Unreal 4.13 crash on building lighting

Hello all, I’m a new user that was learning on Unreal 4.12 but was running into a persistent crash anytime I build lighting. I updated to 4.13 but the problem continues. I can build, edit, and play levels, but any project that I build the lighting for, crashed at either 33% or 66%. This happens accross multiple projects, including unedited templates.

I’ve seen multiple threads about lighting crashes but none of the fixes have worked thus far. My friend is a AAA game dev who suggested I use Unreal and has troubleshot the issue with me via skype screenshare but ultimately suggested I post here. Upon crash I do not get an Unreal bug report, windows simply alerts it will be shutting the program down. Attached are a windows bug menu, the bug in the act, and my computer specs.

Help? : )

Hi Tim, certainly. Here is a doc of many instances of the shutdown. All seem to have the same exception code, 0xc0000005

Hi Floor Baba,

Can you please follow the information in this page to make sure you post the correct information from the Windows Event Viewer? A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums

Currently the windows error code is not visible, which I’ll need to be able to google and see what potentially is causing the issue.

Thank you!


In general this is one of the harder ones to solve because it’s a general access violation that happens.

This site has a general breakdown of different things that could cause it if my suggestions don’t work: Computer tricks and tips: How to Fix 0xC0000005 Error

Suggestions & Questions:

  • Since it happens in the template projects and these can sometimes have higher lightmap resolutions, have you tried just building lighting for a default levels scene with only the template floor? If you have and it still crashes, follow the next step.
  • Disable your firewall and antivirus to see if this resolves the issue since Swarm Agent needs to have exceptions for it to work properly.
  • Update your Video Card Drivers to the latest version.
  • See if you need to update to the latest version of .NET framework

Additional things that could be helpful.

That’s all I really have at the moment.


Hi Tim, anything here raise an eyebrow?

Aside from the GPU using the internal HD Graphics and not a Nvidia or AMD GPU, which shouldn’t matter for light builds, I don’t see anything that stands out there. I will still need the full event viewer report, though. Also, did you try the first suggestion I made and what were the results? What about the other suggestions and the results?

I had this exact same problem, and the solution was indeed to update the graphics driver. (I wasn’t even able to do the latest version because my processor is only 4th gen, but version 15.36 (the latest that will work with a 4th gen processor on Windows 7) was enough to solve the problem.