Unreal 4.26 Ocean Beach Wetness Map

Hello folks,I’ve a problem,

How can I make a wetness map like in the example:

Either you add the function to the sand layer


You add a post process that alters your gloss/roughness

Working on the base layer is better looking.
You probably only need to change roughness and specular based on a mask derived form World Z.

If you have shore waves you can tie the same sine function or wave function of whatever sort to dry out the sand as the wave retreats.
only realistic implementations of this usually deal with a pre-set mesh built for it. Possibly an alemcic imported in for the water and such.
games don’t generally shore waves like that because of rendering costs involved.

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Thank you for your answer, actually I have basic knowledge about wet map, but the subject I want to ask is exactly about the new ocean module that comes with version 4.26 Code Modules: waterbodyocean.

I want it to be harmoniously linked to the waves to waterbodyocean

Open the water material and find the wave information.
You have to copy that and its parameters out.

this is probably Not possible since there are endless parameters on the shader. Manipulated at the BP level.

You’d be better off putting in a feature request to get the wave information output into a function now so that maybe give or take 1 or 2 years someone at epic adds it in ;p

IF they went with an ocean manager object, then maybe you can pull the function info out of that. Haven’t actually used the new system yet, just seen several videos.
I think the parameters are per instance not within a manager.
Obviously, I could be wrong, but if I’m not it makes timing to a separate material almost pointless since the material on one area won’t time the same as all the water bodies…

Thank you very much for the answer, I will try I hope I succeed.