[UNPAID/Ownership] Blueprint developer, Game/Level designer

We are a Small Startup comprised of Myself and three good friends, the four of us being avid gamers having a wide variety of tastes and interests. These have many common denominators, including gameplay, skills both combat and non-combat, solo and group play, trade, and professional skills, to mention a few. After the four of us doing some intense independent research and comparing our research, we developed a common goal: to create a game that answered the complaints, wants, and desires that seemed to have formed a common thread. Please make no mistake. There are many good games out there but only answer only parts of that common thread from our viewpoint.

Our experience includes Richard, who is a coder and developer who has no problem thinking outside of the box; there’s Paul, who is an avid gamer and has been a player advocate in many games, forming a bridge between the player and developers and the Larry who is our storyline developer who has written everything from motivational programs to an immersive storyline and quest line content creating a pathway to engage your imagination and me having been the General Manager and level developer in two other MMORPGs and having owned a web design, development and hosting company. Our team believes we can build something answering the needs of that common thread, keeping in mind, there is always room to grow

that being said we are looking for a Blueprint developer and a Game/Level designer while we are not requiring extensive experience although it would be a plus. We are looking for people with initiative and the desire to learn and grow. If you don’t have spare time or you feel that you would lose interest easily Please don’t contact us

Game Synopsis

Our story begins with a man and his wife, who had a vision of a new world. One of equality where children would grow up more vital, more intelligent, but most notably in a world of unconditional love and a balance of power. They could achieve dreams such ideals and vision were considered divergent and met with fear were considered heresy.

The Experiment:

Our couple thought there had to be a way to prove their theory. They believed that if they started with innocent subjects void of violence, greed, and power to prove their theory, they began to train their children. Sure that this would show there was nothing to fear. In teaching their children Jikim and Kymeala, his wife also grew exponentially. It was genuinely intoxicating what they could accomplish. Their children flourished in this environment. They became more assertive and smarter. Their abilities grew by leaps and bounds, but then the unbelievable but yet the inevitable happened.

The Outcome:

The children Faced Jealousy, Fear, and Anger. Fellow students and their teachers shunned them. They were ostracized and put in a separate part of the school to keep them from contacting other students. Jikim and Kymeala and children and anyone that were their friends had become victims of violence, beatings, and even plans to kill them off. Even their government campaigned for the destruction of their family and friends. When the final attack happened, with Jikim’s oldest son’s death, something in Kymeala’s mind snapped, and then.


The Change:

Jikim only remembers bits and pieces of what happened over the next few days. Running, hiding, fighting, more killing. Then his mind snapped, became focused, control, complete utter control, and a vivid vision of what needed and must be done. His psychic power became his. A thought here a whim there, and those around him were his tools to use as he desired. Their ideas, knowledge, heart, mind, soul, and body, his Jikim knew Kymeara, and he must leave, not just this planet, But this solar system. Leave it all behind and never return. So Jikim gathered the most extraordinary minds this world had to offer. Professors, Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, and every field of study, Jikim took those who were the brightest and best and gathered them together. With Jikims worst fears materializing, it was time to put his plan into action, so the word spread. More than 2 million of his followers boarded the waiting ships and readied themselves for a long Discovery journey. When you have the most extraordinary minds brought together, you put no moral restrictions on them. They can create, engineer, develop, and synthesize even life. Genetic Engineering, Cybernetics, Physionics Enhancements, Cloning, Nanite Technology, Medical Treatments, all areas of research had no restrictions on them. Nothing was off-limits.


After a long journey, Jikim and his followers found what could be home; they came upon this beautiful lush planet. A planet that not only gave them everything they needed but gave life, a very long life. The soil was a fountain of youth, and the food it provided not only regenerated but made one feel younger, more robust, and seemed to stave off old age. This Little solar system consisted of 4 planets total, Kymeara, Tornar, Kyros, and Deamose. In time Jikim sent 500,000 to each of the other two planets they had found in this solar system, three planets total, Kymeara, Tornar, and Kyros, leaving Deamose out believing that it was uninhabitable before he sent them away he planted a psychic genetic key and adjusted their memories so that it would prevent them and any children they had from causing any harm to this planet which Jikim had named Kymeara

Hi @mocrow2

Nice Story. From the reading I get the impression your team is aiming to develop a Sci-Fi MMORPG? Its difficult to ascertain because there really isn’t any detail on a “game”. I recommend you use this Recruitment Template.

If YES We’re developing SCI-FI MMO, I did not see any mention of Content Creation nor need for Content Creators. Typically MMOs requires massive amounts of it, but, maybe yours do not. Do you plan to generate all the content procedurally?

IF NO We’re not developing a SCI-FI MMO, can you provide more detail on the game itself such as:

  1. Presentation Text-based, 2D, 2.5D, 3D
  2. Camera Perspective First Person, Third Person, Top Down, None - All Audio.
  3. Art Style/Theme: Pixels, Voxels, Cartoonic, Stylized, Photorealistic, Hybrid
  4. Genre Game Mechanics
  5. Singleplayer/Multiplayer Scale

Like you, many of us are here to see our own games ideas brought to life, So you going to have to provide more food for thought and incentive to read your post and find interest in your unpaid project.