out the best combinations every time a new version of UE4 or Oculus driver comes out that it really puts me off VR dev for the moment.

Yeah, thats true Adam. I made changest with the nvidia drivers, oculus drivers and unreal engine itself (sometimes windows e.g. Aero) but lookin there is too much work everytime so find it and too many possibilities. As a dev I dont always have much time finding it. I had hope for the VR tool from nVidia to be released to speed things up but they dont want to give the tool for devs. They plan to release it with the premiere of Oculus Rift what is very stupid idea.


I think Oculus is to blame here, for some reason they link the ingame fps to the monitor refresh rate… (tuscany/unity demo too) even if vsync in Settings is off - and for some reason/bug, they half this ingame fps - i got on the Sun Temple Demo Project about 200-300 fps in 1080p but as soon as i swich to ovr mode, its locked to 74 fps. (ue4.6 orr0.4.4) - now i have to swich to the older engine wich supports the older runtimes. At this Point i may blame epic, for having the “static” runtime 0.4.4 support instead of keeping this compatible to older ocr runtimes. Or am i missing something here?

As some People stated, i have some demos wich run at 37fps and some on 37fps too. Wich seems like they drop the rate at a certain limit of fps - i have a gtx 980 and should have 200fps in any demo - so the limit might be quater? For example everything above 296fps is cut down to 74fps and everything below to 37fps? … because in some “slow” demos (the xojo archvis for example) it jumps from 37 to 74 if i l stare at a wall.

But in general i have to say, the unreal engine ocr implementation (direct mode) works for me much better than any unity demo i’ve tried.
I hope this helpes some develpers to find out whats wrong here, cause in general i love the ue4 very much :slight_smile:

btw. extended mode doesnt work on my machine - so all was done in direct mode

Why is it offputting? Why not stay in 4.6?

I wouldn’t say its Oculus’s fault if the change between UE build versions effect the outcome. I haven’t tried the the DK2 Direct Mode on 4.7, but I can honestly say it has something to do with the new features implemented for VR in 4.7.

Hey All,

I have found 4.7 preview has seriously dropped frame rate. I have a landscape with foliage on it mostly speedtree with lod etc and it drops to like 12 - 17 fps yet the exact same file in 4.6 has over 140 fps.

I have reverted to 4.6 but we like 4.7 because of the extra texture slots you can now have…real bummer

Hey guys, just had an experience I wanted to share and see what other think. So there is a thread over on the oculus forums,

This guy is suggesting that the flipping of the display might have something to do with permanence issues. Anyhow, just for kicks. Just ran my demo with 0.4.4 and UE4 4.7 (release 3) in extended mode (monitor is still 60hz) but set to landscape instead of flipped landscape. While everything was upside down and the controls are flipped, everything ran butter smooth. I’m very surprised I haven’t heard this brought up more with as many problems as everyone has been having.

I spent the better part of the weekend try every combination I ever seen listed to get things running better. Nothing has come close to matching this performance and this is with all the effects still cranked to epic. Strangely with the latest engine and runtimes, even after I’ve reduced nearly all effects in game via console, I can get a really high fps and low ms, but the experience just isn’t as smooth as it once once. That is Direct Mode or Extended. But once again, running in extended reversed and upside down and ther isn’t any ghosting, tearing or frame drops. It’s just beautiful.

Hope to hear what other think!