Unreal 4.24 VLM Level streaming issue

Hello everyone!
The project i’m currently working on recently updated our project to 4.24 and we are having issues with the VLM specifically trough level streaming. I noticed in the update that work had been added to let VLM support level streaming but reading around in the forum it seems like people are having only problems with it. We have on prevoius projects alweys just rolled with the VLM in the persistent which is not at very efficient when the maps become large in longer ■■■■■■ single player experiances.
But it has alweys somehow worked.
But now in 4.24 we see that like… on load in editor of a persistent level the VLM is full of wierd artifacts and even colorfull crazy glimmer cloudes. =S Ofc we where like well if you load the same persistent twice in editor it disaperas so we road it off as a editor visual bug. But now that we have made some standalone test builds, its a whole diferent story. As a built game the VLM seems to be totally fractured and broken making it look like things walk in and out of black boxes. I wonder if the MIPs or whatever its called for the lower resolution VMS for further away just are not loading right and alweys use the most sparce mip.
I attatched some images and i hope somone can give me some points if this is fixable or i’m doing something wrong etc. or if its just the engineversion that is totally broken.
(To clearify, the image with a soft big green gradient thats how it’s supposed to look. And thats how it looks in editor on second load of a persistent. Any loading of another persistent and then realoading said level makes it end up in that green pixelated mess.) My suspission is that’s how it then looks in the built version of the game too but can’t be fixed.

I hope somone can help me wrap my head around this problem =)