Unpossessed Pawn Client Ownership Problem

What happens: On drone spawn + possession from the soldier + attacking the unpossessed soldier—>

Server character:

  1. always shows UI hit warnings/death UI but doesn’t actually take damage, the intended pawn does

Client character:

  1. if a client attacks a client or server attacks a client it always shows UI damage on host, but doesn’t do damage to the host(it kills the correct client but registers as a host death)
  2. if clients attack host soldier, its correct, but if clients attack clients it still shows on the server’s player UI. It’s as if the server owns every unpossessed pawn.

How do I tell the entire server on unpossession, that THIS DRONE OWNER owns THIS UNPOSSESSED CHARACTER too and not the server(unless it is the server)?

EDIT: half fixed it, check below post

Can you set things like controller reference/pawn owner type stuff in an unpossessed pawn?

EDIT: Nevermind, things have changed.


Now, the correct player is getting the UI damage, but the server is still registering a self kill if he kills a drone-using client.