Unreal 4.25 Material Layer not viewable in material

I have setup a base material to pass the material attribute layers node to the material. I have created a parent material layer with nodes that simply pass through 3 textures (base, normal and mixed AO+Roughness+Metallic+Height) to the material layer output. I then instanced that material layer to create a grass material layer in which I applied the correct 3 textures I want to use. This new grass layer is then assigned as a layer in the instanced base material but the grass will not show in the final material. Viewing the layer asset itself it looks correct but does not seem to carry over the adjusted parameters (3 textures) into the final material.

…also the base material layer that the grass inherits from sets 3 texture objects with a base/blank texture I created and passes them through to their relevant texture samplers and then out to the material attributes.
I let it compile all shaders and still nothing. I have this all working in 4.23… :frowning: