[Unpaid] Looking for a team to join

Hi there.

Im learning UE4 for 6 months already, im not a pro obviously, but i know a few things.
I was trying to gather people for a project to colaborate and learn, but somehow people disappear after like 2-3 days.
So currently im kinda working alone and im searching for a team to join.
I can do blueprinting, physics, particle effects. If there is something else required i will learn it.
So if you dont mind unexperienced member to join your team just let me know.
I can work on a project up to 6h per day, every day + whole weekends.
My email: My skype: pavlik-245 (the one with evil smile)
Contact me!


same here ive been looking to join one to want to join mine ? my skype is matthew.armstrong15

We have quite a serious project going on here. if your interested.

I can help you get involved with indie projects and meet developers who are currently teachers or in the game industry. You can be part of the development group of several developers and discuss the simple things and chat. If you’re interested let me know, we have people ranging from modelers to animators to coders, etc.

Hi I have a project hoping to release later this year, require a programmer , let me know if you’re interested