[UNPAID/ROYALTY] Build a TEAM for SWORDS ARENA Multiplayer Project

Project Title:
Swords Arena (SWA)
https://swords-arena.com/ (In construction)

Stream The approach to death (SWORDS ARENA - OST ) by Dart Frog | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Hi there !
I’m looking for team mates to build an Online Video Game based on Royalties.

  • We are not paid during development (Before commercialization)
  • Each member has their copyright on the content they created within the game.
  • The content created by members will be analyzed and validated as a percentage of the commercialized game and their share of profits.

The Project is about a 3D Online fighting game in some Arena very well designed and details.
1 vs 1 Players combat tournament in third person view.
Teams versus and co op mode will be present.
Each player will have a 2 Hands Sword Weapon with multi directional attacks and parry’s.
Zelda U64 Combat style and Black Desert Graphics and universe style.

Unique Features that had never been done before in video game !
Innovative GamePlay.
Innovative Character controls.
Tense atmosphere.
First and Third person view point.
Multi platform (if it’s possible)
PC Windows, PS4, XBox and Maybe Linux, Mac.
Great graphics and animations details.
Blood or non blood option.
Epic dynamic Music.
Most of the features in the game are in Random Mode to make the game really alive !

Demo :
You can download the Scene Demo 177Mb for Windows 64bit.that is non playable, you can just move around and admire the sky ^^
Press Alt + F4 keys to close the demo.

WIP Screenshots :


Link to the SWA Original Soundtrack](Stream The approach to death (SWORDS ARENA - OST ) by Dart Frog | Listen online for free on SoundCloud)**

Team Name:
Shin-Kaneda Team
Website https://shinkanedateam.com/
Google+ https://plus.google.com/117187071641186375588/posts (In construction)
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCJ…uwa19Pchw62M6w (In construction)



Some Works for Fun

Lamiville 3D Character Designer and Animation and some 2D art draw is removed from the team.
We are looking for some one to remplace him (not all skills in same time are required)

Looking for a 3D Character Designer and Animation and some 2D art draw soon as possible !

Our testing Animations video until we find a real 3D character designer and animator.

Testing Arena and Animations in progress… We still need some Candidates.

1st Draft of the game is done, a video will be posted here soon !

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1st Draft Demo of the game !
[video]Swords Arena Project UE4 Draft V1 06 15 2015 - YouTube

sayato did you settle on what http plugin you’re going to use? This thread may be of interest, relevant to melee weapon collision.

Hey TechLord ! Thanks for your link, this is very interesting !

Well the next step is to ameliorate the actual animations, for exemple slash position return is not good or the character run like a gay LOL
Then i will do the animations of multidirectionals slashes and parry.
Then we will start to experiment multiple way of slashes and collisions so your information are precious.

Here some other interesting exemples :
After we tryed all the styles of slashes and collisions, etc…
We will decide wich is the best balance between fun gamplay, some relalistics and of course collisions to be the most acurate as possible.
This is a big affair there is a lot to do but we are confident and every helps are welcome to succeed and make a really enjoyable and precise experience.

PS: Sorry for my poor english again, hope i’m understandable ^^

Ground shader : vertex painting of sand/dirt with tesselation 93efb5ea54f252abc74a423e4fdd6a930ed98999.jpeg

Swords Arena Project added to https://sayato.artstation.com/

Testing WAN Network connexion in progresss, it look to work but we didn’t make the BluePrint for that yet.

For pepole who dont see it, here again our 1st Draft Demo of the game !
Skins and animations are not definitive, just testing ^^