Unreal 4.21 vs 4.23 - ffmpeg captures black window in newer version.

Hi all.
I’m trying to understand a couple of rendering differences between version 4.21 & 4.23.
I have developed an external tool which used ffmpeg to capture the screen from a packaged unreal project with the window title being set to MyUE4App.
I then run the command

ffmpeg -f gdigrab -framerate 30 -i title=MyUE4App -f mpegts -codec:v mpeg1video -b:v 600k -bf 0 http://localhost:8080/mystream 

In unreal version 4.21 it captures the window
In unreal version 4.23 it captures the mouse and a solid black background.

Apparently there i a known issue with ffmpeg capturing windows with hardware-accelerated graphics.

was this added (or enabled on by default) in unreal 4.23?
How would I disable it if it’s enabled?

– Link to the same question on stackoverflow…1-but-not-4-23