[UNPAID] 3D Character Artist Creature

Hi everyone :), I am currently looking for projects in which I can contribute.
As said in the title I only make Creatures in 3D.
My softwares are: Zbrush for most of my sculpts, 3dsmax / vray for unwrap, modeling, rendering, etc… Marvelous, keyshot, if I forgot a few, they are all notified as a link in my Arstation profile .

For the payment, I don’t request for any contributions, only if i can post works i do on my Portfolio.

If you are looking for a profile like mine, don’t hesitate to contact me at:

Arstation: ArtStation - Ornella SESSA

Hi @ornellavout

Amazing Work on Artstation! The Green Hound is looks Fearsome. I’m developing a Alien Invasion | Kaiju Survival Terror with plenty of Creatures. Within the Game, there will be a modern Creature Customizer (codename: ECHIDNA) similar to Spore Creature Creator in which Players can customize different Monsters to terrorize Earth… So I’m interested in various monster base body styles, skin materials, modular appendages, accents, and armor for the Monsters.

I attempted to learn ZBrush and use this Monster Kitbashto create monsters. I quickly learned that I should just stick with programming. LOL. Could we discuss further via Discord?

Hello, sorry for my late response, we can chat via my gmail,, I’ll give you a link to my discord, see you soon.

ok wow thats just awesome i was woundering if you could work on fan pojects or are those off limits?

Hey, i ve just mailed to you